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Anti-Americanism of the Israel-Firsters: M. Scheuer
We Have Ways…: James Bovard
From Beneath You It Devours: Nebojsa Malic
McCain's Wasn't an Innocent Victim: S. Richman
Iran Becomes the Trade-Off for N. Iraq: J. Couvas

 Tim Dickinson

Bush’s Lapdog IGs

 Eric Margolis

Conflict in Pakistan and Kurdistan

 Naomi Wolf

The Fascist Shift

 James Bovard

Bush’s Will to Power

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Updated November 8, 2007 - 10:01 PM EST
Israeli DM: Attacking Iran a 'Viable' Option
  Iran Becomes the Trade-Off for Northern Iraq
  Bush Defends World War Three Comments on Iran
  Iran Reaches Key Nuclear Target: Ahmadinejad
Bell Tolls for Bush's 'Freedom Agenda'
  US Debt Tops $9 Trillion for First Time
  Is the US Government Reading Your Email?
  Amid Recruiting Crunch, Pentagon Increases Waivers for Criminals
  House Vote Defers Kucinich Bill to Impeach Cheney
Will 'Armloads' of Cash Buy Iraq Tribal Loyalty?
  General: US Forces Routed al-Qaeda in Iraq
  Iraq Plans to Raid Security Firms' HQs Over Guns
  Ex-UN Inspector Fears Secret US Plan to Stay in Iraq
  Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 47 Iraqis Killed; 33 Iraqis Wounded
Musharraf: Pakistan to Vote by Mid-February
  Bhutto Call for Protest Sets Up Confrontation
  Negroponte: Pakistan's Musharraf 'Indispensable' US Ally
  Bush to Musharraf: Hold Elections, Quit Army
The Anti-Americanism of the Israel-Firsters  by Michael Scheuer
Pots and Kettles and Constitutions
by Jeff Huber
Who Will Probe 'Noncombat' Deaths in Iraq?  by Greg Mitchell
We Have Ways…  by James Bovard
Signs of Détente?  by Jim Lobe
Sleep-Walking to War
by Iason Athanasiadis

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Russia Moves Toward Arms Treaty Suspension
Richardson Says He'd Get Out of Iraq in 90 Days
Military Mulls How to Reduce Forces in Iraq
How Blackwater Sniper Fire Felled 3 Iraqi Guards
State Dept Seeks $1.5 Billion to Protect Teams in Iraq
Police Academy Duties Faze US Troops
A Story of Surveillance
15,000 Want Off the US Terror Watch List
Study: 1 Out of 4 Homeless Are Veterans
Islamists Impose Sharia on Tourist Haven
Today in Iraq
46,000 Returned to Iraq Last Month
Spy Cameras Set Up in Baghdad to Counter Insurgents
A Baghdad Neighborhood Returns to Life
Maliki Promises New Nominees for Vacant Ministerial Posts
Iraq Occupation
Drop in Baghdad Violence Sustainable: General
US Could Reduce Anbar Forces
Both Slovak Troops Set to Leave Iraq by Year's End
US Army Sniper on Trial in Baghdad
US to Free 500 Iraq Detainees
Bill Calls for Contractors to Exit Iraq
Soldier's Iraq Death Ruled Unlawful
Attacks Continue
Schoolteacher Is Gunned Down in Baghdad
Basra Police Chief Escapes Assassination Attempt
Kirkuk Blast Casualties Up to 17
Wednesday: 52 Iraqis Killed, 38 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Oil Nears $100 Mark Pushing Up Gas Prices
Edwards' Three Iraq Questions
Latest House Dem Pullout Proposal: Maybe December of 2008?
59 Percent Want Troops Home From Iraq Within Year
Beyond Waterboarding: Mukasey and Wartime Powers
Blackwater's Florida Court Woes
Judge Allows Abu Ghraib Lawsuit Against Contractor
58,256 Names Pierce Silence at the Vietnam Memorial Wall
Iraqi Refugees in Arizona
More Minority Officials Want US Out of Iraq
Iraq War Protesters to 'Block' Military Shipment in Olympia, Wa
Kansas Lawyer Sues Bush After Antiwar Rally Arrest
US Military
Second Training Bomb Slip Last Week Prompts Ban
Pentagon to Merge Next-Generation Binoculars With Soldiers' Brains
To Build a Bigger Force, Army Tries New Tack
Marine on Trial Doing Job Toughening Up Recruits, Lawyer Says
US Marines Say Drill Instructor Accused of Abuse Hit Them on the Head With Flashlights, Rifle
For Some Amputees, Future Is in the US Army
Now-Public Military Files Reveal Private Lives
'War on Terror'
Terrorists in British Jails 'To Increase Tenfold'
Musician in Terror Case Gets 15 Years
Trial of Seven Men Accused of Sears Tower Plot Underway
ACLU 'Shocked' US Defying UN Torture Committee's Recommendations
12 Arrested in Counter-Terrorism and Drug-Trafficking Investigation
UK Police Chief Vows to Stay Despite No Confidence Vote Over Menezes Killing
Wanted in Germany, Terrorism Suspect Arrested in Turkey
Victims of Bungled 2006 East London Raid Report Police Threatened to Kill Them in a Second Incident
Canadian Detainee's Case to Open at Revamped Guantánamo Tribunals, More Hurdles Expected
A Guantánamo Index
Sri Lanka
52 Rebels, 11 Soldiers Killed in Sri Lanka Fighting
10 Sri Lankan Fighter Jets Destroyed in Rebel Attack at Anuradhapura Air Base
Sri Lanka Unveils Biggest War Budget as Fighting Escalates
US Says 'So Far, So Good' With North Korea Nuclear Disablement
Gates Cautious on North Korean Threat
US Asks South Korea Not to Ignore Rights Abuses in North
South Korean DM Says North Still a Threat
Gates Assures China: US 'Categorically Opposed' to Taiwan's Independence
Taiwan Ships a Billion Bullets to US
China to Beef Up Presence in Antarctica
Lawmakers Blast Yahoo Executives for Helping China Jail Dissident
Myanmar Junta Rejects Three-Way Talks
Malaysian Opposition Rallies for Change
Nepal Maoists Admit Killing Journalist
Gates to Tread Fine Line in Japan
Mogadishu Residents Trapped by Violence
Protest Against the Presence of Ethiopian Troops in Mogadishu
Darfur's 'Moment of Truth' Yields Little
UN Objects to Expulsion of Aid Official From Darfur
South Africa to Boost Darfur Forces
UN Chief Urges Eritrea, Ethiopia to Show Restraint
Ugandan Rebel Deputy Feared Dead
Algeria Sentences 10 to Death for Terror Attack
France Seeks to Smooth Ruffled Feathers in Chad
Nigerian Army Apologizes for 2001 Zaki Biam Invasion
Turkey/Kurdistan/N. Iraq
US Intelligence Will Help Rid Northern Iraq of PKK: Erdogan
Kurdish PM Urges PKK to Declare Cease-Fire
Turkish Troops Poised on Iraq Border
Iraq Sees Smaller Chance of Big Turkish Offensive
Iraqi Kurds Sign Seven New Oil Contracts
Oil Company Paid Over $15 Million 'Signing Bonus' for Iraqi Kurdistan Oil Contract
In Turkey's Kurdish Southeast, Pock-Marked Hope
Turkish PM Vows to Step Up Reforms Demanded by EU
US Sees Possible Israeli Strike Against Iran
Merkel Says She Feels Duty to Protect Israel Against Iranian Threat
US, Iran Dial Down Tensions in Iraq
Iran Leader Urges Police to Keep Up Social Vice Crackdown
Interpol Puts 5 Iranians, 1 Lebanese on Wanted List
A Look at 6 Put on Interpol Wanted List
West Bank Settlers
Israeli Settlers Increasing in West Bank
Peace Now: Settlers Smuggling Caravans to Territories
Israeli Settlements Burden Peace Push
UN: Israel Fuels Support for Extremists
Israeli DM: Long-Term Gaza Invasion Nears
Barak: Israel Will Control All Passage Between Gaza, West Bank
Israel Court Orders Review of Gaza Power Cuts
Israeli Reservists: Invading Gaza Like Fighting a 'Mini War'
US Chides Israel for Curbing Palestinian Security Forces
Hamas MPs Challenge Abbas With Parliament Session in Gaza
Lieberman: Ban Arab Committee
US Okays $155 Million Arms Package for Israel
Mideast Religious Leaders Say They Vital to Peace
Lebanon Cleric: US Encourages Terrorism
Lebanese Opposition Politician Sanctioned by US Describes Decision as 'Silly'
Middle East
Syria Wants Golan Heights Discussed at Mideast Talks
Yemeni Court Convicts 32 al-Qaeda Suspects
Jordan Clears 50,000 Israeli Mines
Mubarak's Heir Sees US Influence Ebbing
Afghanistan Occupation
Bush Tells Karzai: 'Remain Strong'
Bush Not Angry at Reluctant NATO Allies
Polish General Says NATO Facing Better-Trained Insurgents in Afghanistan
UK to Keep Troops in Afghanistan Until 2010
Germany Extends Commitment in Afghanistan, Defying Voters
France Fills in F-15's Role in Afghanistan After Crash
Today in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Karzai Orders End to Torture
Afghans Mourn Death of Six Legislators, Civilians in Deadly Explosion
Afghan Blast, Pakistan Turmoil Show Extremist Threat: Karzai
Bloody Attack in Afghanistan Smashes Hope for Peace
Taliban Stage a Coup of Their Own
Insurgents Kill Eight People in Afghanistan
Musharraf: Election Dependant on Whether or Not Supreme Court Approves Candidacy
Bhutto Threatens Mass Protest as Police Baton-Charge Supporters
Pakistan Police Arrest 400 Bhutto Supporters: Party
For Pakistanis, Fired Justice Is Symbol of Defiance
Lawmakers Question US Aid to Pakistan
A Look at Key Figures in Pakistan Crisis
Former PM Sharif Warns of Pakistan Chaos
Voice for Democracy Muffled in Pakistan
Georgia: State of Emergency Called
Georgian Police Crush Protests
Georgia Blames Russia as Police and Protesters Clash
Close US Ally Georgia Descends Into Chaos
With Rupert Murdoch as an Ally, Georgian Billionaire Pledges Big Bucks for Opposition
Georgian Political History at a Glance
Sarkozy: I'm No US Lapdog
Sarkozy's Warm Words Mask Deep Divisions With US
Congress Warms to France’s New President
Sarkozy: Iran Has Right to Civilian Nuclear Power
Bush and Sarkozy Find Common Ground Against Iran
Text: Bush-Sarkozy Conference
Police Target Italy-Based Terror Network
EU to Buoy Serbia Entry Drive by Initialing Pact
Belgium Stalemate Hits Record 149 Days
Gunmen Attack Opponents of Chávez’s Bid to Extend Power
Ex-Military Chief Challenges Chavez
Eight Injured After Anti-Hugo Chavez March
Venezuela's Chavez Meets Colombia Rebel on Hostages

Justin Raimondo
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Takes on the War Party

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From Beneath You It Devours

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Joe Lieberman's War

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Veterans Day: In Memoriam

Alan Bock
The Wars Will Be Outsourced

Doug Bandow
Iran, World War III, and the Madness of President George

Charles Peña
To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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