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AIPAC, Espionage, & Legal Sabotage: J. Raimondo
Veterans Day: In Memoriam by David Henderson
Baseless Considerations: Tom Engelhardt
Blackwater's Loss = Other Mercs' Gain: Tom Griffin
Congress' Unused War Powers: George Will

 Naomi Wolf

The Fascist Shift

 James Bovard

Bush’s Will to Power

 Robert Dreyfuss

A Cakewalk is a Horrible Thing

 Ed Shultz

The Democrats and the War

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Updated November 5, 2007 - 11:01 PM EST
2007 Toll Nears Highest for US in Iraq
  Updated: Bogus Intel Source 'Curve Ball' Revealed

Monday: 34 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded

Turkey Demands US Air Strike Deal
  Kurds Withhold Assurances on Border
Ex-Chief of Kurd Rebels Reveals Retreat Into Iran
  No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear-Weapons Program, Experts Say
  Senators Warn Bush Has No Authority on Iran
  Funds Halted for Iran Quake Relief, Water Projects
Musharraf Evokes Lincoln as He Seizes Power
  Army May Not Fall in Behind Musharraf
  Pakistan Rounds Up Musharraf’s Political Foes
  Emergency Could Backfire on Musharraf
  US Unlikely to Halt Pakistan Aid
Blackwater's Loss May Be Other Mercs' Gain  by Tom Griffin
What Happened to
DC's Watchdogs?
 by Tim Dickinson
One Hundred Routes to War, One Hundred Ways to Hell  by Arthur Silber
Baseless Considerations
by Tom Engelhardt
War, Fear, and Truth  by Mark Danner
The Iranian Challenge  by Trita Parsi

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A Look at Rights Suspended in Pakistan
Despite Warnings, Bush Officials Couldn't Stop Musharraf
Musharraf Declaration Seen as Latest Misstep
Rice Says US Will Review Aid to Pakistan
For US and Turkey, Different Priorities
Whistleblowers Claim Military Contractor Fraud Ignored
Rice Lowers Expectations for Peace Talks Yet Again
Report: After Iraq and Afghanistan, UK Army Will Need a Decade to Recover
'Hand Over Your Broadcast Equipment': Pakistan Stifles Media, Cuts Phone Lines
Today in Iraq
US: Significant Drop in Air Raids in Iraq
Targeting US Allies in Iraq
Kidnapped Iraqi Journalist Freed in Baghdad
Trial Nearer for Shi'ite Ex-Officials in Sunni Killings
Baghdad's Displaced Christians Find a Haven Among Kurds
Talabani: France Expresses Readiness to Train Iraqi Forces
Attacks Continue
Finance Ministry Official Killed in Iraq
Mass Grave Containing Remains of 40 Found in Western Iraq
Basra Army, Police Chiefs Escape Bombing
Car Blast in Samarra Kills Four Civilians, Injures 14
Car Bomb Kills Three, Wounds 13 in Tikrit
Two Car Bombs Leave 17 Wounded in Mosul
Sunday: 93 Iraqis Killed, 67 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Other Regional Crises Steal Spotlight at Iraq Neighbors Conference
Istanbul Summit Ignored Iraq, Say Baghdad MPs
Australian Army Officer Slams Media for Focusing on Politics in Iraq
UK Soldiers Face Increase in Cost of Personal Injury Insurance
The War at Home
US 'Studying' Islamic School Report
Illinois High School Students Face Expulsion Following Antiwar Sit-In
Edwards Raises Criticism of Clinton Over Iraq Plan
Plan for Nuclear Storage Is Slow to Form
US Military
The Case of the Angry Colonel
School Caters to Wounded Soldiers
Musharraf: Suspending Constitution Will Help Transition to Democracy
Musharraf Consolidates His Control With Arrests
Pakistan Election May Be Delayed for a Year
Musharraf Tries to Stifle Outcry Over Emergency Rule
Former Pakistan Spy Chief Condemns 'Martial Law,' Is Arrested
Musharraf's Emergency Rule May Spur, Not Deter, al-Qaeda Threat
The General Speaks
Musharraf's 'Proclamation of Emergency'
213 Troops Swapped With 25 Militants in Waziristan
Bhutto Slams Musharraf's 'Second Coup'
Struggle to Rein in Taliban in Afghanistan's South
Afghan Forces Prepare to Retake Fallen District: President
Four Policemen, 25 Militants Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Taliban Kills 6 Civilians, Police Officer in Western Afghanistan
Canadians Still Want Canada Out of Afghanistan
Chief of the Democratic Party in Japan to Step Down
Japanese Opposition Party Urges Leader Not to Resign
Chief of the Democratic Party in Japan to Step Down
Sri Lanka Tightens Security as Tigers Vow War
UN Envoy Seeks Talks Between Myanmar Military and Opposition
Turkey/Kurdistan/N. Iraq
Report: Kurdish Rebels Release Eight Turkish Soldiers
Turkish Soldiers' Release Eases Invasion Fears
Winter Might Be Turkey's Worst Foe in Iraq
In Iraqi Kurdistan, Sympathy for the PKK Abounds
Turkish Threat Looms Large in Remote Iraqi Town
Three Kurdish Soldiers Killed in Iraq Ambush
Fears Over Prospects of Closing Iraqi-Turkish Border Crossing Increase
Two PKK Rebels Killed in Operation in Southeast Turkey
Pope Calls for Peace Along Turkey-Iraq Border

Iran Urges Iraq to Delay Poll on Volatile Oil City

Iran Marks US Embassy Seizure, Brushes Off Threats
US Sanctions Force World Bank to Halt Some Iran Aid
Iranians Face Interpol Notices for Blast
US Envoys Ridicule Iranian Suggestion That Coalition of Neighbors Replace US Troops in Iraq
Austerity Call in Iran Amid Sanctions Threat
Iran Warns Foreign Firms to Complete Energy Deals
Syria Tells France It Backs Free Lebanon Election
Rights Group: Syria Arrests Opposition Figure
New Palestinian Police Force Makes Tense Debut in West Bank
Rice Says US Will Defend Israel in Peace Process
Olmert to Free Palestinian Prisoners Before Summit
Hospital: Three Gazans Killed in Israeli Attack Were Civilians
Palestinian Militants Continue Rocket Attacks on Israel
Restive Nablus Challenges Fatah's Abbas
Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators See Stumbling Blocks
Palestinian Factions Try to Mediate Between Fatah, Hamas
Haneya: Hamas Never Planned to Seize Gaza
Israeli Bill Would Seize PA Funds to Pay for Rocket Damages
'Hamas Not Planning West Bank Takeover'
Tony Blair Urges Israel to Make 'Psychological Shift'
Georgian President Stands Firm, Blames Russia After Protests
Georgia Verges on Repeat Turmoil
Putin Warns of Outside Forces That Wish to Split Russia and Take Over Its Natural Resources
US Official Calls Russian Radar Good, but Not Exact Enough for Tracking Plan
Ethiopia Rebels Say Killed 270 More Troops
Ethiopian Military Truck Explodes in Somalia
Somali Pirates Release 24 Asian Sailors
Fiji Detains 16 Alleged Assassination Plotters
Australia Implicated in Fiji Assassination Attempt
New Zealand Denies Role in Fiji Assassination Attempt

Justin Raimondo
AIPAC, Espionage, and Legal Sabotage

David R. Henderson
Veterans Day: In Memoriam

Alan Bock
The Wars Will Be Outsourced

Doug Bandow
Iran, World War III, and the Madness of President George

Charles Peña
To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb

Nebojsa Malic
Sorrow's Home

Philip Giraldi
Tortured by Uncle Sam

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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