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Bush's Pentagon Papers: Tom Engelhardt
Secrecy and the War Without End: Alan Bock
WWIII – Bring It On: Gordon Prather
A Tale of Two Atrocities: Rahul Mahajan
American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007: Ron Paul

 Chris Hedges

We Have Found the Islamo-Fascists

 Mark Danner

The President’s Faith in Himself

 Melissa Goodman

Military’s Role in Domestic Spying

 Brandon Mayfield

Falsely Accused of Madrid Train Bombings

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Updated October 21, 2007 - 11:24 PM EDT
UK Troops Infiltrate Iran to Kill 'Gunrunners'
  Iran's Atomic Stance May Harden as Top Envoy Resigns
  Military: Iran Could Fire 11,000 Rockets at Enemy Bases if Attacked
  Iran FM: US Will Not Be Able to Use Afghanistan to Attack
US Raid Kills 49, Including Women and Children
  Iraq: 'Criminal' Blackwater Must Leave, Others OK
  State Department Struggles to Oversee Private Army
  Iraq Says Foreign Fighters Continuing to Infiltrate
  UK General Tells of Iraq Postwar Chaos in London and Washington
  Sunday: 77 Iraqis Killed, 83 Wounded
PKK Rebels Kill 17 Troops, Turkey Vows to Fight
  Iraqi House Condemns Turkish Attack Threat
  Turkey Expects US to Act Against Kurds
  Syria Denies Assad Backing for Turkish Action in Iraq
US Says 50 Taliban Killed in Afghanistan Battles
  Two-Year-Old Girl Killed by NATO 'Warning Shot'
Bush's Pentagon Papers: The Urge to Confess  by Tom Engelhardt
The War on Afghanistan Was Wrong, Too  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Even With Nothing to Hide, Spying Threatens Your Freedom  by John W. Dean
WWIII – Bring It On  by Gordon Prather
Nuclear Hypocrisy  by Joe Conason
Israel: End Olive Harvest Attacks
by Yehuda Litani

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NATO Wants Independent Kosovo for Military Base, Serb Party Charges
US Nuke Safety Procedures Flouted at Every Stage
Naming Names at Gitmo
Israeli Ship Kills 2 Palestinian Lifeguards in Boat Off Gaza
Ex-Prosecutor: Pentagon Plays Politics With Gitmo Hearings
Karsparov Urges US to Lead by Example
Children 'Armed' to Teeth in Baghdad
Today in Iraq
US Raids Iraqi VP's Party HQ, but Says It's 'False Lead'
US, Iraqi Troops Detain 30 Militiamen in Southern Iraq
19 Tons of Explosives Found in Iraq
Arson Suspected at Newspaper Close to 'Sadrists' in Iraq
Iraq's al-Maliki Takes Jab at Sunni Vice President Over Prison Visits
Hussein Officer Finds Unlikely Defenders
Three Iraqi Policemen Injured in Bomb Attack
Saturday: 2 GIs, 24 Iraqis Killed, 32 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Defend Constitution
'American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007'
Old Enough Now to Ask How Dad Died at War
CBS Confirms Plame's Job Was to Keep Nukes From Iran
Wiretapping Compromise Was Months in the Making
Iraq’s Ousted Corruption Buster Seeks Asylum in America
FBI Works to Bolster al-Qaeda Cases
US Military
When the Military Needs It Yesterday
US Marines on Trial for Iraq Atrocity
Iraq Vet Waives Hearing on Murder Charge
Lawyer for Marine Accused in Death of Iraqi Civilians Vows Exoneration
Marine Inquiry Into Afghan Killings to Look at Two Officers, Lawyer Says
Retired Army Major Sentenced 10 Years for Taking Kickbacks
For Marines in Camouflage, No Errands
US Consul Says Deserters Will Be Treated Fairly
Soldier Sues Army for Conscientious Objector Status
Battles of Britain
Scotland Could Be Prosecuted Over American Torture Flights
Stretched UK Forces Axe Training Exercises
British Defense Ministry: US Nuclear Error Couldn't Happen Here
Wired Youth Aim to Stir Peers and Sway Poland’s Vote
Somalia World Food Program Head Investigated
Somali Radio Station Closed, Three of Its Journalists Arrested
DR Congo
Congo Rebel Leader Denies Losses
Thousands Flee Fighting in Eastern Congo
Regional Insurgencies Rage in Horn of Africa
Inside the Robo-Cannon Rampage
UN: Ivory Coast Military Blocks Inspections
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier From Arkansas Killed by Roadside Bomb After Just 2 Weeks in Iraq
Wife and Mom (FL) With Ties to Oklahoma Dies a Hero in Iraq
Ohio Reservist Killed in Rocket Attack on Base Near Baghdad Airport
Decorated Green Beret From Krum (TX) Killed in Iraq
9/11 Propelled Soldier (CA) Who Died in Vehicle Rollover in Baghdad
Outsize Outpouring of Grief for Marine (TX) Who Died in Iraq
'Everyone's Soldier' Buried in Oxnard (CA)
One End to Soldier's Two Lives (CT)
Father: 'I Have to Believe in What He Believed In' (MA)
Michigan Soldier's Character Bred Respect
Soldier With Woodlands (TX) Ties Killed in Iraq Action
Friends, Family, Fellow Servicemen Remember Ohio Soldier
Turkish PM Urges US, Iraq to Rout Kurdish Rebels
Negotiating Around a Turkish Incursion Into Iraq
Iranian Security Chief Signals Crackdown
Abducted Japanese Student May Have Been Taken to Pakistan, Officials Say
Report: Israel Urged US to Destroy Syrian 'Nuclear' Site
Syria Shuts Main Exit From War for Iraqis
Israel Shaken by Troops' Tales of Brutality Against Palestinians
Hamas to Gaza Clan: Hand Over Weapons
Three Palestinians Killed in Internal Violence
Israeli Minister Accused of Serving 'Enemy Interests' Over Excavation Opposition
Palestinian Official Denies Crisis in the Talks With Israel
Gazans Forced to Cut Back on Smoking
Lebanese Election Seen Delayed
French, Italian, Spanish FMs Visit Lebanon UN Troops, Pledge Support
Most Afghans Want Foreign Troops to Stay: Poll
Pentagon to Rotate 18,000 National Guard Soldiers Into Afghanistan
Report: Dutch General Advises Government to Reduce Presence in Afghanistan
Bhutto: Attack Won't Stop Campaign
Police Question Three in Deadly Pakistan Blasts
Pakistan Government Defends Bhutto Security
Bhutto's Tragic Homecoming
Bhutto Bombing Conspiracy Theories Run Rampant
Sorting Out Pakistan’s Many Struggles
Hospitals Full of Victims and Solidarity With Bhutto
30 Bodies Unclaimed in Pakistan Bombing
In Pakistan Quandary, US Reviews Stance
Militants Kill Two Tribal Elders in Pakistan
PM: Pakistan Doesn’t Want an Arms Race
Sri Lanka
Fighting Kills 16 Rebels in Northern Sri Lanka, Says Military
Expert: Sri Lanka Govt Can't Crush Tamil Rebels
Myanmar Lifts Curfew, Ban on Assembly
In Myanmar, Fear Is a Constant Companion
Several Firms on US Myanmar Blacklist Linked to Singapore
Hu Wins Control of Chinese Military
China's Hu Set to Emerge Stronger From Congress
China Vice President Out of New Party Lineup
High-Grade Bomb Blamed for Manila Blast That Killed Nine
India Feels Pakistan’s Pain, and Shows It
Divided Korea Paralyzes Families Torn Apart Long Ago
Weekend Reviews
New Information and Key Trends Regarding Islamic Extremist Groups in the Balkans
US Troops Use New Film to Scout Enemy
New Documentary Follows Iraqis Fighting US Occupation of Their Country
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
War and Deliverance
Jason Epstein on the Nuclear Threat

Justin Raimondo
Mass Murder
in the Horn of Africa

Alan Bock
Secrecy and the War Without End

Doug Bandow
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Charles Peña
Not -So-New Homeland Security Strategy

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

David R. Henderson
How George Bush Changed
My Life

Nebojsa Malic
The Phantom Menace

Philip Giraldi
Neocons Acquire Another
Front Group

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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