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Missile Defense: Good Idea?: Ivan Eland
George and Richard: Charley Reese
Horrors of Abu Ghraib: Aaron Glantz
George Tenet and the Neocons: Juan Cole
See the World as It Really Is: Robert Robb

 Doug Bandow

They Hate Us Because We Occupy Their Land: How would you like it?

 Ray McGovern

George Tenet’s Legacy: He “slam-dunked” us into war

 Gareth Porter

Bush, Democrats and al Qaeda Agree: The U.S. should stay in Iraq indefinitely.

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Updated May 1, 2007 - 8:39 PM EDT

4 Years On: $500 Billion and Counting


Bush Vetoes Iraq Funding Bill

  Repubs Buck Bush on Iraq Benchmarks
  Bush 'Compromise' for Dems: My Way or Veto

House Calls Tenet to Testify on Iraq

US Cites 91 Percent Rise in Terrorist Acts in Iraq


Al-Qaeda in Iraq Chief Reported Killed by Sunni Tribesmen


April Toll Is Highest of '07 for US Troops


Tuesday: 1 GI, 1 Briton, 63 Iraqis Killed, 47 Wounded

Bush Downplays Iran Breakthrough

NATO Reportedly Kills 136 Taliban in Afghanistan


US Says Raids Killed Taliban; Afghans Say Civilians Died

US Sees Sharp Rise in Global Terrorism Deaths

George Tenet on the Staircase With the Neocons  by Juan Cole
Just War, Jeremiah, and
Jeremiah Weed
 by John Zmirak
The Sham of the Padilla Trial
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Do Secret Interrogations Continue?
by Nat Hentoff
George and Richard  by Charley Reese
Dying for W.  by Robert Parry

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Rice Condemns Tying Keeping Troops in Iraq to Any Actual Progress

Ex-Soldier Recalls Horrors of Abu Ghraib

Tenet Condemns Plame Outing

Secret Order by Gonzales Delegated Extraordinary Powers to Aides

Sen. Hagel: 'We Cannot Stay as an Occupying Force in the Middle East'

Wolfowitz Says He Is Target of 'Smear' Tactics

Sadr Shi'ites Protest After US Raid in Baghdad
Attacks Continue

Baghdad's Green Zone Rocked by Explosions

US Says Eight Gunmen Killed in Baghdad Operation

Green Zone, US Embassy IDs Found in Raid on Insurgent Hideout

14 US Troops Killed in Three Days in Iraq

Suicide Bomber Kills 32 at Iraq Funeral

Chlorine Gas Blast Kills Six in Iraq's Ramadi

Monday: 1 Marine, 115 Iraqis Killed; 150 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Today

US 'Concerned' About Iraqi Purge

Sunni Bloc Threatens to Pull Ministers From Iraqi Cabinet

US Urges Saudi King to Meet With Maliki at Iraq Conference

Report: Corruption Investigations in Iraq Stopped in Their Tracks

How Much Iraqi Crude Oil Is Being Stolen?

Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqis Fled in Last Six Months: US Took 68

Iraqi Artists Bring Color to Blast Walls

Iraq Occupation

US Audit: Iraq Rebuilding Failing

Army Chief Says Prince Harry Will Go to Iraq

US Officer in Iraq Faces Charges

US Wants Border Patrol Agents for Iraq

Test of Soldiers' Humanity Ends, Unsolved

Case Proceeding Against Army Commander

Officers Testify Against US Colonel Accused of Aiding Enemy

The War at Home

Bill on Iraq to Be Delivered 4 Years After Bush’s Words

Debate Reveals Democrats' Change on Iraq War

Ex-CIA Analyst: Forged 'Yellowcake' Memo 'Leads Right Back to' Cheney

Democrats Raise Prospect of Bush's Impeachment Over Iraq

50-Foot 'Mission Accomplished?' Banner Unfurled in Front of White House

UK War at Home

UK Leaders Admit Iraq Matters in Elections

UK Soldier Jailed One Year for Iraq Prisoner Abuse

'War on Terror'

Supreme Court Refuses Detainees' Case

Gitmo Lawyers Predict More Suicides

Family Fears for Moroccan Man Released From Gitmo

In Imams' Airline Case, a Clash of Rights, Prejudice, Security

Australian AG Vows to Change Law to Prevent Hicks From Releasing Book

How Did al-Qaeda Emerge in North Africa?

UK Terror Trial

Britain's Longest Terror Trial Yields Biggest Success Yet

US Informant Played Key Role in British 'Bomb Plot'

British Spies Watched Bombers a Year Before Attacks

British Terrorists Have Global Outlook


Thousands Stage Anti-US Protest in Herat

Afghanistan, Pakistan Agree to Fight Terrorism

British in Major Afghan Offensive


Pakistan Blames Bombing on Fight Against al-Qaeda

Pakistani Officials Admit Arresting the Same Guy Who Resembles bin Laden Twice

CIA Analyst: Cheney, Libby Lied to Congress About Pakistani Nukes to Protect F-16 Sale


World Powers to Discuss Iran in London Wednesday

Iran Raises Objection at Nuclear Meeting

EU, US Agree on Iran, Russia Disputes

In Iran, Spring Brings Out Fashion Police

Senators Question Halliburton Executive About Dealings in Iran


Hezbollah Reaches Out, Says Ready for Lebanon Settlement

Hezbollah: Israeli War Report Proves We Won

Israel's War at Home

Israeli War Probe Accuses Olmert of 'Severe Failure'

Report: Israeli Leaders Rushed to War

Israeli Leader Clings to Office Despite Harsh Report on War

Israeli Whistleblower Could Return to Jail for Speaking With Foreigners

Key Players in Israeli War Inquiry


Hamas Leader Warns of New Intifada if Aid Embargo Isn't Lifted

Palestinians Balk at Reporter Kidnapper Demands

Deputy Palestinian PM Says Govt Could Be Disbanded

Jordan Censors Story on Dissolving Palestinian Legislature

Middle East

Death Toll From Algeria Violence Reaches Year High

Egypt Islamists Urge Authorities to Release Them

Turkish PM Makes Unity Appeal

Secular Parties Vow to Battle Prime Minister in Turkish Vote

PM: Force Only Solution to Shi'ite Rebellion in Yemen

Israeli Paper Claims Syria Built Underground Missile Complex


A Few Somalis Trickle Back to Ruined Mogadishu

Congo Military Court Clears 10 of Revolt Charges

US Military Aims to 'Secure' Africa

North Korea

After the North Korea Nuclear Breakthrough: Compliance or Confrontation?

North Korea Moves to Withdraw Macau Funds: Report

North Korea Blasts Japan for Military Buildup


Two Buddhists Beheaded, Market Bombed in Southern Thailand

China Accused of Falling Behind in Increasing Freedoms

Estonia-Russia Strain

Estonia, Russia Ties Strained Over Red Army Statue Removal

Estonia Re-Erects Soviet Statue at Military Cemetery

Estonia Blames Russian Media for Lies


Missile-Shield Hosts Ask US: What's in It for Us?

Bush Steps Up Effort to Persuade Putin on Missile Defense Plan

Ex-Communist Purge Bumps Up Against EU Values

Lawyers Taking Rumsfeld War Crimes Case to Spain After German Rejection

Sri Lanka

Airlines Cancel Sri Lanka Flights After Tiger Air Raid

More Air Raids to Come, Say Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers


In Heart of India, a Little-Known Civil War

In Other News

Victim Says Tape of Kent State Shootings Reveals Order to Fire


Justin Raimondo
Blueprint for Dictatorship

Ivan Eland
Missile Defense May Do
More Harm Than Good

Doug Bandow
Fight Terrorism: Get Out of Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Enter the Veto

Charles Peña
Still Whacking Moles in Iraq

Alan Bock
Getting Out With Some Dignity

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

Philip Giraldi
Cheney Does Africa

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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