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Who Restarted the Cold War?: Patrick Buchanan
Mass Murder in the Horn of Africa: Justin Raimondo
The Israel Lobby & US Foreign Policy: Doug Bandow
The Casualties of Iraq: Conn Hallinan
Military Resistance Forced Shift on Iran Strike: Porter

 Chris Hedges

We Have Found the Islamo-Fascists

 Mark Danner

The President’s Faith in Himself

 Melissa Goodman

Military’s Role in Domestic Spying

 Brandon Mayfield

Falsely Accused of Madrid Train Bombings

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Updated October 19, 2007 - 11:27 PM EDT
Army to Keep Extending Troops' Service
  Private Security Guards Shoot Three Iraq Civilians, Including Journalist
  Gates Says Private Guards 'in Conflict' With Iraq Mission
  Friday: 2 GIs, 22 Iraqis Killed, 15 Iraqis Wounded
136 Killed, 387 Hurt as Bhutto Survives Bombs
  Pakistan Plans All-Out War on Militants
Turkey Determined to Act Against Rebels: FM
  Turkey Urges US to Seize Kurdish Rebels to Prevent Raid
  Genocide Vote: US Ties With Turkey Dodge One Bullet
Military Resistance Forced Shift on Iran Strike
  White House: WW3 Warning Just 'A Rhetorical Point'
  Iran Brushes Off Bush 'World War III' Warning
  US General Implicates Iran Military in Afghan Weapons Find
Clinton Rakes in Cash From the Arms Industry
  Ron Paul, Barack Obama Lead in Military Contributions
Who Restarted the Cold War?
by Patrick Buchanan
The United States of Violence
by Norman Solomon
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Is a Non-Factor
by Larry Johnson
The Casualties of Iraq  by Conn Hallinan
Pushing War With Iran  by William F. Jasper
Giuliani's Napoleon Complex
by Ian Williams

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Putin Attacks US Foreign Policy, Announces New Nuclear Weapon
Senate and Bush Agree on Terms of Spying Bill
Still Flogging a Dead Policy on Cuba
Lt. Watada: 'Experience Makes You Stronger'
A Discussion With Daniel Ellsberg
10,000 Kurdish Protesters in Iraq Shout 'No to Turkey'
Mercenaries in Iraq
Blackwater Likely to Be Cut Out of Iraq
Iraq Wants Blackwater Out, Spokesman Says
Ugandans Flock to Private Security Companies in Iraq
America's Other Army
Iraq Occupation
Report: US-Led Coalition Has Little Influence in Southern Iraq
Reconstruction in Iraq at a Crawl, Auditor Reports
Criminal Probe Into US Embassy in Iraq Construction
Law Waived to Allow Kuwaiti Firm to Build US Embassy in Iraq
British Military Accused of Iraqi Prisoner Mutilation
Half of New Jersey National Guard to Heading to Iraq Next Year
Accused: No Testimony in Enemy Aid Trial
Soldiers Who Guarded Saddam Testify Against Commander
Report: Iraq Self-Reliance Years Away
Today in Iraq
Two Iraqi Lawmakers Arrested on Terrorism Charges
Iraqi, US Troops Detain Senior Official in Southern Iraq
Local Foes Commit to Peace in Baghdad
Kirkuk, Mosul Blasts Claim Lives of Two Policemen, a Civilian, 12 Injured
Iraqi Sunnis Press to Delay Hangings
A Bitter Life for Iraq's Displaced
Ransom Deadline for Iraqi Priests Extended to Saturday
Thursday: 1 GIs, 32 Iraqis Killed, 43 Iraqis Wounded
Iraqi Refugees
Syria's Border Closure Hits Iraqi Refugees
Iraqi Shi'ite Refugees Feel Forsaken in Their Holy City
Iraq Refugees Expected to Make Their Way to Idaho
A Bitter Life for Iraq's Displaced
Global Iraq Fallout
Putin Calls War in Iraq 'Pointless'
White House Hits Gloomy Putin Over Iraq Pessimism
British Army Head: Soldiers Should Be Given Spiritual Counseling to Prepare for Death
Oil Strikes Record $90 Dollars
The War at Home
Romney Condemns UN as 'Failure', Calls for New Coalition to 'Watch Out for the World'
Richardson: US Too Cozy With 'Dictator' Musharraf
Armenian Issue Presents a Dilemma for US Jews
US Military
Military Inadvertently Recruits on Gay Websites
Will Military's MRAPs Be Practical After Iraq?
Army to Offer Recruitment Incentives to Meet Expansion
Officers to Be Fired for Nuclear Flight
Most PTSD Treatments Not Proven Effective
'War on Terror'
US Terror Drill Sparked Real Bomb Scare
Feds Recommend Closing Saudi School in Virginia
Justice Dept: Holding US Citizen in Military Detention Without Charge for Years Doesn't Violate Any Clearly Established Constitutional Rights
Attorney General Nominee Won't Say if Waterboarding Is Torture
Attorney General Nominee Won't Rule Out Expansive Action in War on Terror
British MPs to Investigate Alleged CIA Jail on Diego Garcia
Most Fake Bombs Missed by US Airport Screeners
US Lawmakers Apologize in Torture Case
Evidence in 9/11 Damages Cases Is Restricted
Menezes Control Room 'Not Noisy'
Rock Musician Says DHS Held His Hard Drive
UN Says Official Detained in Somalia Is Safe
Inside a City of Fear
Police Raid Injures Eight People in East Somalia
Somali PM Consults With Ethiopian Leaders in Addis Ababa
Robot Cannon Kills Nine South African Soldiers During Exercise
Algerian Army Continue Raids on Terrorists' Havens
Sudan Rivals Try to Resolve Split
Ugandan, UN Generals Plot Details of Move Against Congo Rebels
Congo Warlord Flown to the Hague
India, Brazil to Join South African Military War Games
Russia Successfully Launches an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
Putin Finds Expedient Hero in Franklin Roosevelt
Gates: Russian Military Plans No Cause for Alarm
Q&A With Putin Ranges From Iraq to Food Costs
Messy Endgame Delays US Exit From Kosovo

EU Leaders, Trying to Rebuild Cohesion, Approve Pact That Faces Future

In Colombia, a Washington Sales Pitch
Leaders of Venezuela and Colombia, Ideological Opposites, Are Tightening Ties
Chile Stands by Antarctica Claim Despite UK Move
Gunmen Kill Satirical Honduran Broadcaster
New Zealand
NZ Protest Against Terror Raids
Thousands of Turkish Forces in Wide-Scale Hunt for PKK
Turkey Says Open to Diplomacy in Kurd Crisis With Iraq
Turkish Bid to Pursue Kurds Poses Quandary for Iraq
Red Cross Warns Turkey Against Iraq Invasion
UK, Turkey to Sign Strategic Partnership Document
Cautious Tranquility, Tourists Continue Their Tours Along Iraqi-Turkish Borders
A Turkish Raid Into Iraq Could Have Significant Economic Ramifications for Ankara
Gates Speaks Against Genocide Resolution
Iranian Leader Says No Russian Nuclear Proposal
Ahmadinejad's Government Lashes Out at Khatami
Russian and Iranian Presidents' Joint Statement
US Says No Missile Defense Review if Iran Drops Nuclear Program
Sen. Colemen: Israel Won't Be Alone if It Attacks Iran
Peres Compares Ahmadinejad to Hitler, Stalin
Olmert Tells Putin of Iran Concerns
Two Killed in Military Helicopter Crash in Iran
Syrians Disassembling Ruins at Site Bombed by Israel, Officials Say
White House Mum on Syrian Nukes
Fire Destroys UN Refugee Agency Warehouse in Syria
Rice in Mideast
Rice 'Encouraged' by Mideast Trip
Rice: Israel-Palestinian Joint Declaration Won't Resolve Core Issues
Israel Agrees to Address Core Issues in Peace Document
Rice Wins Jordanian Support for November Peace Conference
National Security Adviser to Travel to Middle East
Top Israeli Officer Censured Over Use of Human Shields in Nablus
Gaza Clashes Leave 4 Palestinians Dead, 30 Wounded
Stranded Palestinians Demand Egypt Reopen Gaza Border
Palestinian Collaborators to Be Granted Permanent Residency
Israel MPs Mobilize Against Jerusalem Partition Talk
Israel and Hezbollah: Something Is Starting to Move
Robert Fisk: Secret Armies Pose Sinister New Threat to Lebanon
Pentagon: US to Build 'Strategic Partnership' With Lebanese Army
Swapped PoW Wasn't Fighter, Wife Says
Afghan DM: Suicide Bombings Up 50 Percent, More Troops Needed
Foreign Fighters Seen on the Rise in Afghanistan
Afghan Officials Shut Down Two More Security Firms
Claims of US Koran Abuse Are 'Untrue': Karzai Office
Opium Funding Up to 40 Percent of Afghan Unrest: US General
Nine Coalition Troops Wounded in Afghanistan
Twice as Many Shells Fired at Taliban as in Iraq Invasion
Japan Opposition Party Slams Afghan Mission Bill
South Korean Cabinet Agrees to Send More Troops to Afghanistan and Kosovo
Afghan Prison 'Hunger Strike' in 10th Day, Lips Sewn
Blasts Confirm Instability, Polarization in Pakistan
Pakistani Party: Bhutto Rally Drew 1.1 Million

15,000 More Pakistani Soldiers Moved to Swat District, Military Operation Expected Within a Few Days

Karachi Eyewitnesses: From Joy to Horror
Pakistanis Mistrust in US Poll Claiming Musharraf’s Low Popularity
Musharraf Calls for Calm After Deadly Bombing
Can Benazir Bhutto Save Pakistan's President Musharraf?
Pakistan Supreme Court Dismisses Martial Law Fears
Some of the Worst Attacks in Pakistan
Pakistan PM: Bhutto Return Will Boost Democracy
US-India Nuclear Pact Runs Into Politics
Tide Turning Against Indian Maoists
Report: Indian Rebel Killings Unpunished
Myanmar Junta: Crackdown Continues
Four Sentenced in Myanmar Trials
Myanmar Junta to Draft New Constitution
UN Envoy Stresses Incentives to Sway Myanmar

China Urged to Slap Arms Embargo on Myanmar

China Summons US Ambassador to Protest Over Dalai Lama
Hu? Many Chinese Ignore Party Congress
China Officials Silent on Leadership
Taiwan Leader Dismisses Hu Overture
41 Tamil Tigers Killed in Fighting
Philippines: Basilan's Cycle of Violence

Justin Raimondo
Mass Murder
in the Horn of Africa

Doug Bandow
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Charles Peña
Not -So-New Homeland Security Strategy

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

David R. Henderson
How George Bush Changed
My Life

Alan Bock
Why So Many Mercenaries in Iraq?

Nebojsa Malic
The Phantom Menace

Philip Giraldi
Neocons Acquire Another
Front Group

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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