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Dangerous Delusions: Leon Hadar
The Warfare State Is Part of Us: Norman Solomon
Truths and Misconceptions: Nebojsa Malic
Bush Campaigns to Sustain 'Surge': Jim Lobe
Remembering al-Qaim: Rick Fisk

 Corbett Edge O’Meara

Government Persecutes Detroit 4 Defense Witness

 Roland Haas

I Was a CIA Assassin

 Warren Richey

Padilla Not Proven Guilty, Convicted Anyway

 Jorge Hirsch

First Strike Nukes On ‘Table’

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Updated August 23, 2007 - 11:03 PM EDT
New US Report Slams Maliki Govt
  US Rethinks Hopes for Iraq Democracy
  Criticized by US, Maliki Says Iraq Can Find Other Friends
  Sunni Tribal Leaders Gain Power by Working With US
  Militias Seizing Control of Grid, Starving Baghdad of Electricity
  Wednesday: 15 GIs, 154 Iraqis Killed; 175 Iraqis Wounded
  Thursday: 1 GI, 72 Iraqis Killed; 59 Iraqis Wounded
Bush: No Iraq Pullout While I'm President
  Sen. Warner: Bush Should Bring Troops Home
  Citing Vietnam, Bush Campaigns to Sustain 'Surge'
  Historians Question Bush’s Reading of Lessons of Vietnam War for Iraq
US Envoy: Iran's Greater Openness 'A Distraction'
  Iran Denies Involvement in Iraq Leaflet Threat
Let's Face It: The Warfare State Is Part of Us  by Norman Solomon
The Disappearing Dirty Bomber
by Jacob Sullum
The FBI's Authority to Abuse the Constitution  by Saul Landau
Dangerous Delusions  by Leon Hadar
The Real Iraq Progress Report
by Robert Scheer
Unsavory Logic on Iran
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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US Military Gets Training to Curb Afghan Wildlife Trade
The Man at the Door
Another US Military Operation, More Unrest
Transcript of President Bush’s Speech at VFW
CIA Details Errors It Made Before Sept. 11
Justice Dept: White House Office Not Subject to Freedom of Information Act
NATO Steps Up Monitoring of Russia
Ahmadinejad Held to Election Promises
Few Choices for US Beyond Iraqi Leader
Iraq Occupation
White House Reaffirms Support for Maliki
Retired General: Parallels Between Iraq, Vietnam Overplayed
Helicopter Crashes in Iraq, Killing 14 US Soldiers
Iraq's 'Alamo' Simmers
Sunni Scholars Group: US, Iraqi Forces Raided Baghdad HQ
US Soldier Charged With Rigging Iraq Contracts
Marine Charged With Murder in Fallujah Killing
Today in Iraq
High-Profile Trial Divides Iraq
Kidnapped Iraqi Journalist Freed
For Baghdad Couples, Love Often Lost Amid Sectarian Struggle
Needy Iraqis Overwhelm One-Day Medical Clinic
Attacks Continue
Tribes Attack Mahdi Army in Baghdad
Truck Bomber Kills 24 in Attack on Iraq Police Station
Wednesday: 15 GIs, 154 Iraqis Killed; 175 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
The Vanishing Coalition
Iraq Rejects France's Forum Offer
Iraq's Maliki Inks Syrian Border Pact
British Govt Set to Accept Granting Sanctuary for Iraqi Interpreters
US Envoy Spells Out Anxiety Over British Strategy in Basra
US General Blames Britain for Basra Crisis
The War at Home
Clinton Urges Ouster of al-Maliki
Bush Supporters Launch Iraq Ad Campaign
Diplomats Retaking Control of Foreign Policy as Bush Administration Wanes
Left, Right Proxies Push on Iraq
Federal No-Bid Contracts on Rise
Military Wife Speaks Out Against the War
An Iraqi Journalist on The Washington Post Metro Desk
Vets in Congress Walk Fine Line on Ending Iraq War
US Amputee Cyclist Raises Money for Iraqis
US Military
Pentagon Falls Behind Delivering Mine-Proof Vehicles to Iraq
Survey Finds Depleted Uranium in Hawaii Training Area
'War on Terror'
Foreign Aid Groups Face Terror Probes
Spy Chief Reveals Classified Details
Congressman Inquires if It's Legal to Use Spy Satellites on Americans
Al-Jazeera Cameraman in Worse Condition at Gitmo, Lawyer Says
Poll: Australian Terror Fears at All-Time High
Venezuela Congress OKs Chavez's Reforms
Ruling Puts Pressure on Colombia’s Peace
Canadian Police Accused of Using Provocateurs at North American Summit
Raids Prompt Darfur Rebels to Reassess Peace Talks
Displaced Sudanese Protest Govt Raid on Camp
UN: Rwandan General Picked for Darfur Is Suspected War Criminal
DR Congo
Some 10,000 Flee Congo to Uganda
UN Finds Half-Buried Corpses at Congo Army Camp
Secret US Deal Led to Zimbabwe Land Redistribution
US, EU and African Forces Hold Joint Military Exercises
Niger Rebels Kill 17 Soldiers
Attacks in Somalia Kill One, Injure Five
US to Press Hard on Iran’s Nuclear Activities
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Beat Sanctions: Exile
Iran Rebuffs Banks’ Boycott
Iranian-American Freed on Bail Cannot Leave Iran
Iran Develops 900kg 'Smart Bomb'
Iran Arrests Members of 'Separatist Group,' Seizes Arms
Israeli Aircraft Raids Gaza City Again
Abbas: Israeli Strikes Make It Impossible to Advance Peace Negotiations
Israel Proposes West Bank-Gaza Route in Land Swap
Ex-Fatah Fighter in Battle for Justice After Daughter Killed by Israeli Police
Gaza Strip's Sole Power Installation Goes Back Online
Hamas Official Accuses Abbas of Launching West Bank War
Police Break Up Islamist Meeting in Jerusalem
Hamas Leader: Palestinians Will 'Never Stop the Intifada'
Israeli Military Captain Ordered to Pay Damages for Killing Palestinian Teen
Poll: Abbas and Haniyeh Would Face a Close Election Race
Israeli Navy Raids Palestinian Boats, Eight Fisherman Captured for 'Interrogation'
Oily Legacy of War Mars Lebanon Coast
German Cabinet Backs Extending Lebanon Military Mandate
Middle East
Peace Agreement With Yemen's Northern Rebels in Jeopardy?
Egypt Activist Fears Arrest, Stays in US
Taliban Chief Says bin Laden Alive: Video
Bush Praises Canada Despite Likely Afghan Pullout
Afghan Provincial Governor Survives Suicide Blast
11 NATO Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan
Two Canadian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Germany Fears It's Being Targeted in Afghanistan
Two Afghans Killed in Taliban Raid on NATO Base
Benazir Details Plan to Keep Musharraf in Office
Pakistani Crisis Coming to a Head
'Illegally Held' Pakistanis Freed
Militants Kill Three Pakistani Soldiers
A Bump in India-US Rapport: Defining ‘Ally’
Terrorist Related Violence in Kashmir Down by One-Third
Steep Rise in Fuel Costs Prompts Rare Public Protest in Myanmar
Myanmar Rounds Up Protest Leaders
US Official Finds Taiwan a Hot Topic in China
Bangladesh Imposes Curfew to Stifle Protests
East Timor President Meets Fugitive Military Rebel
Georgia Says Russia Again Violates Airspace
Russia Denies Missile Drop in Georgia
Belarus to Retaliate on Visas for US Officials
Poland: Parliament to Vote on Early Elections

Justin Raimondo
Support Our Troops

Nebojsa Malic
Truths and Misconceptions

Charles Peña
More Troop Reduction Legerdemain

Sascha Matuszak
A Counterweight,
or a Bloc of Foes?

Alan Bock
Padilla Case a Source of Deep Shame for America

Doug Bandow
The Last Days of the Incas

Ivan Eland
The State Perpetuates Itself
by Failing

Philip Giraldi
Neolibs and Neocons,
United and Interchangeable

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal: Breakthrough or Bad Bargain?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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