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The Mega-Bunker of Baghdad: Wm Langewiesche
The Wars Will Be Outsourced: Alan Bock
Go Ahead On Start WWIII: Gordon Prather
Seduced by War: Andrew Murray
War, Foreign Policy, and Empire: Anthony Gregory

 Philip Giraldi

Regional War Coming

 Gareth Porter

Neocons Live in Fantasy World

 Luke Ryland

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak!

 Greg Barker

Showdown With Iran

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Updated November 3, 2007 - 10:32 PM EDT
Musharraf Declares State of Emergency
  Musharraf Fires Chief Justice, Clears Supreme Court
  Pakistan Militants Seize Police Stations
Rice Promises US Action Against PKK
  Iraq Vows to Take Action Against PKK
  Will US Join Assault on Rebels or Let Turkey Go It Alone?
  Kurdish Soldiers in Northern Iraq Face Loyalty Test
Sources: Nuke-Armed US Jets Attacked Syria
  British DM: Aircraft Carrier Headed to Gulf in 2008 Not Part of Iran Attack
  US Disappointed in China, Russia Response on Iran Sanctions
  Former Envoy: US Driving Turkey, Iran Together
Anbar Leaders Seek Billions From US
  Sadr City MP a 'Man of the People' Fighting Occupation
  Iraqi Weapons 'Expert' Unmasked as a Fraud
  Saturday: 2 US Soldiers, 29 Iraqis Killed; 41 Iraqis Wounded
Rice, Others Supoenaed in AIPAC Spy Case
  AIPAC Espionage Case, Court Memorandum
VA Says 6% of Combat Vets Have Traumatic Brain Injuries
Giuliani Follows Hard-Liners' Script
by Helen Thomas
When Is Torture Not Torture?
by Neil MacDonald
War, Foreign Policy, and Empire: The Changing Political Dynamic  by Anthony Gregory
What the Neocons Need
by Karen Kwiatkowski
Go Ahead On – Start WWIII
by Gordon Prather
Seduced by War  by Andrew Murray

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US, Pakistan Deny Missile Attack That Kills 10
Friday Iraqi Death Toll Reports Near Record Low
US, Iraqis Ponder Fall in Violence, Its Meaning
Bush: Iraqis Are 'Taking Back' Iraq
In Baquba, Better Security Brings No Reassurance
Rice Reaffirms Plan to Force Diplomats to Fill Iraq Posts
Iraq Again Mulls Amnesty Plan
Tensions Rise in Balkans
Increasingly-Anti-US Turks
Protest Rice Visit to Istanbul
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Shi'ites Protest in Basra Against US Anti-Sadr Raids
US Says al-Anbar Initiative Makes Progress, but Baghdad Remains Wary
Allawi for Tough Steps on Sectarian Violence in Iraq
Iraqis Pretty Sure US Military Put Shark in River
Friday: 3 US Airmen, 1 Polish Soldier, 21 Iraqis Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
US Envoy Defends Forced Diplomat Call-Ups to Iraq
The Macedonian Surge: 36 More Troops Headed to Iraq
US Army: Ten Terrorists Killed, 16 Others Arrested in Iraq
US Envoy to Iraq Says Arabs Should Reopen Baghdad Embassies to 'Counter Iran'
Global Iraq Fallout
Diplomacy Whirlwind at Iraq Conference in Istanbul
Iran Tips Hand Ahead of Istanbul Conference on Iraq
Iraqis Challenge Britain's Right to Detain Them Indefinitely
The War at Home
Democratic Defections Clear Path for Mukasey
Guiliani Hits 'Nave' Obama's Call for Iran Talks
McCain: Rivals Lack Military Experience
3 Top Republican Candidates Take a Hard Line on the Interrogation of Detainees
Cheney Lawyer Is Leaving
US Military
New Mexico to Test Military Personnel for Depleted Uranium Exposure
PTSD on the Rise
Mental Health Services for Returning Vets in Short Supply
Soldiers Return, but for Families, Iraq Battlefields Are Not Far Off
National Guard F-15 Crashes in Missouri
A Soldier's Story: Nowhere to Go

'War on Terror'

DHS Relaxes Chemical Plant Storage Rules
TSA Exposed Its Undercover Operatives
Arizona Nuclear Plant Normal After Employee Tries to Enter With Bomb
Translation Business Booming
London Police Chief Fights for His Job as Critics Force Showdown
UK Police Chiefs: Conviction in Menezes Killing Could Undermine Police Operations
NATO General Sees Potential for Failure in Afghanistan
Infighting Among NATO Members Snarls Afghan Mission, Ex-Commander Says
Afghanistan: 'Key' Taliban-Allied Commander Killed
Afghan Troops Battle Taliban for Fifth Day in West
Afghanistan Complains to Iran Over Death Penalty, Refugees
Two Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Aussie Soldier Injured in Afghanistan
Soldier Wounded as Canadian Tank Runs Over Bomb in Afghanistan
Pakistan Militants Release 48 Troops, Claim Another 100 Captured
Musharraf Is Asked by US to Resist Emergency Rule
Six Killed in Dera Bugti Mine Blasts
Rebels Kill Seven Police in Assam
Indian Air Force to Induct First Batch of Advanced Fighters by 2012
Book on India Spy Agency Hits Nerve
Army to Pay Higher Rent for Land in Kashmir
Sri Lanka
Tamil Tigers' Deputy Leader Dies in Air Strike by Government Forces
Tigers Say Sri Lanka Army Offensive Beaten Back
Sri Lanka Violence Timeline
Tamil Tigers Breakaway Chief Arrested in Britain
Weekend Reviews
The Unquiet Graham Greene
Terror's Advocate: The Unsurprising Confluence of Far-Left and Far-Right
The Terror Dream
The Savage Infantry War in Iraq
Turkey/Kurdistan/N. Iraq
Bush Broke Promises to Turkey, Says Former Envoy
Rice Faces Tall Order Mending Fences in Turkey
Iraqi Kurds Face a Dilemma
Kurdish PM Condemns PKK Attacks
Eerie Calm as Kurds Brace for More War
Iraqi Kurds Fear Fight With Turkey Will Damage Economy
Aid Agencies Ready for Northern Iraq Refugees Over War Worry
Kurdish PM Wants Elections Law Reconsidered
Barzani: Kirkuk Will Join Kurdish Region in 2007
US Wants New Iran Sanctions Expedited
Britain: New Iran Sanctions Are Possible
US Hopes Iran Fears Will Prod Progress at Mideast Peace Meet
US Navy Starts Exercises in Gulf Waters
Oil Rises on Iran Sanctions
Russia Raps Saudi Atomic Fuel Proposal for Iran
Israel Defends Decision to Curb Power Supply to Gaza Strip
Hamas Source: Fatah Policemen 'Defect to al-Qaeda'
Abbas Meets Hamas Officials and Demands Gaza
Hamas in Gaza Said to Downplay Abbas Meet With Top Hamas Men
Hamas Fighters Strengthening Border Defense
Palestinians Deploy 300 More Police in Nablus
Israel Seeks Deal With Palestinians Within a Year
Israel's Spy Drone School
Report: Lebanese Army Fired on Israeli Military Jets Over Country's South
Rice Against 'Compromises' With Lebanon's Pro-Syrian Opposition
Der Spiegel: IDF Captives Held by Hezbollah Now Dead
Talks on Lebanon Likely in Istanbul
Bahrain Boom Overshadowed by Fear of Looming War With Iran
Bahrain Companies Eye Ventures in Iraq
Bahrain Prince: Iran Wants Nukes
Japan Ends Afghan Naval Mission
Japan's Opposition Rejects Govt's Coalition Offer
Dalai Lama Diplomacy Will Not Change Tibet: China
Yahoo Apologizes to US Lawmakers Over China Case
Burma Expels UN Envoy Who Backed Pro-Democracy Protests
US Calls Myanmar Expulsion of UN Representative Outrageous and an Insult
British Govt Urges Domestic Protests Against Myanmar
Thai Envoy Asserts 2006 Coup Was Needed
Spanish-Morocco Dispute
Morocco Recalls Ambassador in Dispute With Spain Over Enclaves
A Look at Spain-Morocco Dispute
10 Guilty in Madrid Bombings Start Hunger Strike
Election Monitors to Head to Russia Despite Limits
Thousands Rally Against Pro-Western President of Georgia
Bosnian Police Arrest Three Bosnian Serb War Crimes Suspects
Angry Swedish Man Fingers Son-in-Law to FBI as 'al-Qaeda'
Heavy Battles in Somali Capital
Five Ethiopian Soldiers Killed in Mogadishu
Mogadishu Battles Stoke Humanitarian Crisis
Sudan Troops Get Dec. 15 Deadline to Quit South

Tension Mounts Along Congo-Uganda Boarder

110 Sri Lankan Peacekeepers Expelled Over Haiti Sex Scandal
Lawmakers in Venezuela Approve Expanded Power for Chvez

Justin Raimondo
'Invade and Bomb With Hillary and Rahm'

Alan Bock
The Wars Will Be Outsourced

Doug Bandow
Iran, World War III, and the Madness of President George

Charles Pea
To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb

Nebojsa Malic
Sorrow's Home

Philip Giraldi
Tortured by Uncle Sam

David R. Henderson
Economists and the
Nobel Peace Prize

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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