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Tortured by Uncle Sam: Philip Giraldi
12 Books in Search of a Policy: C. Johnson
Superpower Trip: Jim Pittaway
Stalin, Mao, and… Ahmadinejad?: Fareed Zakaria
Bush's Legal Club: 'State Secrets': Nat Hentoff

 Warren Richey

The ‘Legal’ Torture of Jose Padilla

 Gareth Porter

One Lie Or Another, War With Iran is Coming

 Chris Hedges

We Have Found the Islamo-Fascists

 Mark Danner

The President’s Faith in Himself

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Updated October 23, 2007 - 11:07 PM EDT
Bush's War Request Increases to $196B
US Says Iraq Air Strike Kills 11, Mostly Civilians

Iraqi Leaders May Ask UN to Restrict US Military


Increasingly, the US Sits Down With Iraqi Militants


US Military Steps Up Iraq Airstrikes Fivefold

  New Polish Leader Wants Troops Out of Iraq

Tuesday: 2 GIs, 53 Iraqis Killed, 42 Wounded

Turkey Rejects Cease-Fire by Rebel Kurds

In Iraq, Conflict on a Second Kurdish Front


Turkey Seeks Lost Troops as Pressure to Act Grows

New bin Laden Tape Urges Insurgents to Unite

IAEA: Iran Needs 3-8 Years to Produce Bomb

12 Books in Search of a Policy
by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt
Bush's Legal Club: 'State Secrets'
by Nat Hentoff
Suicide and Spin Doctors
by H. Candace Gorman
On the Eve of Destruction  by Scott Ritter
Superpower Trip  by Jim Pittaway
Bloggers Without Borders...  by Riverbend

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Joint Chiefs Chairman Looks Beyond Current Wars

Bolton Lobbies to Kill North Korea Nuclear Deal

UN Apologizes to Syria Over Interpreter Error on Israel Strike

Judge Declares Mistrial in Islamic Charity Case

Rice Tells Russia Not to Use Energy as Weapon

Over 200 Nuclear Scares at UK Submarine Base

From a Good German, a Different Kind of Story

Istanbul Protests:
'Curse the PKK, Curse America'
Turkey Mobilizes
US Warns Iraq to Halt Rebel Raids on Turkey
US Urges Turkey Against Iraq Invasion

Turkish Troops Flock to Iraqi Border as Patience Wears Thin

Kurdistan Asks PKK to Cease Military Operations Against Turkish Army

Analysts: PKK Military Tactically Strong

Kurdish Rebels Offer Turkey Conditional Truce

The Women Rebels Who Are Ready to Fight and Die for the Kurdish Cause

Civilians Braced for Turkish Attack

Today in Iraq
Iraqis Place Sadr City Civilian Toll at 17 as Confusion Over Sunday Fighting Continues

Confusion on Deaths After Fighting in Sadr City

US: Al-Qaeda Using Iraqi Government Vehicles, Ambulances

Bombs Strike Shi'ite Targets in Baghdad

Adviser of Influential Sunni Figure Killed in Iraq

Radio Journalist Missing in Baghdad, Driver Killed

Monday: 111 Iraqis Killed, 75 Wounded

Baghdad Residents Call Emergency Services, but Few Get Answers


Blackwater Eschews Responsibility for Iraq Shootings

Waxman: Blackwater Evading Taxes

US Military

'Army of Dude' Blog Chronicles Soldier's Transformation in Iraq

Two US Sailors Shot to Death by Third in Bahrain

Probe: Daily Nuclear Submarine Procedures Skipped for a Month

Medal of Honor Is Awarded Posthumously to Navy SEAL

'War on Terror'

Muslim Sect's Proposed Worship Center Unsettles Small Town

Police Commander: Events Leading to Menezes Killing 'Not Ideal'


Suicide Attack on UK Convoy in Afghanistan Hurts Three

Hard Work Pays Off: Gates' Lobbying Nets 47 More Slovak Troops for Afghanistan

Afghanistan Seeks Review of Herbicides in Poppy War

US 'Not Satisfied' at NATO Support in Afghanistan

Afghan Security Concerns Rise With Strife, Poll Finds


US Formally Hands Over 25 Helicopters to Pakistan Army

Militant Killed in Botched Pakistan Bomb Blast

Pakistan: The Forgotten Conflict in Balochistan

Bhutto's Return

Bhutto Accuses Pakistan Govt of Cover-Up

Eight Held for Karachi Blasts

Bhutto Reiterates Demand for Foreign Experts in Probe

Investigators: Three Accused by Bhutto Weren't Involved in Bombing

Bhutto Resumes Campaign, Undeterred by Attack

Pakistan Opposition Slams Proposed Ban on Rallies


India, Pakistan Share Information on Recent Terror Strikes

India Shelves US Nuclear Pact for Four More Weeks

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tiger Rebel Planes Bomb Air Force Base

27 Dead in Sri Lanka Clash


New Iran Negotiator to Hold First Nuclear Talks

Khamenei's Aide Criticizes Exit of Nuclear Negotiator

French PM Takes Israeli Line on Iran

Iran's New Nuclear Negotiator to Meet EU's Solana

US Christians Try to Bribe Iranian Jews to Move to Israel

Bush Urges Putin to Help Keep Pressure on Iran

Hillary Insists She Is Opposed to Iran Attack Without Congressional Approval

Bolton Book Cites Effort to Halt Powell's Iran Initiative

Students in Iran Protest Sentences for 3 Activists


Israeli Warplanes Target PA Car, Palestinian Factions Respond With Missiles

Abbas Stresses Hamas Reconciliation, Hopes Deal Can Be Reached by End of 2008

Israeli Finance Minister Presses World Bank to Stop Gaza Projects

Palestinian Prisoners Riot in Israel

Israel Accused After 30 Injured in Prison Battle


Hezbollah Warns Against Creation of US Bases in Lebanon

German Spy Brokered Deal Between Israel and Hezbollah

Hezbollah Hands Over Letter From Missing Israeli Airman


Thousands Flee Homes in Disputed Somali Region Fearing Renewed Clashes

UN Official Condemns Assassination of Somali Radio Executive

Over 3,000 Somali Refugees Live in Harsh Conditions in Yemen


Hostage Oil Workers Released in Nigeria

Nigerian Militants Attack Shell Facility


Congo Refugees Flee to Uganda

Congo Blocks Ugandan Access to Rebel Commander

Children Ask Uganda, Rebels to End War

Ethiopia Rebels Claim 250 Troops Killed

Armenian Genocide

Armenians in Israel Press for Genocide Recognition

Armenian Paper Downplays Postponement of US Genocide Vote


Polish Winner: I Will End Isolation from Europe

Europe Relieved as Poland's Kaczynskis Lose Grip


Kosovo Albanians, Serbs to Meet Again

Kosovo Albanians Renew Independence Vow


Japan Opposition Turns Up Heat Over Naval Mission

Japan Seeks to Downplay Army's Role in WWII Suicides


Human Rights Expert Says Will Visit Myanmar Soon

Philippine Investigators So Far Find No Bomb Fragments in Deadly Mall Blast

Parliament Dissolved in Kyrgyzstan


Ecuador 'Wants' Military Base in Miami

Bush Seeking $500 Million for Mexico in Drug War

Canada's Commitment Slipping, UN Rights Boss Says


Justin Raimondo
The GOP Purge

Philip Giraldi
Tortured by Uncle Sam

David R. Henderson
Economists and the
Nobel Peace Prize

Alan Bock
Secrecy and the War Without End

Doug Bandow
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Charles Peña
Not -So-New Homeland Security Strategy

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Nebojsa Malic
The Phantom Menace

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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