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Derailed: Nebojsa Malic
Iraqi Kurds Wrangle Over Islam: Mhd. Salih
Libby's 'Conservative' Supporters: Jim Lobe
Why Don't Druids Attack?: Mark Steel
Megaphones for Terrorists: Simon Jenkins

 Joe Wilson

Bush/Cheney Co-conspirator Libby Walks

 Robert Dreyfuss

US Backs Iran in Iraq, Blames Them for Everything

 Norman Solomon, Loretta Alper

War Made Easy: Just Lie to Everyone

 Dahr Jamail

Unembedded Reporter Covers Iraq

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Updated July 5, 2007 - 11:01 PM EDT
Baghdad Body Count Up in June

Sadr Bloc Joins Sunnis in Rejecting Iraq Oil Law


Construction Woes Add to Fears at Baghdad Embassy

  Iraq Contractors Now Outnumber Troops

Thursday: 3 GIs, 78 Iraqis Killed; 75 Iraqis Injured

Surrender Call Ignored at Pakistan Mosque

Israeli Invasion Kills Eight Hamas Soldiers
  Hamas Acts to Show It's in Charge
After Attacks, Foreign Doctors Face New Scrutiny in Britain
Offering the Terrorist a Megaphone for His Cause  by Simon Jenkins
Libby and His 'Conservative'
 by Jim Lobe
Bush and Cheney Walk, Too
by Sidney Blumenthal
The Peril of the West's Hamas Error
by Tony Karon
One Liberty at a Time  by Anthony Lewis
They Don't Come Back the Same
by Helen Redmond

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On July 4, Bush Relates Iraq to American Revolution

Reenlistments, Citizenship Oaths in July 4th Iraq Propaganda Spectacular

Construction Woes Add to Fears at Embassy in Iraq

Brown Signals No Change on Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraqi Kurds Wrangle Over Islam

No Regrets: Novak Insists He'd Print Plame's Name Again

Gitmo Inmates Allowed Once-A-Week Film Night in Effort to Curb Suicides

Six Canadian Soldiers Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Today in Iraq

Regional Kurdish Govt Says It Has Not Seen Iraq Oil Law

Iraqi PM Issues July 4th Vow to Mend Rifts

Maliki May Slash Cabinet Size to Overcome 'Weakness'

Iraq: Sunni, Shia Families Swap Homes in Bid to Remain Safe

Palestinian Refugees From Iraq Heading to Brazil

Two Iraqi Journalists Kidnapped and Killed

US Helicopter Forced Down in Iraq, One Killed

Iraq Checkpoint Attack Kills 15

Wednesday: 2 GIs, 151 Iraqis Killed; 92 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation

Australia Admits Oil Security Reason for Iraq Occupation

Iraq War Forcing US Army to Adapt

Soldier Claims Innocence in Iraqi Deaths

California Paper Gets Scoop on New Atrocity Allegations in Iraq

The War at Home

Iraq Comes Home: Soldiers Share the Devastating Tales of War

High-Schoolers Who Confronted Bush on Torture Tell Their Story

Fed Up With War, Some Won't Pay Taxes

Back From Iraq, Contractors Face Combat-Related Stress

Officials Struggle to Keep Pace With Rapidly Increasing Defense Spending


UN, US Actions Sometimes at Odds in Afghanistan

The Taliban's Opium War


Mosque Attack Adds to Musharraf Woes

Suicide Attack Kills 10 in Waziristan


India, Pakistan to Release More Prisoners


Bush Summit Fails to Bring Putin Agreement

Putin's New Radar Proposal Seen Going Nowhere

Moscow Warns US of Possible Missile Basings in Western Russia

Russian Missile Threat to Europe Raises Cold War Fear Over US Shield

Russian Parliament: Energy Monopolies Can Form Private Armies

Spain Says Arms-Find Averted ETA Bombing This Week

Germans Split Over a Mosque and the Role of Islam


Media Mogul Learns to Live With Chávez

On Tour With Chávez in Iran


Seeking New Leader’s Persona in Turkmens' Murky Isolation

Terror in the UK

UK Terror Level Downgraded to 'Severe'

Police Link Suspects Held Over Failed Attacks

Airport Bomb Suspects Wrote 'Suicide Note'

Doctors Drawn to Top Terror Posts

Bomb Suspect 'A Student Zealot'

Scottish Muslims Hold 'Anti-Terror Rally' in Effort to Prevent Backlash

Doctor Accused in Glasgow Attack Described as Loner Angry About the Iraq War

Terror Cells Favor Simple Ingredients in Building Bombs

Johnston Goes Free

Johnston Kidnap Group Keeps Its Weapons

Johnston Overjoyed at End of 114-Day Ordeal

Handcuffs, Hoods and the Menace of 16 Weeks in Hell

Journalism: A Dangerous Profession

Israel, West Thankless for Hamas' Rescue of Journalist

Prisoner Release

Livni: Palestinian Prisoners to Be Freed in a Matter of Days

Army of Islam Says Shalit Now Solely Under Control of Hamas

Israeli Legal Aid Group Urges Release of Jewish Terrorists if Palestinians Are Traded for Shalit


How US Policy Missteps Led to a Nasty Downfall in Gaza

Israel: Peace Plan on Hold Because Saudis Refuse to Support Isolating Hamas

Syria Doubts Massive Israeli Military Action in Golan Is Just 'Training'

Palestinian Workers Get First Salaries in Over a Year

Israeli Clampdown Ruining Gaza Economy

Fatah Officers Go Underground in Gaza

US Leaders Speak

Moroccan, Israeli Foreign Ministers Meet

Lebanese Officials: Syria Reopens Border Crossing With Lebanon


Yemen's Long History of Instability

Yemen Employs New Terror Approach


Nigerian Oil Rebels Call Off Truce, Seek Talks

Rights Group: Ethiopia Burns Homes, Displaces Thousands in East


Nostalgia, Disdain for Islamists in Mogadishu

Somali Troops Take Extortion Money From Bus Drivers


Australia Says China Military Rise Risks Instability


Justin Raimondo
Crime and Non-Punishment

Nebojsa Malic

Charles Peńa
Lucky, but for How Much Longer?

Ivan Eland
US Role in Islamist Terrorism

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th,
Part Two

Alan Bock
London: The Iraq Connection

Doug Bandow
Presidential Hawks,
Left and Right

Philip Giraldi
Neoconned Again?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

Praful Bidwai
India: Impasse Over Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Rights

Sascha Matuszak
Pride and Prejudice in Chengdu

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