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The Dair El Zor Hoax: Justin Raimondo
How GW Bush Changed My Life: David Henderson
Too Much Cloak and Swagger: Rosa Brooks
Torture Tactics Shame Us All: Helen Thomas
Who Lost Turkey?: Juan Cole

 Bill Astore

Saving the Military from Itself

 Monica Benderman

A Matter of Conscience

 Jeff Taylor

Jeffersonians Vs. Hamiltonians

 Paul Jacob

Try to Change the Law, Go to Prison

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Updated October 15, 2007 - 11:29 PM EDT
US, Iraq Negotiate Blackwater Expulsion
  US Officials Split on Declaring Victory Over al-Qaeda in Iraq
  Shi'ite Leaders Lock Horns on Iraq Federalism
  New Account of Civilian Deaths in US Strike in Iraq
  Blackwater Says Lawsuit by Relatives of Slain 'Politically Motivated'

Monday: 43 Iraqis Killed, 75 Wounded

PKK Threatens Bitter Fight as Turks Shell N. Iraq
  Turkish General Warns US Military Ties Will Be Irreversibly Damaged
  Democrats Press on With Genocide Bill Despite Turkish Fury
  US Explores Alternative Airbase After Row With Turkey
Rice: Russia's Military Moves 'a Problem'

Putin Delays Iran Visit Amid Assassination Plot Report

Tent City Sets Up for Detainee Tribunals
  New Docs Reveal Expanded Military Role in Domestic Surveillance
  Justice Dept Considers New Hearings for Gitmo Detainees
The Failed Legacy of Interventionism  by Jacob G. Hornberger
No Legitimate Justification for War With Iran  by Scott Ritter
These Are Stifling Times at College Campuses  by Grant F. Smith
Who Lost Turkey?  by Juan Cole
US Torture Tactics Shame Us All
by Helen Thomas
An Open Letter to Karen Hughes
by Sidney Blumenthal

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Washington Post Correspondent Dies in Iraq
'Learn From Everyone You Speak to and Everything You See'
Mideast Breakthrough Unlikely, Says Rice
Could Contractors Be Deemed Unlawful Combatants?
Groups on Left, Right Ask Candidates to Reject Bush's Wider Powers
Putting War on the Ballot
Watada's Double Jeopardy
Today in Iraq
Blackwater Chief: Guards Were 'Definitely' Fired On
Baquba Residents Tense Amid Rise in Armed Factions
Iraqi Kurdistan PM Says Oil Contracts Legal
Iraqi Warlord's Defeat Only Hardens His Resolve
A Contract to Find 'Trustworthy' Iraqi Workers
Shi'ite Leader Visits Iraq Sunni Province
Few Battlefield Romances in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Bombing Near Shi'ite Mosque in Baghdad Kills Nine
Iraq Suicide Truck Bomber Kills at Least 17
Shi'ite Groups Say Attacked Polish Envoy and Embassy in Iraq
Sunday: 2 GIs, 69 Iraqis Killed, 74 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
UK Troop Pullout Sparks Health Alert
Pope Urges Release of Two Priests Kidnapped in Iraq
The War at Home
Blackwater Is Firm on Expanding Its Training Center in the US
The Man Behind Blackwater
California Bill to Divest Iran Investments Signed
Picketers Want Charges Dropped Against War Protesters
Two-in-Five Americans Say US Tortures Prisoners
Left in Limbo, Iraqis Wait for Refuge in United States
US Military
Pentagon Faulted for 'Security Letters'
Two-Year Sentence for Florida Company Prez in Pentagon Fraud Case
Colleges Struggle to Help Soldiers Adjust to Civilian Life

'War on Terror'

An Internet Jihad Aims at US Viewers
House Majority Leader: Bush Wants No Oversight on Wiretaps
Qwest CEO Not Alone in Alleging NSA Started Domestic Phone Record Program Seven Months Before 9/11
Torture Victims Barred From Probe
With More Sanctions, Myanmar Chafes Under Further Isolation
Myanmar Junta Slams Democracy Activists as 'Traitors'
Britain Draws Up Plan to Put Pressure on Myanmar Junta
Inside the Junta's Lavish Jungle Retreat
Myanmar Restores Some Internet Access
Myanmar: Slain Japanese Reporter Was Inviting Danger
New Faces, Same Policies Seen From China Congress
China Rules Out Western-Style Democracy
In China, New Crackdown on Dissidents
Report: North Korea Fence Near Nuke Site
Sri Lanka Says Military Kills 11 Rebels
At Least 6 Killed, 30 Injured in India Cinema Blast
Talks Fail to Break Kosovo Deadlock
Troubled Caspian Waters Await Putin
Turkish Forces Fire 250 Artillery Shells Into Northern Iraq
US Officials: No Sign of Turkish Offensive Into Iraq
Kurdish Rebels Kill Iranian Police Officer, Wound Soldier
Pelosi Rejects Any House Vote on Iranian Revolutionary Guard
Congress Must Approve US Attack Against Iran: Pelosi
Iran Darkens 2008 White House Race
Russian Leader's First Trip to Iran Viewed as Test of Kremlin Intentions
Iran Arrests Anti-Death Penalty Activist
Japanese Student Still Captive in Iran Despite Report of Likely Release
US Mideast Diplomacy
Obstacles Bog Rice's Mideast Diplomacy
Olmert: US Won't Press Israel on Timetable
Arabs Skeptical of US Peace Effort
Israel's Deputy PM Warns Rice: Jerusalem Cannot Be Discussed
Israeli DM Heads to US to Promote Missile Defense
Israel Silent on Reports of Bombing Within Syria
Israel Denies Report That Abducted IDF Soldiers Were Turned Over to Iran
Hamas Arrests Cameraman Filming Fatah Protest
Israel Refuses Entry to Six Gazans in Urgent Need of Medical Care
Israel to Resume Dig Near Temple Mount
Christian Rivals Set for Talks on Lebanon's Presidency
US Contractors May Disrupt Afghan Effort
Afghanistan Battles Take Toll on British
Eight Kidnapped Army Officers Kidnapped by Taliban to Face Music on Release
Nine Killed, 29 Wounded in Afghan Suicide Blast
Think Tanks: Buy, Don't Destroy Afghanistan's Bumper Opium Crop
Victims of Suicide Bombing Treated at Kandahar Base
Terrorists in Training Head to Pakistan
Musharraf Desperate to Get Bhutto’s Return Delayed
Bhutto Free to Return Despite Corruption Cloud: Pakistan PM
Pakistanis Ponder a Future With Bhutto
3,500 Police, Paramilitary Troops for Bhutto's Security
Pakistani PM Defends Election
Two Militants Killed in Pakistan Clash: Army
Conflicting Reports About Release of 30 Soldiers in Waziristan
Argentine Torture Center to Bear Witness
Algerian Army Foils al-Qaeda Attack East of Algiers
Congo Rebel Ignore Deadline to Disband
Sudan Rebel Pullout Sparks War Fears Among Neighbors
Brown's Plan for Zimbabwe Envoy Splits EU Nations

Justin Raimondo
The Dair El Zor Hoax

David R. Henderson
How George Bush Changed
My Life

Alan Bock
Why So Many Mercenaries in Iraq?

Doug Bandow
The Korean Failure as a Model for Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
The Phantom Menace

Philip Giraldi
Neocons Acquire Another
Front Group

Charles Peña
Misunderestimating the Price of Iraq

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Ivan Eland
Why 'Partition' (of Iraq) Is a Dirty Word

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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