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Hiding Behind the Troops: Jeff Huber
Framing the Russians: Justin Raimondo
This Is How Empires End: Patrick Buchanan
The Conquest of America by Iraq: Doug Bandow
Yes, Bush Is Naked, What of It?: Tony Karon

 Bill Brown

Rise of the Surveillance State

 Ken Silverstein

Turkmenistan: Central Asian Tyranny of the Future!

 Brendan O’Neill

How Do-Gooder Liberals Internationalized al Qaeda

 Ray McGovern

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Updated July 20, 2007 - 10:10 PM EDT
Pakistan Rejects US Strike Threats
  Deadly Violence Spreads in Pakistan
  Pakistan Court Defies Musharraf, Reinstates Top Judge
  Taliban Kidnap 23 Korean Christian Missionaries From Afghan Bus
US Envoy: No 'Plan B' Planning in Iraq
  Silent Surge in Contractor 'Armies'
  Pentagon Says May Need Till November for Full Iraq Review
  70 Congressmen Tell Bush No Cash Without Troop Withdrawal
  Pentagon Warns Hillary Is Aiding the Enemy by Talking of Withdrawal
Iraq 'Likely to Miss US Benchmarks'
  Britain to Further Cut Troops in Iraq
  Friday: 3 GIs, 53 Iraqis Killed; 30 Iraqis Wounded
US Warns Blair: You Have No Mideast Authority
  Israeli General Says Army Ready to Invade Gaza
Bush: CIA Must Comply With Geneva Conventions
  Feds Seize Rocket Launcher Aimed at Newark Airport
  Nuke Secrets Allegedly Stolen From Tenn. Lab
  Intel Analysts: New President in 2009 Could Leave Nation Open to Attack
Stop Training Local Forces in Iraq
by William Odom and Lawrence Korb
From the Grave, a Senator Exposes Bloody Hands on Capitol Hill  by Norman Solomon
Brown’s Vision for the Future?
A New Cold War
 by Brendan O’Neill
This Is How Empires End
by Patrick Buchanan
Yes, Bush Is Naked, What of It?
by Tony Karon
Enabling the Indonesian Military
by Conn Hallinan

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Valerie Plame's Lawsuit Dismissed
Partisan Lines Harden in Iraq Debate
Ambassador Sums Up Iraq for Lawmakers: 'Fear'
Iraq Report Boils Down to Competing Time Demands
Iraq Asks Turkey to Stop Shelling Border Towns
Pakistani al-Qaeda a Real Threat: US Intelligence
Bush: US Won't Unilaterally Invade Darfur
Interview With Jonathan Cook
Rice: US Committed to Kosovo Independence
Chinese Targeted in
Deadly Pakistan Bombing
Today in Iraq
Sunni Legislators Return to Work in Iraq After Reaching Deal on Speaker
Two Anbar Bridges Destroyed Thursday
Grim Tattoo Subculture Emerges Amid Daily Iraq Violence
Baghdad for Sale
Thursday: 5 GIs, 3 British Soldiers, 57 Iraqis Killed; 23 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Iraq Expects Troop Cut, Envoy Says
Iraqi Diplomat Says US Must Clean Up Mess in Iraq
Gen. Odierno: Half of Baghdad Under Control of Iraqi Security Forces or Coalition Troops
Commanders and US Envoy Seek More Time for Iraq
Three British Servicemen Dead in Iraq Mortar Attack
Global Iraq Fallout
Denmark Pulls Out Dozens of Iraq Aides
Jordan to Host Conference on Iraqi Refugees
The War at Home
Dept of Justice All but ‘Operating on Autopilot’
Dem Leaders Say They Were Unaware of Petraeus Hearing
In New TV Ad, Richardson Calls for Removing All Troops From Iraq
Obama: Don't Stay in Iraq Over Genocide
Hillary's Primary Problem: Her Shift on Iraq
White House Lobbies Lawmakers on Iraq
US Military
US Senator Demands Military Notify Marines of Exposure to Toxic Water at Base
Pentagon Trims Armored Vehicles Due in '07 for Iraq
Former ABC Reporter Morrell Is New Pentagon Spokesman
Vets' Disability Pay Is Widely Disparate
'War on Terror'
Flip Side of the NIE: What We Don't Know About al-Qaeda
Gonzales Faces Questions About Wiretaps
Detainee in Afghanistan Wins Ruling
NY Man Charged Over Arms Exports to Malaysia
Congress Close on Homeland Security Bill
How I Shared a Curry With bin Laden
Doctor Born in Saudi Arabia Is 4th Charged in Bomb Plot
US Slams Russia Over Terror Fight Freeze
Russia Expels British Diplomats Amid Hope of Improving Relations
Putin Moves to Play Down Litvinenko Tension
Rice Urges Russia to Extradite Suspect in London Murder
On Scotland Yard's Advice, Russian Exile Flees Britain, Assassination Bid
New Death Plot Chills UK Relations With Putin
Survey: Poles Still Reject US Missile Shield
Ugandan Peace Talks 'Productive'
Three Kenyans Killed, Hundreds of Cattle Seized in Uganda Army Raid
Six Children Killed in Mortar Attacks in Somalia
Arrests Over Liberia 'Coup Plot'
Nigerian Clash Over Cleric Death
Chad Child Soldiers Scrutinized
Sierra Leone War Crimes Court Jails Militia Chiefs
British Banks Fight US Over Iran Embargo
Ahmadinejad Mocks Israel, Praises Lebanon During Syria Visit
Ahmadinejad Meets Hezbollah Chief in Syria
Iran Shows New Scholars' Footage
Israeli Envoy: Free World Under Attack by Iran
Texas May Divest From Iran-Friendly Companies
US, EU Uphold Policy of Shunning Hamas
Colin Powell: 'Quartet Should Meet Hamas'
PLO Body OKs Early Elections
Hamas Leaders Slam Early Elections, Accuse Abbas of Conspiring With Israel to Assassinate Gaza Leaders
Gaza Residents Protest Border Closure
Egypt-Gaza Border Could Open Within 48 Hours
Egypt Opens Shelters in Sinai for Stranded Gazans
Gaza’s Economy, Already Fragile, May Collapse Unless Crossings Are Reopened, UN Reports
Israeli Police Remove 20 From Former West Bank Settlement
Likud Head Heads to Texas for Fundraising
Middle East
Lebanese Army Steps Up Its Assault on Fatah al-Islam
Alliances Shift as Turks Weigh a Political Turn
Saudi Reformer Arrested Over Protest
Bush's Mideast Peace Conference to Be in NYC in September
British Medics in Helmand Buy Own Dressings
Afghan Rebel Leader Denies Declaring Ceasefire
Canadians Balk at Extending Afghanistan Mission
Two Germans, Five Afghans Abducted in Afghanistan
Aussies to Take Over Afghan Plane Control
Three Pakistan Suicide Bombs Kill 52 in One Day
Grand Jirga Hopes to Save North Waziristan Peace Deal
Red Mosque Survivor Was 'Willing to Die'
Pearl's Widow Sues Terrorists, Pakistan Bank
Pakistan Bank Denies Terror Link
One Pakistani Fisherman Killed, Nine Captured in Indian Navy Operation
US, India Break 'Logjam' in Nuclear Talks but Final Accord Elusive
Three More Get Death Sentence for Mumbai Bombings
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's War Goes North
Sri Lanka Govt Celebrates Capture of Rebel Bastion
North Korean Nuclear Talks Fail to Set Disarmament Timetable, but Yield Agreement on Goals
South Korean Accused of Spying on the North
Italian Priest Freed in Philippines
Revising Japan's 'Ambiguous' Pacifist Constitution
International Banks Shun Cuba Under US Scrutiny
US Raids Home of Haitian Ex-Rebel

Justin Raimondo
Framing the Russians

Doug Bandow
The Conquest of America by Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Summer of Discontent

Philip Giraldi
Can't Find Osama?
Attack Iran Instead

Ivan Eland
Payback for NATO Expansion

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th,
Part Three

Alan Bock
A Deadly Diversion

Sascha Matuszak
China's Crises Will Pass, With Help

Charles Peña
Lucky, but for How Much Longer?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

Praful Bidwai
India: Impasse Over Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Rights

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