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The Kissinger Connection: Patrick Foy
Tragic Russia: Alan Bock
Tenet's Failures: Gordon Prather
Media Justifies Somalia Slaughter: Chris Floyd
Folly in the Baltics: Charley Reese

 Greg Palast

Oilmen and Neocons Agree: Iraq’s total destruction is Mission Accomplished

 Jonathan Schwarz

A Tiny Revolution: Reviews former DCI Tenet’s book

 Joshua Kors

U.S. to Wounded Soldiers: “You have a ‘personality disorder.’ No benefits.”

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Updated May 6, 2007 - 9:24 PM EDT
Bloody Sunday: 12 GIs, 110 Iraqis Killed
  Iraq Lawmakers Reject US Pressure on Recess
  Great Wall Going Up, but There's Still Carnage on Baghdad's Streets
  An Innocent Old Man, Yet US Troops Shot Him
Al-Qaeda #2 Wants US to Stay in Iraq
  Army Saw Haditha Massacre as PR Problem
  Stress on Troops Adds to US Hurdles in Iraq
  1 in 10 US Soldiers in Iraq Admit Abusing Iraqi Civilians
With New Clout, Antiwar Groups Push Democrats
  Bush Asks Congress to Swiftly Fill Iraq War Chest
  Half of Americans Want Immediate Exit From Iraq
  Memorial Honoring Fallen GIs in Iraq, Afghanistan Runs Out of Room
Afghan Soldier Kills 2 GIs at Top-Security Prison
Sarkozy Wins French Election, Royal Concedes
Sanctions Aggravate Iranian Rights Situation
Media Plays 9/11 Card to Justify Somalia Slaughter  by Chris Floyd
Masri: Dead or Alive, the Terror Continues  by Pepe Escobar
Duck and Cover: Reviving the Nuclear Threat  by William Hartung & Frida Berrigan
Bush Determined to Prolong Lost War  by Joseph L. Galloway
Folly in the Baltics  by Charley Reese
Tenet's Failures  by Gordon Prather

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US Report Calls Sudan a Key Ally
US, Allies Seen as Losing Drug War
Bush Plan Could Give Loophole to Terrorists
Iraqi Girl Stoned to Death for Converting to Islam
'Slain' Qaeda Iraq Chief in Purported Voice Recording
International Conference on Iraq Draws Shrugs From Iraqis
Lack of Facilities Leaves Iraqi Soldiers to Seek Own Care
Al-Qaeda Warns Iraq's Sunnis Against Government Roles
US Marines Unlikely to Report Civilian Abuse: Study
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Courts Seek to End Sunni's Immunity
Government Employment Trumps Private Sector in Iraq Economic Plan
In Iraq, Portraits of Grief
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Slams Sunni VP
Proposed $508-Million US Sale to Iraq Includes Explosives
33 Insurgents Arrested in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Anti-Terrorist Police Found Murdered in Iraq
Bomber Kills 9 Police Recruits West of Baghdad
Iraq Bomber Leaves at Least 15 Dead
Saturday: 81 Iraqis Killed, 61 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Conference on Iraq Lacks Relief for Debt
Rice-Muallem Talks Prove US Stuck in Iraq: Syria
The War at Home
Giuliani Backs Army Buildup to 600,000
Fred Thompson Calls for Continued Presence in Iraq
Military Mother Takes on a Mission
Russian Intelligence Expert Calls Maryland Attack Assassination Attempt
US Military

Broken Soldiers, Broken Promises

Discharged Gay Sailor Is Called Back to Active Duty
'War on Terror'
Report: Deadly Links of UK's Islamic Terror Network
FBI Document Sheds New Light on Posada Link to Havana Bombings
US to Use Interpol Passport Database for Screening
Iraq Radicalized British Muslims, Says Church of England
German President Weighs Terrorist's Plea
Taliban to Decide Hostages' Fate After French Vote
Canadian Soldiers Walk Fine Line on Afghanistan's Poppy Crops
Suicide Bomber Kills 2 Policemen in Southern Afghanistan, 1 Officer Killed in East
Afghan, Foreign Troops Set Counter-Insurgency Training
Germany Bars Southern Afghanistan Military Deployment
Japan Mulls Offering Military Help to Afghanistan

Australian Injured in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

Pakistan: Crackdown on Political Leaders, Workers
Pakistan Broadcasters Association Slams Blackout of TV Channels
Hundreds Held in Pakistan Rally
Thousands of Pakistanis Give Hero's Welcome to Suspended Judge
Iran a Sticking Point in US-India Nuclear Deal
India Says Pakistan Must Reveal Positions on Disputed Glacier
No Early Solution to Kashmir's Siachen in Sight
Strike in Kashmir Over Rights Violations, Mosque
One Killed in Dera Ismail Khan Sectarian Violence
Militants Stop Cars, Smash Cameras in NW Pakistan
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Heads Into New War
Flying Tigers Rule Sri Lankan Airspace
Sri Lankan Airline Stops Night Flights
Rebels Die in Sri Lanka Navy Raid
Americans Keep Dying
Family Begged Galveston (TX) Soldier Not to Go to Iraq
Gwinnett County (GA) Soldier Killed Before Wedding
Vermont Marine Had Only Been in Iraq for Two Weeks
Friends Remember Fallen Arizona Soldier
Georgia Paratrooper Killed by Bomb in Iraq
Family, Friends, Classmates Mourn Ohio Soldier Killed in Baghdad
Family Remembers Arkansas Soldier’s Personality
Oregon Soldier One of Nine Paratroopers Killed in Iraq
Kansas Soldier Killed in Combat
Marine (AL) 'Packed a Lot of Living Into His 27 Years'
Ione (CA) Mourns Australian-Born Soldier Killed in Iraq
Shiocton (WI) Soldier Called Unselfish, Noble
'A Hero to All of Us' (MA)
'Shining Star' Dies Serving in Iraq (MD)
He Was a Marine to the Core (FL)
Alta (IA) Man Is Killed Trying to Secure Iraq
Family Remembers Local Soldier (OH) Killed in Afghanistan
Soldier (OH) Collapses, Dies During Calisthenics in Iraq
Remembering a Marine (PA) Who'd Always 'Step Up'
Soldier's Risk Proves Fatal, Killed in Afghanistan (FL)
Lafayette (LA) Marine Dies Serving in Iraq
Morgantown (WV) Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
Grant County (IN) Loses Another of Its Soldiers
Iran Says UN Resolutions Will Not Halt Nuclear Work
Pope Supports Iran's Right to Peaceful Nuclear Energy
Iran's Nuclear Negotiator 'Spied'
Suspected Nuclear Spy Jailed for 3 Years in Iran
Beware the Siren Lebanon; Graveyard of Israeli Politicians
Huge Israeli Rally Doesn't Sway PM
Israel Defense Minister Rejects Calls for Immediate Resignation
As Olmert Totters, Bibi the Hardman Plans Comeback
Israeli PM Fears Labor About to Bolt
Egypt: Israeli Political Crisis Delaying Moves on Arab Peace Plan
Israeli FM to Visit Egypt for Peace Plan Talks
Israeli Soldier Wounded by Landmine
Hamas Rejects US Proposals as 'Terrorist'
Palestinian Authority May Be Dissolved for Presidential Election
Palestinian Authority: International Community Has Fueled Fatah-Hamas Tensions
Martyrs' Brigades Execute Collaborator in Ramallah
German FM Meets With Fayyad in First Talks With PA Unity Government
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General: If Israel Attacks, We Will Be Ready
Lebanese President: Hezbollah Will Not Disarm
UNIFIL Denies Reports of Weapons Smuggling in South Lebanon
Invisible Palestinians Exist in Legal Limbo in Lebanon
Hezbollah: We Didn't Receive Intelligence From Bishara
New Secularist Protests Pressure Turkish Government
Turks Step Up Pro-Secular Protest
Headscarf War Threatens to Split Turkey
Saudi Arabia
Saudi King Okays Naturalization Law
Saudi Opposition Issues Public Call for Minister to Face Trial for Rights Abuse
Middle East
Report: Jordan Says It Has Uranium for Nuclear Program
Egypt's Blog Rebels Silenced by Jail
US Envoy Optimistic on North Korea Nuke Deal
South Korea to Send 500 Tons of Fiber to North in Exchange for Mine Development Rights
Nine Killed in Thai Muslim South
Small Bomb Explodes Near Thai Palace, Wounds One
East Timor
East Timor Set for Presidential Election Run-Off
No Gross Violation of Rights in East Timor: Indonesian Ex-Military Chief
Hackers Hijack Chinese State TV Signal
In China a Call for Democracy Stirs Secretive Storm
Two Guards Killed in Philippine Mayor Kidnap
Bangladesh Ex-Premier to Return Monday
Vietnam Trials Send Zero-Tolerance Message
US Lawmaker Wants Probe of Postwar Brothels in Japan
Sectarian Divide Continues to Hamper Residual Return and Reintegration of the Displaced
War Brought Bosnian Women Back to Islam
Serb Militiamen Regroup Over Kosovo
Russia, US, to Talk Missile Shields
Nationalists Start Tricky Coalition Talks in Scotland
Two Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyers Are Arrested
Mugabe Amnesty Offer Outrages Exile
Somalia: Ex-Warlord Mayor Rules Out War
Briton Seized From Nigeria Rig
Court: Ex-Zambian Leader Stole Millions
Comorros Islands: Anjouan Locals Prepare to Repel National Troops
Visiting Colombian President Defends His Government
Bodies of 105 Militia Victims Found in Colombia
Venezuela: A Chill Follows Financial Threat by Chávez
Mexico Getting Spy Equipment From US

Justin Raimondo
America's Coming Dictatorship

Praful Bidwai
Sanctions Aggravate Iranian Rights Situation

Alan Bock
Tragic Russia

Doug Bandow
Invasion of the Party Snatchers

Nebojsa Malic
Back in the EUSSR

Philip Giraldi
A High Price to Pay for Ignorance

Ivan Eland
Missile Defense May Do
More Harm Than Good

Charles Peńa
Still Whacking Moles in Iraq

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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