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Rep. Paul vs. Interventionist Elite: Michael Scheuer
A New Peril from the East?: Doug Bandow
Carpet-bombing the Clichés: Thomas Eddlem
To the Shores of Tripoli: Uri Avnery
Surge Dirge: Jim Lobe

 Robert A. Pape

Suicide Terrorism is Caused by Foreign Occupation

 Steve Clemons

Cheney Trying to End-Run Bush, Start Iran War

 Jim Lobe

Faction Fights in DC, Iraq

 Ivan Eland

America’s Counter-Productive Pakistan Policy

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Updated June 1, 2007 - 11:15 PM EDT
US Fires at 'al-Qaeda Target' in Somalia
Iraqi PM Says Military Coup Possible
  US Gen.: Sept. Too Soon to Assess 'Surge'
  Gates: US To Be in Iraq for 'Protracted Period of Time'
  America's Iraq Strategy Boosts US Combat Losses
  US General: We Are Reaching Out to Insurgents
  Friday: 3 GIs, 81 Iraqis Killed, 87 Iraqis Injured
Some Army Posts Ending Individual Memorials
  $25 Billion Worth of New Armored Vehicles Can't Protect From Bombs
  Marines Battle Bureaucrats and Plead for High-Tech Gear
Iran Says Dead Rebels Had US-Made Arms
UK Foreign Office: Shin Bet Aided 1976 Hijacking
19 Killed as Lebanon Fighting Escalates
Dead Gitmo Prisoner Had US Military Training
Rep. Paul and the Founders vs. Our Interventionist Elite  by Michael Scheuer
Democratic Consultants: Calculations of War  by Brent Budowsky
Militias Act With Impunity, Despite US Troop Surge  by Patrick Cockburn
Carpet-bombing the Clichés
by Thomas Eddlem
To the Shores of Tripoli  by Uri Avnery
Her Way, Her War  by Ari Berman

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South Korea: US Ignored Offer to Help in North Korea
I Was Framed by MI6, Says Ex-KGB Spy
Guantanamo 'Suicide' Was in Maximum-Security Cell
Surge Dirge
Iraq Residents Rise Up Against al-Qaeda
Associated Press Says Cameraman Killed in Iraq
Bush, Talabani Cite Progress in White House Meeting
May Third-Worst Month for US Troop Deaths in Iraq
Hey Joe: What US Troops Really Told Sen. Lieberman on His Iraq Visit
Turkish General: Military Ready for Attacks in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan Officials Deny US Bases to Be Opened in Kurdistan Region
DoD Pays $31 Million for Civilian Losses in Iraq, Afghanistan
Putin: US Imperialism Means New Arms Race
US Scrambles to Remove Plans for New Baghdad Embassy From Internet
Today in Iraq
Many Buy Power on Black Market in Iraq
Britain Mulling Iranian Help in Iraq Hostage Hunt: Report
Iraq Says Seeking Release of Kidnapped Britons
US General Threatens Britons' Kidnappers
Iraqi Women Forced to Give Up Their Jobs, Marriages
Violence Forces Iraqis to Give Up Meat
Iraq: Cancer Emerges as Major Cause of Death in South
Adeela Harith, Iraq 'I Have to Scrounge Around Rubbish Bins to Feed My Children'
Attacks Continue
Iraq Suicide Blast Leaves Up to 25 Dead
Hunt for Britons Goes on Amid Iraqi Violence
Al-Qaeda Group 'Killed US Embassy Couple'
Thursday: 3 GIs, 82 Iraqis Killed; 88 Iraqis Wounded
Haditha Massacre
Marines Who Inspected Scene of Haditha Massacre: No Reason to Suspect Carnage Was a War Crime
Lawyers in Haditha Case Say Gunshots, Not Grenades, Killed Many Victims
The War at Home
Gallup: What Americans Would Like to Tell Bush About Iraq
'Anonymous' Senator Reveals He Is Blocking Open Government Bill
Libby: I Don't Deserve Three Years in Prison
Powerful Officials Back Libby in CIA Leak Case
Ex-Spy Plame and Publisher Sue CIA Over Her Memoir
Aide Says Edwards Misspoke on Reading Classified Iraq Report
US Military
Marine Veteran Faces Hearing on Discharge Status for Wearing Uniform at Protest Rally
More Iraq War Vets Could Face Disciplinary Action Over Protests
General: Guardsmen Need Different Equipment for Training
'War on Terror'
FBI Defends Increased Use of Secret Search Warrants
Senate Panel Questions CIA Detentions
CIA Director: We're Younger, More Willing to Take Risks
US Airways: TSA Rules Required US to Kick Imams Off the Plane
Rice, Russian FM Bicker Openly at G8 Conference
Putin: Missile Tests Are Response to US
Rice: Russian Attitudes Locked in Past
Radioactivity Sensors for Russia
Russian Spy Intrigue
'British Spies' Killed Litvinenko, Says Suspect
Litvinenko Was British Spy, Says Lugovoi
Russia Spurns West's Concessions on Kosovo Future
Police Report: Switzerland a Base for Islamic Terror
Stalled by Conflict, Ukraine’s Democracy Gasps for Air
Key Serb War Crimes Fugitive Arrested
Fiji Ruler: Post-Coup State of Emergency to Be Lifted
Rebels in East Congo Abduct at Least Six Villagers
Weekend Attack Prompts Villagers to Flee in Northeast Congo
Nigeria Militants Set Conditions

Niger Vote Dissolves Government

Rice: US Will Not Change Conditions for Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran Warned by US as It Holds Atom Talks With EU
Iran, EU Talks Seek Way Out of Nuclear Impasse
European, Iranian Envoys to Meet Again
Confusion and Fear for Dual Citizens in Iran
Olmert Weighing Peace Talks With Syria
Israeli Officials: Syria Not Really Interested in Peace
Israel's Lieberman: Gaza Must Be 'Cut Off', Bombed
Olmert, Bush to Meet for Talks in Washington
US Envoy Slams Israel for Refusing to Ease Conditions on PA
Officials: Israel Ready to Transfer Seized Tax Revenues to PA
Israel Third From Bottom on Global Peace Index
Poll: Two-Thirds of Palestinians Want Unity Govt to Resign
Fatah, Hamas to Discuss Truce With Each Other and Israel
Israel Strikes Northern Gaza Strip
Norway Resumes Direct Aid to the Palestinian Authority
Another Soldier, Eight Militants Killed in Lebanon Standoff
UN Sets Up Tribunal Over Hariri Killing
Lebanese President, Hezbollah Slam International Tribunal as Illegal
Middle East
Turkish Parliament Backs Direct Presidential Vote
Modernizing, Saudi-Style
Afghans' Anger Over US Bombings
Ambush Kills 16 Policemen on Highway in Afghanistan
Enemy Fire May Have Brought Down Helicopter: NATO
Three Taliban Militants Detained in East Afghanistan
Taliban Shifts Tactics, NATO Says
Ontario Combat Photographer Killed in Afghanistan
Musharraf Fighting for Political Life
Pakistan's Musharraf Warns Against Army Criticism
Pakistan Army Book Expected to Be a Major Issue for Musharraf
US Sees 'Technical' Delay in Nuclear Pact With India
Rebels Bomb Army Bus in Indian Kashmir, One Wounded
15 Dead in 2 Attacks in South Thailand
Ex-Thai PM Urges Stunned Supporters to Accept Ban
Thai Ruling May Trigger Political Shift
Fighting Kills Two in Sri Lanka

Christian Convert May Leave Malaysia

Islamists Presence Reported in Puntland
Clan Leaders Reopen Southern Somalia Port
Somali Exiles Use Music to Slam War
African Union Hasn't Yet Approved Large Darfur Force
Sudan: Sanctions Are 'Death Sentence'
Top Economist: US Sanctions 'Won't Help Darfur'
China Urges Patience on Sudan, Opposes Sanctions

Justin Raimondo
Remember the Liberty!

Doug Bandow
A New Peril from the East?

Nebojsa Malic
Bosnia's Straitjacket

Philip Giraldi
Heckuva Job,
Homeland Security

Ivan Eland
Pakistan Is Going Down the Road of the Shah's Iran

Alan Bock
Iranian Rumblings

Charles Peña
Rudy Giuliani and the
Fort Dix Six

David R. Henderson
Hail Ron Paul and Mike Gravel

Praful Bidwai
Sanctions Aggravate Iranian Rights Situation

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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