The War Party Is Under Fire

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A cruel and futile conflict rages in Iraq, and we all know who was behind it. The neoconservatives have been on a global rampage since 9/11, but theirs was not an overnight success: their march from obscurity to the Pentagon and the White House took decades – and plenty of cash. After patiently infiltrating the core institutions of government and the intelligentsia, the neocons dominate both parties and thus the making of policy. Their network of think-tanks, magazines, newspapers, political action committees, and lobbyists now covers Washington, D.C., like a spider's web. Sadly, the Iraq disaster hasn't halted their plans for yet another war.

We warned our readers early on about this dangerous cult, and our grimmest prophecies have all come to pass. has been on the neocons' case since 1995, when they were virtually unknown outside of academia. Without our constant efforts to shine a light on their agenda, they might still be in the darkness where they thrive.

We don't have the neocons' fat wallets and friends in high places, but we do have the global reach of the World Wide Web. They have Rupert Murdoch and other billionaires – not to mention your tax dollars – at their disposal. We have only your voluntary contributions.

Fight back. Send your tax-deductible pledge today!

On the first day of our drive, 132 of you gave a total of $6,312. We really need to get going to reach the $70,000 to keep running for the next quarter. Please help.
  Mike Gravel: Former US Senator running for President says Criminalize the Iraq War: And back off Iran!
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Updated May 8, 2007 - 8:37 PM EDT
35,000 More GIs Tapped for Iraq

US Air Strike Kills Several Iraqi Kids at School

  Sunni Demand Could Unravel Iraqi Govt
  Extra Armor Causing Humvee Doors to Trap Troops

Tuesday: 112 Iraqis Killed, 127 Wounded, 30 Kidnapped

Dems May Seek Short-Term Financing of War


September Could Be Key Iraq Deadline

  Tornado Relief May Stall: Most Kansas Emergency Equipment in Iraq

'Islamic Radicals' Arrested in Plot to Kill Fort Dix Soldiers

US Trainers' Killer Was Afghan Soldier
Israeli Premier Survives Votes in Parliament
Report: Saudis, US Sponsoring Covert Action Against Iran

Iran Accepts Compromise, Unblocking Atom Treaty Talks

Explosive Revelations in UK 'Fertilizer Plot'  by Loretta Napoleoni
Bush War Policy Comes Crashing Down  by Sheldon Richman
Are Iran's Missiles a Threat to Europe?  by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
AIPAC on Trial  by Justin Raimondo
FYI: Iraq Is Not Our Country
by Charley Reese
No Blame, No Shame  by George Packer

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UN Human-Rights Report Sparks Uproar in Kurdistan

In Beirut, Resistance Being Rebuilt Too

US Debates Deterrence for Nuclear Terrorism

Spread of Disease Tied to US Combat Deployments

Early Departures Clip Bush Security Team

They Flew for the CIA, but Not Really

US Allows Shi'ite Militia Security Role
Iraq Attacks Continue
US Colonel Shot While Surveying Baghdad Wall

Russian Photojournalist Killed in Iraq

Two Suicide Car Bombs Kill 25 Near Ramadi

Monday: 2 GIs, 128 Iraqis Killed; 90 Iraqis Wounded
Today in Iraq

Saddam's Former DM Denies Receiving Order to Use Chemical Weapons

Infant Mortality in Iraq Soars as Young Pay the Price for War

Life Blooms on the Side Streets of Baghdad

Iraq Occupation

Rough Alliance Built on Commandeered House in Anbar

Australian Troops Under Attack in Southern Iraq

Troops at Baghdad Outposts Seek Safety in Fortifications

The War at Home

Memorial Honoring Fallen Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan Runs Out of Room

Poll: Americans Slam Bush's Leadership on Iraq

'War on Terror'
US Spy Agencies Say al-Qaeda's Top Leaders, Once on the Run, Have Regrouped

Jordanian Court Orders Retrial of al-Qaeda Suspects

US Police Groups Differ on How Quickly to Shoot Suspected Suicide Bombers

Wolfie at the World Bank

Wolfowitz Scandal May Jeopardize World Bank Funds

World Bank Panel Finds Wolfowitz at Fault; Aide Resigns

Deal Is Offered for Chief's Exit at World Bank


Afghanistan Still Violent, South Carolina National Guard Warned

100 Police Killed in Two Months in Afghanistan

Land-Mine Kills Four Civilians in Afghanistan

Why the Disabled Do Taliban's Deadly Work

Taliban Calls on New French Government to Withdraw Troops

Most Canadians Want Troops Out of Afghanistan

South Asia

Pakistan Bomb Suspect Acquitted

Former Bangladesh PM Returns to Face Charges


African Union to Send 8,000 Troops to Somalia

Mugabe 'to Stay Until 2013'

Taiwan to Stage War Games

Japan Denies Plans to Review Arms-Exports Ban


Iranian FM: We Will Comply With NPT if Other Nations Do

Iran's Ahmadinejad to Visit UAE, Oman

Beating by Guards Fails to Stop Voting, Iranian Students Say


Syrian Call for Peace Talks With Israel 'Authentic'

Syria in Bush's Cross Hairs

Assad: US Trying to Deflect Blame From Iraq Setbacks on Syria


Siniora: 1,200 Killed in Israel-Lebanon War

Lebanon Spends $318 Million on Reconstruction After Summer War

Hezbollah Resists Tribunal in Hariri Assassination

Rice: US May Force Lebanon Into Accepting Hariri Tribunal


Olmert Vows 'Severe Response' to Gaza Rocket Fire

Israel Air Strike Hits North Gaza

Ban: Internal Palestinian Clashes Harming UN Efforts in Gaza Strip

Abbas Praises US Security Plan

Livni Calls for Meeting on Gaza

Israel, Egypt, Jordan to Discuss Arab Peace Plan

Israelis From Iraq Remember Babylon

Israel's War at Home

Israelis Camp by Olmert's Door to Make Him Quit

Peretz: Olmert Lacks Political Agenda

Rice Cancels Israel Visit Due to Winograd Report

Middle East

Egypt Urges Sudan to Seek Comprehensive Darfur Peace

Qatar Gives $22 Million for Palestinian Teachers

Levy to Quit as Blair's Middle East Envoy

Turks Move Toward an Elected Presidency


With Sarkozy, Bush May Find a Close Friend in France

France Prepares for Sarkozy Revolution

Sarkozy's Message: I Won't Be a Poodle


Russian Army Chief: Action Planned Against US Missile System

US and EU Warn Russia on Kosovo


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A Capitalist Peace With China

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Sanctions Aggravate Iranian Rights Situation

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Tragic Russia

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Invasion of the Party Snatchers

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Back in the EUSSR

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A High Price to Pay for Ignorance

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Still Whacking Moles in Iraq

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The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

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From China to Cairo

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