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Our Captive Media: Justin Raimondo
Fight Terrorism: Get Out of Iraq: Doug Bandow
Can Gitmo Be Closed?: Greenberg/Engelhardt
Algeria, the Model: Scott McConnell
Mr. Bush, Tear Down These Walls!: Scott Ritter

 Gareth Porter

Bush, Democrats and al Qaeda Agree: The U.S. should stay in Iraq indefinitely.

 Scott McConnell

The American Conservative:Wants out of Iraq, points to French Algeria model

 George McGovern

Out of Iraq: “Iraq is as big a disaster as Vietnam.”

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Updated April 27, 2007 - 9:26 PM EDT
Baghdad Residents Find Little Security
  US Excludes Car Bombs in Touting Drop in Iraq Violence
  Iraq Refuses to Provide Civilian Casualty Figures to UN
  US General Blames Iran for Iraqi Cell That Killed Five Troops
  US Admits Killing Iraqi Women and Children in Baghdad Airstrike
  Friday: 3 GIs, 38 Iraqis Killed, 37 Iraqis Wounded
Gen. Petraeus Predicts Worsening Times in Iraq
  Marine Corps: More Reserve Activations Coming This Summer
  Army Officer Accuses Generals of 'Intellectual and Moral Failures'
  Afghan Massacre: Criminal Charges Expected Against Marines
Ex-CIA Chief: No 'Serious Debate' on War
  Iraq Showdown Looms After Senate Vote
  Rice Rebuffs Congress on Iraq War Subpoena
Putin Signals Pullout From Arms Pact
  Missile Shield Tensions Build in Europe as Russia Freezes Treaty
  Putin Ends Speculation, Rules Out a Third Term
Ethiopians Launch New Attacks as Somalia Claims Victory
Put Bush's 'Puppy Dog' Terror Theory to Sleep  by Richard Clarke
The Puppet Who Cleared the Way for Iraq's Destruction  by Andrew Cockburn
Israeli Democracy: For Jews Only?
by Sonja Karkar
Algeria, the Model  by Scott McConnell
The Long Lost War  by David Price
Can Guantánamo Be Closed?
by Karen J. Greenberg and Tom Engelhardt

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Saudi Police Reportedly Arrest 172 Militants
UN Iraq Report: More Than the Media Lets On
UN Report on Iraq
Record Military Budget Ignores Security 'Big Picture'
Kucinich Files Impeachment Articles Against Cheney
Contractors Play Major Role in US Intel
Blair May Resign as Party Leader on Tuesday
In Lebanon, Political Loyalties Being Rebuilt
Ex-CIA Chief Assails Cheney on Iraq
Flashback: George Tenet's 'Slam-Dunk' Into the History Books
Ex-CIA Chief Says 'Slam Dunk' Reference Wasn't About WMD; Bush Administration 'Disingenuous and Dishonorable'
Iraq Occupation
UN: Baghdad Security Operation Has Failed
Serving British Soldier Exposes Horror of War in 'Crazy' Basra
US Officer Faces Charges for Letting Detainees Make Unmonitored Phone Calls
Charges Faced by US Officer in Iraq
Iraqi FM Slams US Pullout Bill
Attacks Continue
Offices of Kurdish Party in Northern Iraq Bombed
Iraqi Army Checkpoint Attack Kills Seven
Bombers Strike at Iraqi Army, Civilians
Thursday: 88 Iraqis Killed, 158 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Kuwait Still Won't Forgive Iraqi Debt
UN Criticizes Kurdish Authorities
'Dry Run' Attack Forces Prince Harry Iraq Retreat
Denmark Queries Citizen's Detention by US Forces in Iraq
US Politicians on Iraq
Presidential Hopefuls Toe Party Line on War Spending Measure
Senate War Vote Results
Sen. Feingold: US Troops Are Going to Die in Situation That Doesn't Make Sense Anymore
McCain Calls Iraq War 'Great Tragedy'
McCain: Terrorists Will Come Here
Sen. McConnell: US Should Stay on Offensive in Iraq
The War at Home
Articles of Impeachment Against Dick Cheney
AIPAC Trial Likely to Be Postponed
57% Favor Immediate Troop Withdrawal or Firm Deadline
White House Held GOP Election Briefings for Federal Employees
On Iraq War, Senate Leader Harry Reid in Cross Hairs
Iraq Fouls DC Atmosphere
US Military
Mental Health Worsens as Deployments Lengthen
US to Establish Missile Defense System on Guam
Damaged US Sub Makes It Home From Gulf
Darpa Goal: Stopping Snipers Before They Fire
US Soldiers Getting Lighter, Better Armor
'War on Terror'
Echoes of Terror Case Haunt California Pakistanis
Execute bin Laden? Nations Differ on Answer
US Wants to Limit Guantánamo Detainees' Access to Lawyers
US Returns Two Guantánamo Detainees
Lawyers for Guantánamo Inmates Oppose New Rules
Senators Skirmish Over Gitmo Detainees
Pentagon Formally Charges Child 'Enemy Combatant'
Gates: Russia Divided on Response to Missile Defense
Putin Declaration Sparks NATO Concern
Rice: Missile-Defense Plan Won't Threaten 'Soviet' Deterrent
Serbia Urges UN to Reject Kosovo Independence Plan
UN Ambassadors Get First Look at Breakaway Kosovo
Moscow Issues Warning Over Kosovo
Sarkozy May Pull French From Afghanistan
Clashes Erupt at Soviet Grave in Estonia
Uganda Relents to Northern Rebels
Uganda Peace Talks Resume in South Sudan
Uganda Rebels Demand Removal From List of Terrorist Groups
Horn of Africa
Ethiopia Finds Itself Ensnared in Somalia
Somali Regime Blocking Foreign Aid Groups as Crisis Deepens
China Evaluates Safety After Ethiopia Killings
Morocco Terrorist Group More Potent Than First Thought, Government Says
Algerian Army Kills 'Leading al-Qaeda Figure'
Darfur's Chadian Refugees Show Extent of Conflict
Attacks Increase in Ivory Coast
Life After Death for Africa's Child Soldiers
Zimbabwe Activist Says She Was Tortured
Iran Says Nearing Unity With EU in Some Nuclear Areas
EU Expects No Breakthrough in Iran Talks
Iran Nuclear Plant Payments 'Inadequate': Russia
Iranian Official Says Iran Will Strike US, Israel if Attacked
Iran Says Committed to Ensuring Stability in Iraq
Tehran Hints at Fresh Ideas on Nuclear Spat
Ahmadinejad: US Withdrawal Only Solution for Iraq's Dilemma
Top Cleric Warns Iran on Economy, Disunity
In Ahmadinejad's Iran, Jews Still Find a Space
Abbas: Calm Restored in Gaza, No Justification for Israeli Assault
Islamic Jihad Distances Itself From Hamas Ceasefire Pledge
Hamas Official: We Will Try to Kidnap More Israeli Soldiers
EU Warns of Worsening Situation in Palestinian Territories
EU Official: Aid to Palestinians Will Bypass Govt
US, Norway Play Down Differences in Palestinian Policy
Israeli PM's Future in Balance Ahead of Lebanon War Report
Netanyahu Calls on English-Speaking Israelis to Overthrow Olmert, Return Likud to Power
Outrage as Israeli MP Raises Prospect of 'War for Independence' Against Arab Minority
Syria's Ba'ath Party Maintains Grip in Vote
Aoun Says Antagonizing Syria Hampers Fence-Mending
Thousands Participate in Israeli Military Drill for War in Golan
Hezbollah Taunts Israel With Picture of Captive Soldiers
Lebanese Forces Tighten Security in Beirut
Red Cross Still Battling Effects of Last War in Lebanon – and Preparing for the Next One
Egypt Says Thwarts Terror Attack Against Israeli Tourists in Sinai
Muslim Brothers in Military Trial
Turkey Candidate Vows Secular Loyalty
Canada in Afghanistan
Canadian General Dismisses Talk of War Crimes Investigation
Canada to Send New Ambassador, Diplomats to Afghanistan
Musharraf Says Karzai Is Losing War With Taliban
US: Afghan Attack During Cheney Visit 'Coincidental'
Attacks Spark Fears of Taliban Defeating NATO
Taliban Video of Boy Executioner Causes Anger in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Five Foreign Militants Killed in Clashes
US Offers Advanced Missile System to Indian Navy
Three Militants Arrested From Delhi Market
Southern Thai Violence Takes New Turn
Recent Thai Insurgency Violence
Draft Thai Constitution Draws Criticism
Sri Lanka
Top 'US Tamil Tiger' Is Arrested
Sri Lanka Shuts Airport Fearing Attack
Defiant China to Expand Presence in World Hot Spots
Japanese Leader Aims to Build Ties With Bush
Alleged Assassin of Uribe Critic Worked at US Embassy
Four Oil Firms Cede Control to Venezuela's Chavez
World Bank
Wolfowitz Loses Ground in Fight for World Bank Post
Ecuador Expels World Bank Envoy
Wolfowitz Complains of Shabby Treatment: Report

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