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Joe Lieberman's War: Philip Giraldi
The Last 'Enemy Combatant': Andy Worthington
Bush Bets Farm on Musharraf: Khody Akhavi
Syria Strike Still Raises Questions: Khody Akhavi
Millions of Iraqis Displaced: Ahmed Ali

 Eric Margolis

Conflict in Pakistan and Kurdistan

 Naomi Wolf

The Fascist Shift

 James Bovard

Bush’s Will to Power

 Robert Dreyfuss

A Cakewalk is a Horrible Thing

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Updated November 6, 2007 - 10:39 PM EST
2007 Deadliest for US Troops in Iraq
  Dems Prepare Yet Another Blank Check for Wars
  Iraq: Millions Trapped in Their Own Country

Tuesday: 6 GIs, 17 Iraqis Killed; 8 Iraqis Wounded

90 Killed in Attack on Afghan Lawmakers


Taliban Seize Control of Third W. Afghan District

US Promises Turkey Help Against PKK

Iraq's Kurdish Government Cuts Off Aid to PKK Rebels


Threat of Turkish Invasion Undermines Kurdistan Confidence

Bush Bets the Farm on Musharraf


Thousands Face Down Pakistani Police

  Musharraf's Military Aid Flows On

Lawyers Take on Musharraf


Bush Urges Musharraf to Reverse Course but Signals No Penalty

Israel's Strike on Syria Still Raising Questions

The Last 'Enemy Combatant' on the US Mainland  by Andy Worthington
Carter's Clarity, Bush's Befuddlement  by Robert D. Novak
The Agonizing Truth About CIA Renditions  by Stephen Grey
No Courage in Confirming Mukasey
by Nat Hentoff
The War on Telephone Privacy
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Making Simple Expressions Dangerous  by Francine Prose

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Tourist's Guide to Baghdad's Green Zone

2.3 Million Iraqis Driven From Homes

New Intel Chief: Al-Qaeda Recruiting UK Children for Terror

US Faces Dilemma in Targeting Iran's Oil

Ford Questioned Wiretaps, Signing Statements, Cheney Prior to His Death

Reactor Disabled in North Korea

Bush Tries to Talk Turkish PM
Out of Attacking Iraq
Today in Iraq

Maliki Declares Victory Over Terrorists

Iraqi Speaker Urges Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Chief for Support

2,000-Year-Old Christian Community Gains First Modern Iraqi Cardinal

Iraq's Forgotten Sudanese Refugees

Ride Home Shows Baghdad's Safe, Dangerous Sides

One Killed, Four Wounded in Eastern Baghdad Blast

Monday: 34 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded
Iran to Open Consulate in Northern Iraq

Iran Outlines 'Iraq Security Plan'

Occupying Iraq

US Military in Iraq Denies Finding Abducted Soldier Dead

Poland's Iraq Mission to End in 'Current Form'

Iraqi Police Barracks Go Unrepaired

The War at Home
Edwards Raises Criticism of Clinton Over Iraq Plan

US Army: Five Million Acres Needed for Training Facilities by 2011

Court-Martial to Open in Killings of 3 Iraqis

Antiwar Republican Ron Paul Raises More Than $4 Million in One Day

'War on Terror'

Giuliani: Line Between Intensive Questioning, Torture Is 'Difficult One'

'Thousands' Pose UK Terror Threat

Court: Group Can Challenge on Detainees

Weak Case Seen in Failed Trial of Charity

Al-Qaeda Propaganda Man 'Surrenders'

Rights Campaigners: Brown's Stance on Detentions Will Reveal True Colors


South Korean Troops Leaving Afghanistan

Tehran Expels 8,000 Afghans Without Refugee Status


Lawyers vs. the General

Pakistan Attempts to Crush Protests by Lawyers

Bhutto Threatens Demonstrations

Crackdown Widens as Musharraf Insists Emergency Rule Needed to Fight 'Terrorism'

Former Chief Justice: Emergency Rule a Naked Attack on Pakistan's Constitution

Pakistan Threatens to Seal Jang Press

Sporadic Clashes Continue in NW Pakistan

Pakistan to Keep Elections Date

Militants Move Beyond Tribal Areas in Pakistan

Aid Still Flows to Pakistan
Take Off Uniform, Bush Tells Musharraf

Britain Demands 'Free and Fair' Elections in Pakistan but Rules Out Aid Cuts

US Tied to Pakistan With Billions in Aid

US Military Aid to Pakistan Misses Its al-Qaeda Target

US, Pakistan to Continue Joint Operations

Overview of US Aid to Pakistan

Bush Pledges to Stop PKK in Bid to Stave Off Turkish Attack on Iraq

Kurdish Rebels Fear Crackdown in Northern Iraq

Turkish Army Resists Push for Diplomacy

US Embassy Praises Iraq Govt Efforts to Release Turkish Soldiers


Iran Dismisses Possibility of US Strike

Israeli FM Slams 'Lax' ElBaradei

Israel's Lieberman Condemns ElBaradei as Iranian Ally

Iranians Urged to Tighten Belts Amid Sanctions

No Date Set Yet for Iran-EU Talks

Hamas Leader: Summit Is US Ruse to Distract From War Against Iran


Bill Would Require Potential Israeli Citizens to Serve in Military, Affirm Jewishness of State

Arab, Israeli Militants Take Middle East Conflict Online

PA Surrounds Nablus Camp in Pursuit of al-Aqsa Militants

Palestinians Clash in West Bank

Annapolis Summit

Israel Puts Jerusalem on the Negotiating Table

Israeli Rabbis Warn Bush God Will Punish Him if Conference Leads to Peace Deal

PM Slams Israel Rightists' Provocation Over Peace

Israeli Minister: Syria Ready for Peace, Are We?

Hezbollah Gives Israel More Clues in New Strategy

Israeli Warplanes Drop Flares Over South Lebanon Coast

US Freezes Assets of Pro-Syrian 'Agitators' in Lebanon

Palestinians Weave Their Legacy in Lebanon Refugee Camp

US and Syria Spar Over Lebanese Presidential Vote

Three Wounded in Southern Lebanon by Cluster Bomb

Somali Soldier Shot Dead in a Market in Mogadishu

Fear of Major Military Offensive Causes Mogadishu Exodus


Africans Wary of Africom, US Motives

Sudan Elephants' Return a Sign of Peace

Analysts Warn of Ethiopia-Eritrea War Risk

Journalist Freed by Chad Criticizes Aid Workers

Uganda Rebels Silent on Deputy Leader's Fate

China and US to Establish Military Hotline

Gates Questions China on Military Growth

Top Officers Accused of Plot to Kill Fiji's PM


Premier Says Separatists in Kosovo Losing Patience

MI5 Chief: Russian Spies 'Still a Menace'


US Food Exports to Cuba Dwindle Under Bush

Venezuelan General Likens Chávez’s Proposals for Constitution to a Coup


Justin Raimondo
AIPAC, Espionage, and Legal Sabotage

Philip Giraldi
Joe Lieberman's War

David R. Henderson
Veterans Day: In Memoriam

Alan Bock
The Wars Will Be Outsourced

Doug Bandow
Iran, World War III, and the Madness of President George

Charles Peńa
To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb

Nebojsa Malic
Sorrow's Home

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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