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Hillary Clinton & the Dangers of Hubris: Chapman
Allergic to the Truth: Alan Bock
Armageddon – Bring It On: Gordon Prather
Iraq: Finding the Diamonds?: Col. Daniel Smith
Iraq: Soccer Succeeds Where Politics Fails: Fadhily

 Joshua Frank

Hillary Clinton: Blood-Thirsty Warmonger

 Jacob Hornberger

How to Not Be a Good German

 Greg Palast

Iraq’s Oil Spoils

 Justin Raimondo

Neocons: Red on the Inside; Red, White and Blue on the Outside

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Updated July 28, 2007 - 9:38 PM EDT
Iraqi Government in Deepest Crisis
  Iraqi Leader Tells Bush: Get Gen. Petraeus Out
  Iraqis Say Karbala Civilians Killed in US-Led Raid
  Saturday: 89 Iraqis Killed, 53 Wounded
US Plays Down Report of Rift With Saudi Arabia
  US Set to Offer Huge Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia
50 Afghan Civilians Killed in Air Raids
  Taliban in First Heat-Seeking Missile Attack
Musharraf Proposes Bhutto Power-Sharing Deal
  Suicide Bomber Targets Pakistani Police Amid New Melee at Mosque
  US May Tie Pakistan Aid to Crackdown on Militants
TSA Knew 'Dry Run' Terror Alerts Were Bogus
Hillary Clinton and the Dangers
of Hubris
 by Steve Chapman
A Bogus Libertarian Defense
of War
 by Sheldon Richman
A Destination, Not a Road Map
by Daoud Kuttab
Dark Powers, the Sequel  by Rosa Brooks
Armageddon – Bring It On  by Gordon Prather
Iraq: Finding the Diamonds?
by Colonel Daniel Smith (Ret.)

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In Iraq, Soccer Succeeds Where Politics Fails
As US Rebuilds, Iraq Won’t Take Over Finished Work
House Panel Acts to Limit Iraq Troop Deployment
In Its Nuclear Deal With India, Washington Appears to Make More Concessions
Cases of AWOL UK Soldiers Exceed 9,000 Since 2004
US, Ethiopia Accused Over Escalating War in Somalia
A Blurry Line Between Propaganda and News
Aide: Iraq PM Relations With
General Petraeus Poor
Today in Iraq
In Iraq's Shi'ite South, Warlords Slug It Out
Maliki Aide Lashes Out Over Sunni Demands
Oil Part of Large Iraq Conundrum
Violence Won't Deter Talented Iraq in Asian Cup Final
Soccer: Iraq Savors Its Unlikely Success
Report: Four PKK Leaders Killed in Iraq Blast
Strife and Ice, Staples of Life, Overlap in Iraq
Friday: 1 GI, 55 Iraqis Killed; 53 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
US Troop Deaths in Iraq Show July Decline
Army: Soldier Charged With Iraqi Detainee's Murder Was Ordered to Shoot
State Dept Denies Workers Building Iraq Embassy Were Mistreated, Says They May Have Been Lied to About Wages
US Push for Iraqi Recruits Widen
US Officials Visit Ankara to Talk PKK Weapons
A Far Cry From Normal
Army Private Discloses He Is New Republic's Baghdad Diarist
Bombs, Heat, Vietnam Lessons May Prolong Iraq Exit
Troops Capture Shi'ite Militia Leader
Ukraine Plans Troop Reduction in Iraq
More Georgian Troops Heading to Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Australian Army Makes $200,000 Payoff to Iraqi Civilian Families for Shooting Incidents
UN Spotlights Iraqi Refugee Kids
Interpol: People Smugglers Exploiting Iraqi Refugees
The War at Home
Poll: More Americans See Iraq War as Failure
Public Divided as to Whether New President Should Meet With Heads of Iran, Syria, North Korea
ACLU Says Executive Order 'Material Support' Provision Sweeps Too Broadly and Will Restrict Humanitarian Efforts in Iraq
US Senators and Generals in Rare Disagreement on Iraq Strategy
Romney: Americans Angry With Iraq War
Gorbachev Blasts American 'Imperialism'
US Military
52,375 Veterans Treated or Evaluated for PTSD After Iraq or Afghanistan
Army Ranger: Shooters Could Not Have Been 10 Yards From Tillman
US Air Force Prepares for War in Cyberspace
'War on Terror'
UK Terror Charges Dropped Against Doctor
Why the Haneef Case Disintegrated
Congress OKs Sweeping Domestic Security Bill
Homeland Security Funds LED Light Saber
Freed Prisoners Return to Jihad, Says US Military
5 Years Later, Cameraman Still Held at Guantánamo
Sudan to Appeal USS Cole Compensation Ruling
Blasts Kill Five in Somali Capital
Uganda: Rebels' Travel Budget 'Unrealistic'
Weekend Reviews
Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army
The MAD War on Bush
A Different Sort of Exposé: The CIA as Rarely Competent
A Blurry Line Between Propaganda and News
A New Crisis in Russia-Iran Relations
Human Rights Watch Calls on Iran to Release Jailed Students Amid Reports of Abuse
'Armed Struggle' Dropped From PA Govt Platform
Hamas Opts for Survival Over Policy of Confrontation
Abbas: Those Who Failed in Gaza Will Pay
Palestinian Commission Lambastes Security Officers
Palestinian Cab Driver Relates Hijacking, Shooting Incident
Israeli Military Suspends Army Company in West Bank Shooting
Israel: Soldiers Lied in Probe Into Wrongful Shooting of Palestinian
In Gesture to Fatah, Israeli Official Pushes West Bank Pullback
Israeli PM Languishes at 8 Percent Poll Rating
Israeli Deputy PM Backs Withdrawal From Most of West Bank
Israeli Navy Commander Resigns Over Lebanon War
Dozens Protest Israeli Military's Inability to Crack Down on Draft Evaders
Lebanese Troops Fight Islamists 'At Close Quarters'
Lebanon Fighting Kills Two Army Soldiers
Lebanese Beaches 'Still Very Toxic' a Year After Coastal Power Plant Was Bombed
France Launches New Bid to End Lebanon Crisis
Survivors of the Summer War
Saudi Arabia
Rice, Gates Face Uphill Battle to Convince Saudis
US to Sell Advanced Weapons to Saudi Arabia and Others
Korean Hostages Alive in Afghanistan, Say Taliban
Taliban Spokesman Says Some Hostages Ill
Hostages in Afghanistan, What Was Their Mission?
Kidnappings on the Rise in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Civilians Flood Temporary Pharmacy
As the War Against the Taliban Continues to Rage, What Is Life in Afghanistan Really Like?
Musharraf Rules Out US Strikes
UK Media: US Threats of Attacks Undermining Musharraf
Missiles Fired at Checkpoint in North Waziristan
A Lawyer Who Turned a Judge Into a National Cause
Australian FM: No Chance of Selling Utanium to Pakistan
Washington Seals Nuclear Deal With India
One Man's Vision for Peace in Long-Troubled Kashmir
India Bomb Plotter Sentenced
Lobbyist: 'US Sanctions Policy on Myanmar Has Failed'
UK Ministers Are Urged to Reveal Myanmar Links
Serbian FM Sees Anti-Kosovo Movement
Putin: Kosovo Independence Is Threat to Europe Peace
9 Killed by Gunman in Eastern Serbia
Serbian Court Upholds Killers' Sentences
Russia Seeks to Claim Arctic Seabed
France Arrests Major ETA Suspect

Justin Raimondo
Militarism – America's State Religion

Alan Bock
Allergic to the Truth

Doug Bandow
Troublesome Young Men

Charles Peña
Surveillance Society

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal: Breakthrough or Bad Bargain?

Sascha Matuszak
Keeping Up Appearances

Nebojsa Malic
Summer of Discontent

Philip Giraldi
Can't Find Osama?
Attack Iran Instead

Ivan Eland
Payback for NATO Expansion

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th,
Part Three

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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