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Dirge for the 'Surge': Justin Raimondo
Myths and Truths About Iran: David R. Henderson
Crackpot Realists and Permanent War: Ann Berg
Maliki's Fate and America's: Tony Karon
Vietnam's Real Lessons: Andrew J. Bacevich

 Doug Bandow

Giuliani is Crazy, Unqualified

 Corbett Edge O’Meara

Government Persecutes Detroit 4 Defense Witness

 Roland Haas

I Was a CIA Assassin

 Warren Richey

Padilla Not Proven Guilty, Convicted Anyway

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Updated August 27, 2007 - 10:13 PM EDT

Attorney General Gonzales Resigns

Iraq Sunni Arabs Say Deal Won't End Boycott

  Maliki's Isolation Growing
  Ex-Iraqi Leader Returning 'to Fight for Our Country'
  US 'Friendly Fire' Strike Kills Four Iraqi Kurdish Policemen
  Shi'ite Militia Occupies Basra Police Command Center Amid UK Retreat

Monday: 4 GIs, 62 Iraqis Killed; 45 Iraqis Wounded

US Political Drumbeat Against Iraqi PM Builds
  National Guard Conference Cheers Calls for Iraq Withdrawal
  Many Take Army's $20,000 'Quick Ship' Bonus
  Sen. Warner May Back Dems' Bill on Withdrawal
US General: Iran Increasing Iraq Militant Support
  US Trying to Derail Nuclear Talks, Says Iran
Afghan Official: Ambush Kills 3 US Soldiers
  US/Afghan Forces Strike Inside Pakistan
  Afghan Elders and US Differ on Who Killed Civilians
  Casualties Begin to Unravel Afghan Force
  Europeans, Canadians See Afghan Mission as Failure
Crackpot Realists and
Permanent War
 by Ann Berg
You, Too, Can and Should Be an 'Intelligence Analyst'  by Arthur Silber
The Last Full Measure... of Murderous Opportunism  by William Norman Grigg
Vietnam's Real Lessons
by Andrew J. Bacevich
Buy Time and Pray for a Miracle
by Justin Logan
The Next War Draws Nearer
by Scott Horton

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The Ongoing Hunt for Osama bin Laden
Poll: Iraq Will Be Regarded as Failure, Say Americans
Spike in Displaced Iraqis Seen Despite US Troop Buildup
Iraq Leaders Reach Consensus on Some Benchmarks
Allawi Challenges Iraqi PM
Residents Optimistic Ahead of UK Basra Withdrawal
US Pressured Over 'Friendly Fire' Evidence
Pentagon Announces Possible Weapons Sales to Egypt, Israel
British Front-Line Troops
Left With an Uphill Battle
Today in Iraq
'Iraq Tribal Study' Warned Tactic's Success Would Be Temporary
Maliki: Turkey’s Bombardment Violation of Iraq’s Sovereignty
Departure Raises Pressure on Maliki
Group: 1.14 Million Iraqis Have Been Displaced
Security Cordon as Shi'ite Pilgrims Stream to Iraqi Holy City
Kidnapped Professor Found Dead in Mosul
Sunday: 2 GIs, 84 Iraqis Killed; 54 Iraqis Wounded
US/Iraqi Politicians Battle
Maliki Accuses US Politicians of Meddling in Iraq
Dispute Over How Deep to Cut Iraq Troops
A Familiar Strategy to Help Stay the Course
White House to Address Differences Over Iraq Force Levels
Maliki: Levin, Clinton Should 'Come to Their Senses'
Iraq Strategy Shift 'Entirely Possible'
Allawi Denies Knowing How Much He Paid DC Lobbyists
The War at Home
Iraq: 'Worst Day Since Vietnam' for Hawaii
4,000 at Kennebunkport Antiwar Rally
Brownback Calls for Political Solution in Iraq
States Give Military Families Tax Breaks, Tuition Aid
US Photographer Shows Grim Face of Troops Wounded in Iraq
US Military
Army Policies Don't Keep Women Off Front Lines
Witnesses in Army Murder Trial Were Killed in Iraq Helo Crash
Cancer in Iraq Vets Raises Possibility of Toxic Exposure
UK Military
British Army Honors 'Friendly Fire' Troops
British Armed Forces in Staff Shortage Crisis
'War on Terror'
Terrorist Watch List Ineffective, Prone to Misuse, Say Privacy Advocates
The CIA's Open Secrets
US Sikhs Outraged at Ruling That Turbans Can Be Arbitrarily Searched at Airports
Insurance Industry: Feds Should Help Pay for Terror Claims
Kosovo Impasse Raises Fears of Regional Unrest
Russian Plane Dispute Takes New Twist
Russia: US Missile-Defense Shield a Threat
Georgia Courting NATO, Say Analysts
War-Torn Region Gets a Lift From Armenian Exiles
Death Rate Declines in Darfur
African Union Talks Peace, but Sudan's Tribal Leaders Remain Divided
AU Envoy Urges Darfur Peace Push
Canada Condemns Diplomat Expulsion by Sudan
Bomb Blast Kills Two Somali Schoolboys
Four Killed in Attacks in Somalia
Nigerian Minister Warns Media Against Reports That Would Harm Stability
UN Warns of Congo Refugee Increase
Mugabe's Military Might Fades in Pay Crisis
Liberian Ex-Leader’s War Crimes Trial Is Stalled
Venezuela to Buy 5,000 Russian Sniper Rifles
Diplomats: Iran Slow to Markedly Expand Atom Work
Iran's Guard Builds a Fiscal Empire
Iran Seeks to Tame Wild Border Province
Iran Vows to Use 'Smart' Bomb on Enemies
Iran Names Army General to Key Interior Ministry Post
Iran Central Bank Chief Resigns
Iran to 'Confront' University Students With US Contacts
Shin Bet Official Predicts Hamas Large-Scale Attack
Israel Wages War on Army of Refuseniks
Israel Conducts Air Raid Near Beit Hanun
Peace Now Report: Settlers Enjoy Luxury Roads
Sharon Condition Unchanged After 2 Years
Hamas Leader: Captured Israeli Soldier Alive and Well
Gazan Baby Dies After Four-Hour Wait to Cross Border
Gaza Journalists Sit-In for Press Freedom
Gaza Wave of Enthusiasm Swept Up in Hawaii
Rice to Meet With Abbas in September
Three Soldiers Killed in Clashes in Northern Lebanon
Lebanon Militants Request Evacuation of Wounded
Saudi Envoy Quits Lebanon Amid Attack Warnings
Middle East
Saudis Set Up Force to Guard Oil Plants
Egyptian Man Swims Home From Gaza Strip
Jordan's King Urges Speeding Up the Nation's Nuclear Program
Europe May Cut Military Role in Afghanistan
'Blasphemous' Soccer Balls Anger Afghans
NATO Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Hostage Crisis: US Pledges Support
Inside an Afghan Opium Market
Options Narrow for Pakistan's Musharraf
Close Aides to Musharraf Meet With His Opposition
Three Militant Outfits Join Hands With al-Qaeda
Four Pakistani Police Killed in Suicide Car Bombing
Officer Snatched in West Pakistan
Foreign Extremists Blamed for Bomb Attacks on Hyderabad
More Bombs Discovered in Hyderabad
Bombings Put India on Terror Alert
Doubts Grow Over US-India Nuclear Deal
Indian Premier Raises Fists on Nuclear Deal
In India, a Jewish Outpost Slowly Withers
India's Fearless 'Untouchable' Paper
Bangladesh Army Chief: Ousted Politicians Behind Riots
Bangladesh Army-Backed Govt: Violence Won't Stop Election Next Year
Rights Group Accuses Bangladesh of Abuses Over Curfew
Report: North Korea Begins Erecting Fence
Analysts: Demos No Risk to Myanmar Junta
Sri Lanka Defuses Suspected Rebel Bomb Near Pageant
Some Indonesians Long for Ousted Ruler
China Accused of Extraordinary Espionage Against Germany
Spying Row Overshadows Merkel's Visit to Beijing
China Counters German Magazine’s Spying Reports

Justin Raimondo
Dirge for the 'Surge'

David R. Henderson
Myths and Truths About Iran

Alan Bock
Ending with a Whimper

Doug Bandow
Rudy Giuliani: Confused, Ignorant, or Deceitful?

Nebojsa Malic
Truths and Misconceptions

Charles Peña
More Troop Reduction Legerdemain

Sascha Matuszak
A Counterweight,
or a Bloc of Foes?

Ivan Eland
The State Perpetuates Itself
by Failing

Philip Giraldi
Neolibs and Neocons,
United and Interchangeable

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal: Breakthrough or Bad Bargain?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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