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The "mainstream" media isn't what it used to be – or maybe it is what it used to be, and that's just not good enough anymore. Either way, it's no longer safe for human consumption. The government has pumped the mainstream full of lies and spin, and if the Iraq war has taught us anything, it's to be skeptical not only of government pronouncements, but of reporters who treat those pronouncements as if they were "news."

Where can intelligent citizens quench their thirst for real news?

For over a decade, Antiwar.com has spoken truth to power without fear or favor. When "respectable" newspapers and television networks said that the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction, we said "Balderdash!" When they reported Dick Cheney's claim of an Iraq-9/11 link as fact, we reported the mountains of evidence to the contrary. When they covered the destruction of Saddam's statue as if it were an authentic mass rally, we covered it as a pseudo-event staged by the U.S. government. In every case, we were right.

You can depend on Antiwar.com to tell you the truth – and that's a precious thing these days.

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Gen. William Odom: Generals Near Unanimous: Iraq is "the greatest strategic disaster in U.S. history"
Michael Scheuer: Responsibility:
George Tenet and the War in Iraq
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Updated May 10, 2007 - 9:18 PM EDT
House Votes War Funds in Installments
  House Rejects Mandatory Iraq Pullout
  11 GOP Congressmen Berate Bush Over Iraq
  Roll-Call Vote on Mandatory Iraq Pullout Bill
  Pentagon Moved to Fix Iraqi Media Before Invasion
  Gates: ‘I Don’t Know’ if 2002 War Authorization Is Still Valid
Cheney Fails in Baghdad
  Iraq 'Surge' Extended to Next Year
  Majority of Iraqi Lawmakers Reject Occupation
  Marine Says Urinated on Dead Iraqi at Haditha
  Iraqi Oilworkers Union Set to Strike Over Oil Law
  Thursday: 1 GI, 56 Iraqis Killed; 17 Iraqis Wounded
US: Iran Helping Some Sunni Insurgents
  Kuwait Reviews Readiness for Likely US-Iran War
  NATO: Iranian Weapons in Afghanistan 'Not From Government'
  Britain: Iran 'Seeking Conflict by Proxy in Afghanistan'
US Airstrike Reportedly Kills 40 Afghan Civilians
  Afghan Lawmakers OK Call for Cease-Fire With Taliban
  Afghan Shooting 'As Bad as Haditha'
  US Admits Slaughter of Civilians 'Unjustified,' Pays $2,000 Per Death
  Pentagon to Extend Beefed-Up Force in Afghanistan Through 2008
Blair Says He Will Leave Office in June
Gonzales Tells Panel He Doesn't Recall Any More Details
A Small War Guaranteed to Damage a Superpower  by Patrick Cockburn and Tom Engelhardt
Gen. Petraeus Covers Up a Dirty Little Secret  by Greg Mitchell
Muslim American Grilled at Border Over Religion, Letter to the Editor  by Matthew Rothschild
The Peace Presidents
by Jean Edward Smith
Dear Liz: Here's Some Truth for You
by George Ajjan
Palestinian Life Grinds to a Halt

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US, Germany Fear Imminent Terror Attack
Two British Officials Convicted of Leaking Bush Plot to Attack al-Jazeera
Ads Feature Former Iraq Commanders Criticizing War
Haditha Lieutenant Was 'Shocked' When He Discovered the Civilians His Platoon Killed Were Unarmed
Role of FBI Informer Draws Praise and Questions
Terror Arrests Often Overblown, Experts Say
Jihadis in New Jersey?
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Warns US Officials to Control Nancy Pelosi
Cheney in Baghdad
Cheney Caught Saying 'Kick the Press Out' at Iraq Briefing
Cheney Admits Problems as He Visits Iraqi Leader in Baghdad
Cheney Presses Iraqi Leaders to Act 'Decisively'
Cheney: Iraq Remains a Dangerous Place
Bombing Mars Cheney Iraq Trip
Iraq Occupation
Pentagon-Funded Study: Insurgencies Usually Only Last a Decade or So
Gates: US Might Consider Reducing Troops in Iraq This Year
US Embassy in Iraq Orders Staff to Wear Flak Jackets, Helmets
US Raises Pressure on Iraq's Leader
Action Sought on Journalists Detained in Iraq by US
Today in Iraq
Teachers' Killings Turn Sunni Iraqis Against al-Qaeda
Three Iraqi Journalists Killed in Shooting
Truck Bomb Kills 14 in Kurdish City
Wednesday: 1 GI, 80 Iraqis Killed; 137 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Bush Allegedly Assures Saudis No War Exit on His Watch
Iraqi Refugees Overwhelm UN Center in Syria
The War at Home
Americans, Bush Out of Sync on Staying in Iraq
Sixty Percent of Americans Want Pullout Timetable
Gonzales to Congress: Let's Talk About Something Else
Gates Says Bipartisan Support Needed for Extended US Presence in Iraq
Sen Brownback: Kansas Governor Lying About National Guard's Lack of Resources
House Panel Considers Cuts for Missile Defense
Retired US Army Colonel Speaks to Group; 'Hit the Streets'
US Military
Army Sending Soldiers Back to Iraq, Cutting Home Time
Marines Try Officer in Iraq Slayings
DoD Creating Foreign-Language Corps
'War on Terror'
In Large Immigrant Family, Religion Guided Three in Fort Dix Plot
More Nations Join Anti-Nuclear Terror Plan
Internet Calls to be Subject to Phone Tapping
Poll: 36 Percent of International Companies Fear They Could Be Victims of Terror Attack
Widow of London Bomber Held in Anti-Terror Raids
Four Held Over July 7 Attacks
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russian 'Spy' Planes Trigger Cold War Alert
Putin Is Said to Compare US Policies to Third Reich
US Says Russia Can't Alter Missile Shield Plan
Russia Won’t Let Missile Shield Hurt EU Ties
Putin Warns Nations That Desecrate Soviet War Monuments Are Sowing Enmity and Distrust
Germany Launches Anti-Militant Raids Before Summit
Somali Govt Threatens to Seize Houses That Have Weapons Inside
Somali Security Forces Ban, Burn Muslim Veils
Weapons Seized During Raid in Somalia
Bomb Explosion Kills One in Mogadishu
AU Struggles to Find More Troops to Send to Somalia
DR Congo
DR Congo Top Court Annuls Election
Congo Army Raids Spread Terror in Eastern Congo
Fresh Militant Attack on Nigerian Oil Fields
Four US Workers Seized in Nigeria
Video Shows Algerian Bombings
Uganda Rebels Given Safe Corridors in Sudan
Chad Demobilizes Child Soldiers
British Mercenary Loses Extradition Fight
Opposition Splits While Zimbabwe Slips
US Threatens Even More Sanctions Against Iran in June
Ahmadinejad Rival Chosen as Tehran Mayor
US Warns About Danger of Iran Withdrawing From Nuclear Treaty
Iran Cleric Threatens Retaliation Against Tel Aviv if Israel Attacks
Al-Jazeera 'Regrets' Partial Ban in Iran
Iran Frees Former Atomic Negotiator on Bail
Iranian Fighter Jet Crash Kills 1
Academic From US Center Arrested in Iran
State Dept. Condemns Iran's Detention of US Scholar
Peres Biography: Israel, France Had Secret Pact to Produce Nuclear Weapons
Annual Report Faults Israeli Military's Strategy, Budgeting
Israeli Security Cabinet Meets Over Lebanon War Report
Barak Presses Olmert to Quit
Military Police to Probe Soldiers' Assault on Leftist Israeli Activists
Army Action Against Israeli Protestors Sparks Storm
Israeli Military Issues Gaza Plan
Abbas, Haniyeh Deploy Palestinian Police in Gaza
Palestinian Factions Insist New Truce With Israel Must Include End to West Bank Operations
Palestinian Group Seeks Trade for Captive BBC Journalist
Hints of al-Qaeda Role in Gaza BBC Kidnapping
World Bank Scolds Israel for Limiting Movement in West Bank
Palestine Ready to Negotiate Peace With Israel: Minister
Hamas TV Pulls Mickey Mouse Lookalike That Urged Children to Fight Israel, Liberate Iraq
Egyptian Top Court Declares Military Tribunals for Muslim Brotherhood Members Illegal
Two Egyptian Lawmakers Lose Their Immunity
Middle East
Kuwait Says Stocks Up on Food in Case of War in Gulf
In Arabic Newspaper, Rice Warns Lebanese to Approve UN Tribunal
Saudi Report: Terror Cell Had Syria Base
Bring Back Taliban to End Police Corruption, Say Afghan Truckers
NATO Admits Use of Force Not Enough for Peace in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Effort to Change Media Law Puts Journalists on Guard
Revived Taliban Restrict Afghan Aid Effort
Pakistani Supreme Court Bans Discussions About Chief Justice Case
Pakistan Opposition Leader: Govt Created Judicial Crisis to Impose Martial Law
US Warns of Suicide Attacks in Pakistan
Nepal Maoists Deny Having Thousands of Child Soldiers
Singapore to Deploy Military Officers to UN Nepal Mission
North Korea
UN Panel Said Close to Finishing North Korea Audit
Bush and Hu Agree to Press North Korea
Philippines Pre-Election Death Toll Hits 100
India Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile
Kazakhstan Plans Uranium Enrichment Center, International Nuclear Fuel Bank
Lantos, House Colleagues Send Strong Message to Chinese President, Demand Action on Darfur
Bangladeshi Exile Plan Backfires
Australian Filmmaker Captured, Blindfolded by Australian Troops in East Timor
Japan Wants Better Ties With China
Police Say Rebel Bomb in Central Colombia Kills Eight Police on Drug Operation
Colombia to Approach Europe for Antidrug Help
Hezbollah Builds a Western Base
Chávez Accused of TV Closure as 'Revenge'
Cuba Anger at US Exile Decision

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