Remember the run-up to the Iraq invasion? It's striking how wrong the mainstream media was on almost everything – and, conversely, how right was.

While Judy Miller was retailing the War Party's talking points on the front page of the New York Times, we were doing what we do best – debunking the conventional wisdom, reporting the facts, and exposing the false "intelligence" that stupid pundits swallowed whole.

While the War Party's useful idiots – Christopher Hitchens, Bill Kristol, Peter Beinart, Andrew Sullivan, etc. – were cheering for war, was almost alone in denying that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction," predicting the rule of Shi'ite death squads, and warning that Iran would soon be in the War Party's sights.

Many journalists have attributed their unwillingness to question the case for war to pressure from the "patriotism police" and advertisers. As Walter Isaacson, former CEO at CNN, put it to Bill Moyers: "Big people in corporations were calling up and saying, 'You're being anti-American here.'"

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  Mike Gravel: Former US Senator running for President says Criminalize the Iraq War: And back off Iran!
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Updated May 7, 2007 - 8:57 PM EDT
Final 'Surge' Brigade Heads to Baghdad

Monday: 1 GI, 123 Iraqis Killed; 90 Iraqis Wounded

  Sunday: 12 GIs, 118 Iraqis Killed
  US Casualties Will Rise in Next 90 Days, Commander Says
  Stoning to Death of Girl Provokes Wave of Killings
On Iraq, Gates Not Following Bush's Playbook
  US Benchmarks for Iraq May Be Hazy
  House GOP Leader: Support Could Waver if War Doesn't Succeed by Fall
  White House Still Searches for War Czar
Afghan Soldier Kills 2 GIs in Top Security Prison
  Anti-US Sentiment Grows in Afghanistan
Israel's Exercise in Escapism
by Uri Avnery
George Tenet: Loser, Yes. Sycophant, Yes. Fall Guy? Yes  by James Ridgeway
Delusional Misjudgment: Blair's Support of Israel's War on Lebanon  by Mary Ann Sieghart
Preserving Iraq's 'Patrimony'
by Michael Schwartz & Tom Engelhardt
The Never-Ending Iraq Intel Fraud
by Robert Parry
National ID Card a Disaster in the Making  by Richard Forno & Bruce Schneier

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Sarkozy Wins French Election, Royal Concedes
Bush's Iraq Policy Confronted by Big Questions, Little Time
Ex-Analyst Tells a Tale of Twisted Iraq Intelligence
Iraqi Official: US, Iran May Talk Soon
Iraq's Christian Minority Flees Violence
At Georgetown, It's Feith vs. Tenet and Policy vs. Intelligence
Afghan Journalists Find Foes on All Sides
Officials: Panel to Find That Wolfowitz Broke Rules
Deployed Troops Battle for
Custody of Children
Today in Iraq
Top Sunni Politician Blasts Iraqi Government
US, Iraqi Forces Find Sadr City Torture Chamber
US Forces Raid Baghdad Shi'ite Stronghold, Wound Six
Former Saddamist Denies Chemical Orders
Dozens Dead From Baghdad Bomb
Sunday: 12 GIs, 1 British Soldier, 118 Iraqis Killed; 134 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Conference Aftermath
Regional Conference Unlikely to End Violence, Say Analysts
Iraq's Neighbors Weigh Next Steps After Regional Conference
Cheney Mideast Trip to Build on Iraq Conference
The War at Home
Poll: Bush Approval Hits All-Time Low of 28 Percent
Los Angeles Times: Bring US Troops in Iraq Home
Clinton Says She Supports Troop Funding
Giuliani Declares Bush a 'Great President,' Citing Snap Decision for Wars
Afghan Media Face Threat of Controls
Most Canadians Want Troops Out of Afghanistan
13 Police, Four Insurgents Killed in Afghan Violence
Six German Soldiers to Deploy to Southern Afghanistan
Chinese FM Laments Lack of Press Controls as Paper Links Virginia Tech Massacre With US Foreign Policy
China Orders Resettlement of Thousands of Tibetans
10 Killed in Fresh Sri Lanka Violence
Pakistan Judge Blasts 'Dictators'
Reid to Resign as UK Home Secretary
Once-Feared Serbian Hard-Liners Fade Into Shadows
Bulgaria Invites Guests for a Day of Intense Democracy
Spanish Supreme Court Bans Basque Candidates From Elections
Iran Deal Sought to Avert Atom-Pact Talks Collapse
Iran Minimizes Brief US Encounter
Six Questions for Laura Rozen on Iran
Israel's Olmert Won't Fire Rebellious Minister
On Israel's Political Battlefield, a Female Contender Rises
Israeli Defense Minister Will Step Down
In Aftermath of Bungled War, Israel Embraces Culture of Criticism
Israeli Rights Groups Release Report on Torture of Palestinian Detainees
Palestinians Divided Over US Security Plan
Al-Qaeda: Hamas Betrayed God
Clash at UN-Run Gaza School Wounds 6
Palestinian Finance Minister Pays Partial Wages

Jihad Rocket Wounds Israeli

Hezbollah Sees Progress in Talks to Free Two Israelis
Nasrallah Repeats Denial of Dealings With Bishara
Nasrallah: US Pressured Israel Into War
Middle East
Former Islamist Abandons Bid for Turkish Presidency
Political Freedoms Shift in Syria
Nine Dead as French Military Plane Crashes in Egypt
Somalia Boosts Mogadishu Security Amid Public Skepticism
Explosion Kills Two Children in Mogadishu
Ugandan Soldiers Clear Mines in Mogadishu
Uganda Army Seizes 46,000 Guns
Guinea Soldiers Riot Over Wages
Colombia Unearths Victims of Violence

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Missile Defense May Do
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