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Planet Pentagon: Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
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GOP's Newest Political Strategy: William Grigg
Impossible Tasks for Embattled Govt: P. Cockburn

 Brendan O’Neill

How Do-Gooder Liberals Internationalized al Qaeda

 Ray McGovern

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 Denis Collins

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“Failed” and “Near-failed” States

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Updated July 12, 2007 - 11:03 PM EDT
House Votes to Pull Out of Iraq
  More GOP Senators Call for Iraq Change Now
  US Troop Buildup in Iraq Falling Short
  Time Limit on Iraq Troop Deployments Fails in Senate
US Official: Al-Qaeda 'Thriving' in Iraq
  Blood, Sweat and Tears for US in Iraq
  'A Dead Iraqi Is Just Another Dead Iraqi... You Know, So What?'
  US Intelligence Chiefs Grim About Iraq's Future
  Thursday: 86 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 50 Iraqis Wounded
Turkey: US Arms End Up in Kurdish Hands
  Report: US Sponsoring Kurdish Guerilla Attacks Inside Iran
Bush Admits White House Leaked CIA Name
US Intel Says al-Qaeda at Pre-9/11 Strength
  White House, FBI Race to Disrupt 'Summer of '07' Threat
Afghan Officials: 27 Civilians Killed in Airstrikes
  Al-Qaeda Calls for War Against Pakistan
  Hundreds Feared Killed in Pakistan Mosque Siege
Signing Statements Erode Constitutional Balance  by Ron Paul
Impossible Tasks for an Embattled Government  by Patrick Cockburn
Who Will Be Last Soldier to Die for Iraq Mistake?  by Greg Mitchell
Planet Pentagon
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
The New Drumbeat on Iran
by Stephen Kinzer
Hush-Hush, Sweet Liberty
Los Angeles Times

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Poll: Most Iranians Want US Ties, Recognize Israel
Giuliani, the Likud Candidate?
Is the US Responsible for the Death of a Million Iraqis?
Iraq Exodus Fuels Rise in Refugees, Displaced
US Helicopter Fire Kills 2 Iraqis, Wounds 7 Children
Kurds Speak Out Against Key Oil Law
White House Report on Iraq (.pdf)

Gen. Casey: Limiting Tours to 15 Months Canít Be Guaranteed

Rotting Bodies Spoil Baghdad's Taste for River Fish
Today in Iraq
US Special Forces Seek 'Iranian Agents' in Iraq
Anglican Priest Flees Iraq Amid Threats
US General: Al-Qaeda 'Kills, Wounds' 4000 Iraqis in Six Months
Iraqi PM: Ready to Take Over Basra
US Military Says 20 al-Qaeda Militants Killed in Iraq
Iraq 'Vendetta Attack' Kills 11
Wednesday: 163 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier Killed, 101 Iraqis Wounded
The New Iraq
Torn by War, Troubled Basra Faces Hordes of Man-Eating Honey Badgers
Iraqis Bemoan Lack of Services in Long, Hot Summer
Guards Steal $282 Million From a Bank in Baghdad
Ex-Iraq MP and Son Convicted
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi Police Seize 200 Bomb Belts in Truck From Syria
Brown Downplays Iraq Terror Link
Britain's Brown Says Iraq Mistakes Made
UN Concerned Over US Iraq Policy
Outraged at Opposition Leader's Talk of Iraq Failure, Australian FM Dares Him to Go to Iraq
The War at Home
CIA Said Iraq Instability Seemed 'Irreversible'
White House Isn't Backing Iraq Study Group Follow-Up
Uneasy GOP Senators Beseech Bush on Iraq
The US Senate's Iraq War Numbers Game
GOP Contenders Not Sold on Surge
GOP Senator Snowe Embraces Iraq Pullout Bill
Sen. Dole Says Troops in Iraq Should Start Coming Home Next Year
Is Hillary Getting a Free Pass on Iraq?
US 'War on Terror'
Sting Reveals Security Gap at Nuclear Agency
FBI Plans Initiative to Profile Terrorists
Qualifications of Padilla Trial 'al-Qaeda Expert' Questioned
US Military
Marine Shot Bound and Gagged Iraqi, Court Martial Told
Judge Refuses to Dismiss Abu Ghraib Charges
Sensitive Military Documents Found Unprotected on FTP Servers
Pentagon Criticized for Armor Contracts
US Army to Close Five Sites in Germany
Battles of Britain
UK Reservists 'Too Unfit to Fight'
Report: British Defense Ministry Treats Reservists Like Second Class Soldiers
London Police Face Awkward Questions After Surveillance Fails to Prevent Attempted Terror Attacks
UK Seeks Tough Response to Russia
Britain Risks Cold War Clash Over Litvinenko
Failed 2005 Bombers Jailed for Life
Brown: Al-Qaeda Has No Right to Complain About Rushdie's Knighthood
British Woman Says She Wed Osama's Son
Mrs. bin Laden Plans Peace Campaign
New UN Resolution Sidesteps Kosovo Independence
Serbia Rejects New Kosovo Plan
Spanish Police Say They Foiled ETA Plot to Bomb Plymouth Ferry
Debate on Terror Threat Stirs Germany
Chilean Judge Blocks Fujimori's Extradition
Army Guards Mexico Oil Industry After Threat
Colombian Officer Describes Plight of Kidnapped Americans
Carrier May Be Pulled From Persian Gulf
UN Team in Iran for Nuclear Talks
Iran Conservatives Worried Over Ahmadinejad Policies: Reformist
Israeli Military Intelligence: Iran Could Have Nukes by Mid-2009
Iran Bans Moderate News Agency
Hamas MPs' Boycott Cancels Parliament
Abbas Plays on Hamas Boycott to Keep His Cabinet in Place
Olmert Considers Allowing Jordanian Forces to Enter West Bank
Gazans Protest to Open Border Crossing With Egypt
Egypt Strengthens Security at Gaza Border
Israeli Army's Damaged Reputation
Israeli Military Warns Budget Cuts Will Hurt Ability to Fight Wars
UN Commander in Golan 'Worried by Israel's Actions'
Israeli Army Official: Summer War With Syria 'Not Likely'
Palestinians Flee as Lebanon Army Set to Storm Camp
Soldier Shot Dead at Lebanon Camp
Hezbollah: Stronger Than Ever?
Lebanonís Divide Hampers War Reparation
A Year After Israel-Hezbollah War, Political Impasse Threatens to Tear Lebanon Apart
Afghan Civilian Casualties: A Battle of Tolls
Afghan President Backs Pakistan Mosque Assault
Ambush on US-Led Afghan Convoy Kills Three Policemen
Freed German Woman Urges Her Government to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan
After Mosque Battle, Musharraf’s Troubles Persist
Pakistan Troops Comb Mosque for Holdouts
Media Barred From Pakistan Mosque Victims
Families Begin Traumatic Search for Survivors of Red Mosque Siege
Bomb Kills Pakistani Policeman in Raid Backlash
India Troubled by Links to Terror Suspects
Group Reaches Out to Young Kashmiris Shaped by Conflict
North Korea
North Korea Cracks Down on Karaoke Bars, Internet Cafes
China Wants North Korea Talks Next Week
Philippines Islamists Kill 14 Marines
Philippine Troops Recover Beheaded Bodies
Manila Court Throws Out Rebellion Case
Sri Lanka Declares Fall of Rebel East, Tigers Defiant
Thai Police Deny London Bomb Suspect Claim
Taiwan Diplomats Get Little Recognition
Beijing Closes Online Newsletter for NGOs
Suicide Bombing Kills 10 in Algeria
Al-Qaeda Group Claims Algeria Attack
Mortar Shells Target Somalia Presidential Palace
Somali Lawmakers Complain of Abuse by Soldiers
Leader Named for Pentagonís Africa Command
Rice May Postpone Congo Trip
Kidnap Attempt on Daewoo Workers in Nigeria Foiled
The Woman Behind Uganda's Peace Hopes
Angola: More Than 13,000 Expelled Congolese Stranded
Sudanese Military Officers Being Sentenced for Darfur Crimes

Justin Raimondo
Sheehan's Rebellion

Ivan Eland
Would Iraqi Civil War
Hurt the US?

Sascha Matuszak
China's Crises Will Pass, With Help

Doug Bandow
A New Era in Asia:
Japan Rising

Nebojsa Malic

Charles PeŮa
Lucky, but for How Much Longer?

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th,
Part Two

Alan Bock
London: The Iraq Connection

Philip Giraldi
Neoconned Again?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

Praful Bidwai
India: Impasse Over Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Rights

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