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US Foreign Policy at Point Zero Gabriel Kolko
Price of Dependence on America: Doug Bandow
'Turnaround' Undercuts War Rationale G. Porter
Pakistan if You Can: Philip Giraldi
The Cult of Petraeus: Jeff Huber

 Ronald J. Hansen

That Bogus Detroit ‘Sleeper Cell’ Case

 Anthony Gregory

Libertarianism and War

 Gareth Porter

US Still Backs Iran in Iraq, Sunni Insurgents Too

 Bruce Fein

Life, Liberty, Property on the Ropes, The Constitution in Exile

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Updated August 10, 2007 - 10:57 PM EDT
Bush's New War Adviser Talks Up Draft
Cheney Urging Military Strikes on Iran
  Bush Warns Maliki Against Ties With Iran
Losses Soar as Brits Set to Leave Basra
  Brown No Closer to Withdrawal From Iraq
  Britain Announces Broad New Restrictions on Soldiers' Speech
Anbar 'Turnaround' Undercuts War Rationale
  Sunni Fighters Find Strategic Benefits in Tentative Alliance With US
  Friday: 81 Iraqis Killed, 89 Wounded
US Assessing Pakistan Nukes if Musharraf Falls
  Rice Convinced Musharraf to Back Off Martial Law Plans
  Day of Bloodshed in Afghanistan Mars 'Peace Jirga'
US Support Hurt Candidate in Lebanon
Mechanistic Destruction: American Foreign Policy at Point Zero  by Gabriel Kolko
It Takes Inane Optimism to See Victory in Afghanistan  by Simon Jenkins
Congress Escapes Leaving NSA to Eavesdrop Freely  by Joseph L. Galloway
Israel's Embarrassing History
by Arnaud de Borchgrave
Pakistan if You Can  by Philip Giraldi
Big Brother in the Big Apple
by Bob Barr

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Bush Says Can't Recall When He Heard of Tillman Friendly Fire Death
Russian Bombers Resume Cold War Sorties
Deported Canadian Was No Threat, Report Shows
Iraq Report Hints:
More Time Needed
Charges Dropped Against 2 Marines in Haditha Case
Turks Take No Delight in Iraqi Visit
The American Path to Jihad
US Turns U-2 Spy Planes on Itself, Raising Specter of Broader Surveillance
Today in Iraq
Early Curfew Catches Baghdad Off Guard
Shi'ite Pilgrims Converging on Baghdad Shrine Are Protected by Improved Security
'Homing Pigeons Kidnap Plot': Devious Plot or Iraqi Urban Legend?
Logjam at the Passport Office: 'I Just Want to Get Out of Iraq'
Bridge Destroyed North of Tikrit
Militants and Red Tape Foil Adhamiya Repairs
Thursday: 3 GIs, 2 Britons; 46 Iraqis Killed; 21 Iraqis Wounded
Iraqi Politics
Sunni Rivals Prepare for Anbar Confrontation
Iraq Hopes to Call Open Race for Its Oil in September
Hundreds of Experts Discount Iraq Oil Law
Kurdish Politician Opposes Maliki’s Anti-PKK Agreement
Iraq Occupation
Accused Soldier 'Ordered' to Shoot Detainee
South of Baghdad, US Troops Navigate Fault Lines of Sect and Tribe
Record Death Toll of British Troops in Iraq
Lithuanian Troops Welcomed Home From Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
UN Votes to Expand Role in Iraq
BAE Results Reflect Profit From US Wars
Japan Debates Its Role in Iraq
Iraq's Middle Class Escapes, Only to Find Poverty in Jordan
Iraq: Neighbors Unlikely to Provide Support on Security
Iraq to Bring Back Targeted Pipeline
The War at Home
Americans Question Ballooning Costs of Iraq After Deadly Bridge Collapse
Clinton Discussed Use of Nukes Last Year
Anti-Leak Lawmaker Discloses Classified Intel Budget Cuts
Iraq Trip Reinforces Sen. Durbin's Criticism
Pro-War Vets Lobby for Continued Surge
Democrats' Summer Recess Iraq Ads Target 12 Swing District Republicans
Antiwar Demonstrators Arrested Inside California Congresswoman's Office
US Military
The Few, the Proud, the Shattered
Army to Expand Recruiting Incentives
Metal Developed That Explodes on Impact
'War on Terror'
ABC News Has Video of a Liquid Bomb, but Could It Be Built on a Plane?
Specific Defense Barred in Padilla Case
Earlier Terrorist Screening to Begin for Flights Into US
Security Firms Working on Devices to Spot Would-Be Terrorists in Crowd
Scientists Call for Defensive Action Over Radiological Attacks
Freed Indian Doctor Wants His Visa Back
Pentagon Calls Suspects Enemy Combatants
Security, Human Rights Snarl Gitmo Exits
US Transfers Six Guantánamo Detainees to Afghanistan, Bahrain
Colombia Blames Rebels for Soldier Hostage Deaths
Human Rights Court Rules Against Colombia in Killing of Indian Activist
Canada PM Asserts Arctic Claims
Bloodshed Hits Guatemala Election Campaign
Iranian and Syrian Officials Deny Fueling Violence in Iraq
Iran Backs Iraqi PM; Says US Troops Must Withdraw From Iraq Immediately

US Anti-Terror Official Talks Iran Sanctions in Israel

Syria Reveals Army Deaths From Militant Campaign

Israeli Airstrike on Gaza's Airport
Hamas Establishes Gaza Navy
Israel Eyes Naval Battles Off Gaza Coast
Isolated Gaza a Jail for Its People
UN Warns of Dire Results if Main Gaza Crossings Stay Shut
Jail Bargain Reflects Gaza's Changing Face
Fatah-Linked Doctor Arrested in Gaza
Israel Charges Army Officer Over 'Unauthorized' Operation
Senior Israeli Military Officers Slam Large Number of War Citations
Middle East
Lebanese Military Declares 'Breakthrough' in Refugee Camp Fighting
Yemeni Gunmen Launch Assaults
Afghan Business Thrives on Iran's Border
US Unveils Carrot and Stick Afghan Drug Strategy
Karzai Asks Tribesmen to Calm Violence
Japan Minister Hits Opposition Chief on Afghan Bill
Bhutto: Time Running Out for Deal
Musharraf's Woes Spark Fears of State of Emergency
Diplomat: Musharraf Can't Win Terror War
Bush Urges Fair Pakistan Election
Militants Wound Pakistani Soldiers
Nagasaki Warns of Breakdown of Anti-Nuclear Efforts
Rift Flares Anew Over Japan's Wartime 'Comfort Women'
Over 50 Killed in Southern Philippines Fighting
Separatists Kill 12 in Northeast India
Elderly Buddhists Beheaded in Thailand
Sri Lanka a Top Danger Spot for Aid Workers
China Deports Eight Pro-Tibet Activists
EU Envoy: Kosovo Independence Plan Still Alive
Fresh Kosovo Talks Begin
Serbia Urges US to Be Impartial on Kosovo
Russia Accuses Georgia Over Missile 'Stunt'
Russian General: Georgia Made Up Raid
Russia and Georgia Lock Horns Over Missile
Ukraine: WWII Mine Found Floating Near US Navy Destroyer
Military Copter Crashes in England, Kills Two
Scores Die in Heavy Fighting in Darfur
Sudan to Lift Threat to Arrest Darfur Rebel Once Peace Talks Commence
Insurgency Endangering Somali Civilians
Fierce Gun Battles Erupt in Mogadishu
Witnesses: Three Somali Civilians Hurt as Ethiopian Troops Fire Indiscriminately Near Hospital
Arab League Rebuffs Islamist Accusations
Less Violence Than Expected as Sierra Leone Vote Nears
General’s Death Portends Election Troubles in Zimbabwe

Nigerian Soldiers Deployed After Port Harcourt Shootings


Justin Raimondo
Hillary, Hiroshima, and Hubris

Doug Bandow
Korean Whining: The Price of Dependence on America

Nebojsa Malic
Statism as Disease

Charles Peña
Memo to Rep. Ron Paul

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Alan Bock
Pat Tillman Saga Far From Over

Philip Giraldi
Terrorists Are Everywhere

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal: Breakthrough or Bad Bargain?

Sascha Matuszak
Keeping Up Appearances

Ivan Eland
Payback for NATO Expansion

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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