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The Huckabee Horror: Justin Raimondo
The Korean Failure as Model for Iraq: Doug Bandow
Plans for a New 100 Years' War: Turse/Engelhardt
Five Years Later: Stephen Zunes
We Rush to War in Iran at Our Own Peril: Bob Barr

 Lisa Graves

The End of the 4th Amendment

 Philip Giraldi

Deep Background: Israel’s Attack on Syria

 Bob Watada

Will the Brave Lt. Face Double Jeopardy?

 Gene Lyons

War With Iran: A Very Bad Idea

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Updated October 12, 2007 - 10:02 PM EDT
Ex-Top Gen: Iraq 'Endless Nightmare'
  Gates Plays Down Report Marines Want Iraq Exit
  Commander Wants 40,000 GIs in Europe to Deal With 'Resurgent Russia'
  Blackwater Faces War Crimes Inquiry After Killings in Iraq
  CIA Chief Orders Inquiry Into Inspector Gen. for Probes of Interrogations
  US Army Further Lowers Its Recruiting Standards
6 Iraqi Groups Team Up to Drive US Out
  US Air Raid Kills 15 Civilians, Including 9 Children
  Attack on US Base in Iraq Kills Two, Wounds 40
  Blackwater Guards Fired at Fleeing Cars, Soldiers Say
  Gates: British Drawdown Due to Improved Conditions
  Friday: 1 GI, 1 Georgian Soldier, 15 Iraqis Killed; 37 Iraqis Wounded
Turkey Threatens Only Part of Iraq Still at Peace
  Turkey Recalls Ambassador to US
  Turkish Ire May Affect Iraq War
  Some Backups Seen if Turkey Halts US Access
  Israel Worried by Turk-Armenian Debate in the US
Rice Says Iran 'Lying' About Nukes
  Ahmadinejad Faces Internal Criticism for Belligerent Speeches
  US-Iranians: US 'Democracy Promotion' Does More Harm Than Good
Iraqi Kurdistan – a New Warzone?
by Ximena Ortiz
Slum Fights: The Pentagon Plans for a New 100 Years' War  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Five Years Later, We Can’t Forgive or Forget  by Stephen Zunes
We Rush to War in Iran at Our Own Peril  by Bob Barr

This Just In: 'Diplomacy' Works
by Rosa Brooks

Blackwatergate  by Jeremy Scahill

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UN Asks US to Curb Military Excesses in Iraq
Does Blackwater Play By Its Own Rules in Iraq?
Relations Sour Between Shi'ites and Iraq Militia
Police Colluded With Taliban, Say Afghan and German Hostage
US Reviews Gitmo Combatant Hearings
UK Grannies Convicted Under Terror Laws for Protest
7 Killed, 50 Injured as Car Bomb Explodes in Central Kirkuk
Iraq Occupation
Iraqis' Claims Usually Rejected, Civilian Deaths Still Costly for US
Who Will Be Punished for Haditha?
Families of Those Killed in Baghdad Attack Sue Blackwater for Extrajudicial Killing
Missing US Soldier's Weapon Found
Today in Iraq
Bombings at Iraqi Army Bases in Kirkuk Kills Officer
Iraqi Oil Union Signs Agreement With Oil Ministry
Son of Islamic Party's Official in Mosul Killed by Gunmen
The Brave Cabbie of Baghdad
Thursday: 2 GIs, 1 Coalition Soldier, 89 Iraqis Killed; 119 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
UN Report on Iraq Details an 'Ever-Deepening' Crisis
Ireland Activists: Peace Is Possible in Iraq
The War at Home
Ron Paul: No Reason to Initiate a War
Clinton Steps Away From Pro-Israel Lobby on Measure to Rein in President
Hillary: Anti-Iran Vote in Senate Not a Law, Doesn't Give President Any Authority
Obama: Clinton's Vote for Iran Measure Repeats Iraq Mistake
Richardson Wants US Troops Replaced in Iraq
Cheney Wanted Rumsfeld to Stay
US Military
Six-Figure Bonuses Retain US Commandos
Spokesman: General Kearney Acted to Resolve Conflict
Battle Over Eavesdropping
Bush Won't Sign New House Bill That Would Limit Wiretaps to Foreign Countries
Fight Over Court Role in US Eavesdropping
NSA's Lucky Break: How the US Became Switchboard to the World
Documents: Qwest Was Targeted for Refusing to Go Along With NSA Spying Program
Reports: Senate May Back Off, Grant Telecoms Spying Immunity
'War on Terror'
Australian Anti-Terror Official: Overseas News 'Can Breed Extremist Views'
Australian FM: Terror Threat in Southeast Asia Has Lessened
US Demands Passenger Lists for Canadian Over-Flights
ACLU Seeks to Prevent Forcible Drugging of Deportees
Guantánamo Detainee Is Charged in ’02 Attack
Accused UK Terror Recruiter 'Wanted to Bomb Parliament'
Suspect Denies Ties to German Bomb Plot
FBI's 'al-Qaeda' Informant Testifies
Fy 2007 at US Ports: 300 Million People Processed, 270 'Terror Suspects' Arrested
Britons in Battle
2,500 UK Troops Injured This Year
UK to Pay More to Wounded Troops
Marine Corps Moves to Take Lead Role in Afghanistan
Marines – Next Stop Kabul?
Marines to Investigate Afghan Shooting
Afghan Authorities Close Two Private Security Firms
Afghans Crack Down on Private Security
Afghan Draft Rules for Security Firms
British General Backs Cease-Fires for Afghan Elders
General: NATO Countries Must Counter Taliban Propaganda
No Ordinary Trip: Visiting Afghanistan
Executions in Afghanistan Unlikely to Change NATO Policy of Handing Over Prisoners
Texas Firm Accused of Overbilling US Government in Afghanistan
Pakistan Rebels Hold 280 Soldiers Hostage
Musharraf Urges Bhutto to Delay Return
Bhutto Won't Put Off Return to Pakistan
US Experts Urge Sustained Ties With Pakistan
2 Dead in Bombing at India Muslim Shrine
Suicide Attackers Storm Indian-Paramilitary Camp in Kashmir
Chavez Boosts Image in Messy Colombian Mediation
In Other News
Illegal Weapons Exports Up, US Says
US Officials: Vietnam, Libya Elections to UN Security Council Will Serve American Interests
Muslim Scholars Call for Peace With Christians
Anglicans Welcome Letter From Muslims
Tensions Rise in Turkey on Two Fronts
Inside the Turkish Psyche: Traumatic Issues Trouble a Nation’s Sense of Its Identity
Petraeus Concerned Over Turkish Tension
Turkey Condemns 'Unacceptable' House Vote, Insists It Has No Validity
Turkey Threatens Repercussions for US
Intelligence Report on PKK Alarms Turkey
Israel Braces as US-Turkey Crisis Erupts
Turkish Ruling Party: No Rush for Iraq Invasion
Iraq Kurds Warn Turkey Against Incursion
Iraq’s Worries on Turkish Border Grow
Turkish Union Presses US Boycott
Iran Cleric Warns on Country's Worsening Situation
Iran and IAEA to Continue Nuclear Talks Next Week
UN, Iran End 'Satisfactory' First Round of Talks
EU to Leave Door Open to Further Iran Sanctions
Iran Police Warn 122,000 Over Un-Islamic Dress
Iran: Kidnapped Japanese Student Held by Bandit 'in Good Condition'
Japan Enlists Iran's Assistance in Winning Release of Kidnap Victim
China Sees Lessons for Iran in North Korea: Report
Iran Urged to Halt Afghan Refugee Return
Israel's Strike on Syria Reduces Chances for Peace Deal
Syria Tries to Clear Rumors of Nuclear Activity
All's Quiet on Israel's Northeastern Front, for Now
Former PM Hints at Hamas Pullout From Gaza
Ex-Israeli General Says Gaza Push Likely
EU Would Back Abbas if He Made Up With Hamas
Islamic Jihad: No Peace for Israelis
Israeli Forces Kill al-Aqsa Activist in Jenin
Five Palestinians Injured in Israeli Incursion in Maghazi
Rice Seeks Israeli 'Clarification' on Land Grab
Israel's Lieberman Warns Blair Against Raising Core Issues at Talks
Mysterious Transmissions Assaulting Israeli Satellite TV Broadcasts
Report: Israel Believes Troops Abducted by Hezbollah Are Dead
Briton Killed While Clearing Israeli Cluster Bombs in Southern Lebanon
Lebanese PM Condemns Israeli Confiscation of Palestinian Lands

Israeli Warplanes Violate Lebanese Airspace

Assad Slams Lebanese Parties Who Follow Israel
In Egypt, a Son Is Readied for Succession
'You Are No Longer Monks,' Myanmar Prisoners Told
Myanmar Junta Lashes Out at West
Myanmar's Junta Has Reputation for Not Budging
UN Council Deplores Crushing of Myanmar Protests
Myanmar Guards Accused of Detainee Abuse
Senate Panel Studies New Ways to Press Myanmar
Comics Jailed for Daring to Parody Governing Junta
Myanmar Opium Trade Not Financing Insurgents: UN
China Intensifies Security Crackdown
Two Leading Democracy Activists Missing in China
China: Businessman's Defeat Illustrates Party's Rule
Taiwan's Chen Takes Party Reins, Resists China
China Condemns US Award for Dalai Lama
China Criticizes South Korea Over North Defectors
Nepal Debates Monarchy's Future
7 Suspected IRA Dissidents Arrested
Ex-Rebels Quit Unity Government in Sudan
Sudan Red Tape Delaying UN Force
Panel: Sudan Violated Arms Embargo
Somali Car Bomb Kills Ethiopians

Justin Raimondo
The Huckabee Horror

Doug Bandow
The Korean Failure as a Model for Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
The Phantom Menace

Philip Giraldi
Neocons Acquire Another
Front Group

Alan Bock
Machiavelli's Real Transgression

Charles Peña
Misunderestimating the Price of Iraq

David R. Henderson
War and the Constitution

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Ivan Eland
Why 'Partition' (of Iraq) Is a Dirty Word

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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