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Today's Highlights

US Intel Official: Say Goodbye to Privacy
  Bush on Veterans Day: US Troops Died for Noble Cause
Iraq PM Offers Amnesty for 'Deceived' Insurgents
  Maliki Says Violence Down in Iraq
  US Plan for Iraqi Recruits Stalls
  DynCorp Security Guard Shoots, Killing Iraqi Taxi Driver, Then Flees
  Sunday: 35 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded
US Military Says Finding More Iran Arms in Iraq
  Experts: Danger of Nuclear-Armed Iran Exaggerated
  Rice: Senate Iran Resolution Doesn't Authorize Attack
Musharraf: Jan. Election Won't End Martial Law
  US Has Secret Plans to Safeguard Pakistan's Nukes
  US Officials: Musharraf's Survival May Hinge on Elections
  Swat Valley Officials: State of Emergency Aiding Taliban
Israel on Alert for Syria Airstrike
  Palestinian-Israeli Meeting Scrapped After Checkpoint Incident
The Obedience Culture and the Death of the Mind  by Arthur Silber
The Man Who Bombed Hiroshima
by Anthony Gregory
Canada Needs a New Plan for Afghanistan  by Neil Kitson
Fighting Whom in Iraq?
by Robert Dreyfuss and Tom Engelhardt
A Lethal Year in Iraq  by Charley Reese
Our Man in Pakistan  by Robert Scheer

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Experts Warn Over Security of Pakistan's Nukes
Brown Insists That US Is Britain's Strongest Ally
Maliki Demands US Hand Over Prisoners for Execution
Iraq's Leaders Still Can't Agree on New Oil Law: Maliki
Human Rights Investigator Slams UN, EU Blacklists
Some Doubt Musharraf Can Be Ousted
Today in Iraq
Bloody Rivalry Between Iraqi Insurgents
Optimism Grows in Iraq
Even in the More Stable South, Iraq Rebuilds Slowly
Maliki Asserts Influx Into Baghdad
Concerns, Doubts Over Possible Collapse of Mosul Dam
Basra Police Welcome Recruitment of Christian Iraqis
Attacks Continue
Eastern Baghdad Blast Leaves Five Casualties
Oil Pipeline Set Ablaze by Bomb in Iraq
IED Kills Two, Injures 16 in Mosul
Sunday: 35 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Chertoff in Iraq for Veterans Day
US Soldier Convicted of Planting Rifle on Slain Iraqi
US Army Grants 150 Staff in Iraq US Citizenship
US Military Detains 200 in Iraq Operation
Nurse Saw Worst of War in an Iraqi Desert Ward
Remembering Has Poignancy in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Baghdad to Host International Film Festival
Korean Firms to Hunt for Oil in Iraqi Kurdistan
Top British Military Officer Urges More Support for Returning Troops
The War at Home
Armitage Says He Was Foolish in Plame Leak
Antiwar Vets Allowed to March After All in Denver
Washington State Protesters Arrested Trying to Block Military Shipments
War Protesters in Olympia Met by Critics, Police
US Military
A Stark Reminder of War, 25 Years On
Veterans Are Home, but Not at Ease
A Broken Vow, a Soldier's Torment
For a Memorial With Cracks, Fix or Replace?
Iraq and Afghanistan War Vets Suffer From Hearing Loss, Tinnitus
'War on Terror'
Web Sites on Edge Over Rumored al-Qaeda Attack
Charges Dropped Against Australian Terror Suspect
Macedonia Hosts Secret Conference of Regional Intelligence Agencies
Macedonian Special Police Raid Armed Albanian Group With Paramilitary, Wahhabi Ties, Seizing Massive Arsenal
Northern Ireland Paramilitary Group Renounces Violence
A Spy’s Path: Iowa to A-Bomb to Kremlin Honor
German Turks Hold Anti-PKK Rallies
Suspect in Georgian Coup Plot in Israel
Death Toll in Somalia Clashes Crosses 80
Children Die in Somalia Violence
Mogadishu Mayor: We Warned Civilians to Leave Insurgent Strongholds
Talks Fail to End Sudan Standoff
Sudan Charges 25 Opposition Politicians Over Plot
Congo and Rwanda Agree to Align Against Rebels
For US Exporters in Cuba, Business Trumps Politics
Admiral Fallon: Iran Strike 'Not in the Offing'
Iran Guards Ex-Commander Says US Threats Serious
Iranian FM: Israel Poses No Military Threat
Iran's Nuclear Negotiator to Meet His EU Counterpart
Merkel Looks for Ways to Restrict Trade With Iran
Saudis Propose Mideast Consortium to Defuse Iran Nuclear Issue
Former Rebel Leader: PKK Supported by Kurds in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey
Turks Jail Own Troops After Release by PKK Rebels
Russia Condemns PKK, Calls for Cooperation
Kurdish Delegation Visits Turkey to Discuss PKK Issue
Kurdish Rebels Have Crossed Into Iran to Avoid Turkish Offensive: Ex-Leader
Turkish Newspapers Vie for Fluency in Two Societies
Mideast Peace Moves
Israeli-Palestinian Talks Hit Roadblock
Egypt Hosts Four-Way Summit on Mideast Issues
Syria Likely to Be Invited to US Peace Conference: Rice
US and Israel Play Down Hopes for Peace Talks
Israeli DM Vows to Cut Gaza's Power Despite AG's Orders Not To
Israeli MP: Egypt Letting Hamas Build an Army
At Arafat Rally, Abbas Criticizes Hamas
Ousted Israeli General Blasts Leadership Over Lebanon War
Hezbollah Turns Up the Pressure in Lebanon Crisis
Nasrallah: Border Drills Show Israel Preparing for Another War
Foreign Soldier, Six Elders Killed in Afghan Unrest
Three Afghan Police Killed in Violence
Afghan Demonstrators Demand Death Penalty for 'Koran Abuse'
Suicide Bomber Wounds Five Afghan Civilians
Pakistan Rights Group Leader Slams Decision to Try Civilians in Military Courts
Pakistan: So, What About Those Nukes?
Pakistan's Opposition to Intensify Fight Against Emergency Rule
Commonwealth to Debate Pakistan Suspension Today
For Pakistani Students, a Reawakening: 'We Can't Just Sit Idle'
Pakistan Army Dominant Since Nation Born
Bhutto Terms Poll Schedule a Positive Step
Musharraf Defends Reporters’ Expulsion
Swat Militants Abduct Cleric
Rice Presses Pakistan to End State of Emergency
Superstore Destroyed in Pakistan Bombing
Three Die in Kashmir Gun Battle
UN Envoy in Myanmar to Try to Tally Dead
$100 Oil to Put Myanmar Junta Over a Barrel Again
China Sentences Five Muslims to Death in Xinjiang Over Separatist Activities
China's 'Citizen' Reporters Dodge Censors and Critics
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