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Robert Dreyfuss: Understand Iraqi Politics: American policy and the Iran-backed Shi'ite parties
David Henderson: The Wartime Economist Explains:
Open trade helps prevent war
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Updated May 11, 2007 - 9:27 PM EDT
US Commander in Iraq Wants More GIs
  House Votes War Funds in Installments
  Bush 'Open' to Loose Benchmarks With Unrestricted War Funding
  House Rejects Iraq Withdrawal Requirement
  Guard Equipment Levels Lowest Since 9/11
  US Won’t Allow Governors to Direct National Guard
Iraqi Lawmakers Call for US Timetable
  Cheney to Troops: Extending Your Deployments 'Vital'
  Friday: 2 GIs, 40 Iraqis Killed; 73 Iraqis Wounded
US: Advanced Terror Plot Uncovered in Germany
  Did Informant’s Actions Aid Fort Dix Plotters?
US Military Confirms Killing Afghan Civilians
  Afghans: Civilian Toll in Strikes Much Higher Than Reported
Iran Denies British Claims of Helping Taliban
  Neocons Driving Iran Divestment Campaign
One War Criminal Down,
A Fistful to Go
 by Paul Craig Roberts
Who Duped Bill Clinton on Saddam’s WMD’s?  by Kathy Miller
Progress Report: Redefining Forward Motion in Iraq  by Chris Floyd
Turkey's Unholy Alliance
by Dilip Hiro and Tom Engelhardt
The Kennedy Myth Rises Again
by John Pilger
GOP's Reaganesque Tall Tales
by Joe Conason

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Roll-Call Vote on Mandatory Iraq Pullout Bill
Roll Call Vote on Iraq War Funding by Installment
Administration Withheld
E-Mails About Rove
Pentagon Restricting Testimony in Congress
US Official: Efforts Toward Mideast Conflict Aimed at Silencing Arab, EU Criticism
Six Questions for Tara McKelvey on Detainee Abuse
US Criticized at Talks on Troubled Nuclear Treaty
Blair to Leave Office in June
Gates: Congressional Debate on War
Is Aiding al-Qaeda
Today in Iraq
Meeting May Lessen Threat of a Sunni Boycott in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan Moves to Curb Militant Attacks
Security Crackdown Leaves Samarra Without Basic Necessities
Iraq PM May Face Problems Over Ministerial Changes
Violence Mars Once Calm Oasis in Baghdad
Poverty Drives Iraqi Children to Work for Armed Groups
Video Shows Execution of Nine Iraqi Security Officers
'Chemical Ali' Denies Attacks on Kurds
Thursday: 3 GIs, 62 Iraqis Killed; 26 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Contrasting Predictions of Imminent Victory Two Years Ago, Cheney Frames Iraq War as Part of Broader Fight
Army Sending Soldiers Back to Iraq, Cutting Home Time
Troops in Iraq to Get Safer Vehicle
Losing Hearts and Minds
Sergeant: Calls for Haditha Probe Ignored
US General Didn't Suspect Slaughter in Haditha
Report: Co-Author of Torture Memo Feels Guilty About Abu Ghraib
Petraeus Reminds Troops Not to Torture or Take Part in Revenge Attacks
Petraeus Letter on Torture (pdf)
Global Iraq Fallout
Freedom of Information: British Govt Could Be Forced to Publish Secrets of Iraq Memo
Men Who Tried to Leak Bush Memo Jailed
Bush Faces Pressure on Iraq as Blair Leaves
Bush Optimistic on Brown Support on Iraq
Denmark: Iran Would Compensate Attack
More Aussie Troops Sent Off to Iraq
Bahrain Minister: War in Iraq Has Harmed US Image
Gonzales Tells Panel He Doesn't Recall Any More Details
Gonzales: Compelling Reason for a Personnel Decision Too Much to Ask
Gonzales Testimony Contradicts White House, Revealing New Bush 'Conversation' Over US Attorney Firings
The War at Home
Holbrooke: Iraq Civil War Is Raging Out of Control
Former LA Times Baghdad Chief Says Iraqis Are 'Humiliated'
Retired Generals, Iraq Veterans Launch Antiwar Ads
Cheney Rejects Tenet's Account of Run-Up to War
US Labels 2003 Leaked Memo 'Sensitive'
US Military
Study: Veterans Dept. Habitually Exaggerates Successes of VA Medical System
Suicide Risk Said Higher for Veterans
Govs Worry About Depleted National Guard
MRAP Request May Be End of Road for Humvee
Navy Vice Admiral Picked to Lead US Special Operations Command
Pace Expected to Stay Joint Chiefs Chair
'War on Terror'
Bush Orders Contingency Plans for Attack on US
Engineer Convicted of Stealing US Secrets
Airlines Will Take Fingerprints
UN Rights Envoy Hopes for Access to Guantanamo
After Five Years in Legal Limbo, Pentagon Files New Charges Against bin Laden's Driver
Irish, Kenyan Aid Workers Feared Kidnapped in Somalia
AU Troops Removing Debris in Mogadishu
Republicans in Congress Press Bush for Sanctions on Sudan
China Defends Darfur Role, Deflects US Warning
China Appoints Africa Envoy to Focus on Darfur
Algerian-Based Islamists Threaten More Suicide Attacks
Cash Row Over African Troops
Uganda Rebels Protest Ultimatum to Assemble
Villagers Flee Killings as Congo 'Peace' Plan Backfires
The Shadowy Militants in Nigeria's Delta
Ethiopia Says UN Failing on Eritrea Border Dispute
AU Troop Mission to Go to Comoros
US Probes Michael Moore Over Filming Portion of Documentary in Cuba
Pressure Grows to Prosecute Cuban Exile
US Urges Ecuador to Let It Keep Using Air Base
Ten Troops Die in Colombia Attack
Nuclear Powers Clash With Iran at Non-Proliferation Conference
Iran Blocked UN Inspectors on Test Visit to Nuclear Site
Safety of Americans Strains US-Iran Relations
Bahrain Preparing for US-Iran War
US Extends Sanctions Against Syria for One Year
Syria's Ruling Party Nominates Assad for Another Seven Year Term in Office
Defiant Assad Warns UN Court to Respect Syrian Sovereignty
Syria's Assad Says No Progress on Peace With Israel
Syria Points to US Policy Failures
Israel’s Bombing of Civilians Extended War, Olmert Told Panel
Olmert to Lebanon War Inquiry: No Option but to Strike Hezbollah Immediately
Israeli Military Slams Olmert, Peretz Over War
Peretz: I Acted Out of Love for My Country During Lebanon War
Israeli Deputy DM Condemns World Bank Report, Insists That Terrorists Are to Blame for All Travel Restrictions
British Envoy: Blair's Departure Won't Change Policy Towards Israel
Israeli Commander Calls for Ouster of Captain Filmed Beating Activists
Israel Plans New Settlement Construction in West Bank
Homes Plan Angers Palestinians
Gunfight Mars Launch of New Plan to Bring Quiet to Gaza
Rival Groups Join Forces in Gaza
Al-Qaeda Tactics Expand in Gaza
Japan May Resume Direct Aid to Palestinians
Palestinian Fetus Killed in Crossfire
Palestinian Station Defies Govt Orders to Remove 'Mickey Mouse' Program
Turkish Parliament Approves Direct National Vote for President
Secular Groups Suffer Setback in Turkey
US Will Respect Turkey's Democratic Choice: Rice
Middle East
Jordanian Opposition Blasts Visit by 50 Israeli Activists to Amman
A Rare Trip Through Hezbollah's Secret Tunnel Network
'Homeland Security'
Survivors of US Airstrike Wonder Why They Are Attacked Instead of the Taliban
Afghan Rebel Faction 'Rejects' Kidnappings, Beheadings
Afghan Parliament Sacks Minister Over Iran Refugees Row
Afghanistan: UN to Step Up Staff Security After Recent Killing
US Colonel Killed in Afghanistan
Former Afghan Warlord Says He Can Defeat Taliban
1,000 More Polish Troops to Afghanistan
Taliban Says It Abducted Local Spokesman
Talking Replaces Guns in War With the Taliban
Afghanistan: What Unites the New 'United Front'?
Suicide Bombing Kills Three in Afghanistan
Local Villagers Kill Three Taliban in Southern Afghanistan
North Korea
US Bankers Propose Solution to North Korea Impasse
North Korea Cash May End Up in US Bank
North Korea Allows Cross-Border Rail Test
Top North Korea Official Holds Talks in Tehran
Shots Fired at Residence of Aide to Pakistan’s Ousted Chief Judge
Qaeda Presence in Pakistan Worries Britain
Pakistan Erects Anti-Taliban Fence on Afghan Border
China Military Ties With Asean No Threat, US Says
Sri Lanka Shuts Airport Fearing Tiger Air Raids
Seven Thai Soldiers Killed in Blast, Police Blame Muslim Insurgents
Jailed Uzbek Activist Gets New Sentence
Poll: Russians Reject US Missile Defense Plan
Powerful Car Bomb Defused in Moscow
US Wants UN Vote on Kosovo Resolution in May
Serbia's New Human-Rights Role Questioned
Ukraine President Wants Election Day Set
Australian Media Joins Forces to Fight Erosion of Press Freedom
Australian PM Demands Muslims 'Assimilate'
Australian Police Clears Cleric of Funding Hezbollah

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Jihad in New Jersey

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Good Intentions and
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Time for Iraqi Self-Determination

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A Capitalist Peace With China

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Sanctions Aggravate Iranian Rights Situation

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Tragic Russia

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A High Price to Pay for Ignorance

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The Legend of the
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From China to Cairo

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