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Today's Highlights


War Costs Top $1.6 Trillion

Turkish Helicopters Attack Iraqi Villages


Iraq's Kurdistan Govt Denies Strikes by Turkey

US Military Reversing Iraq Troop Surge

  Iraq to Ease Baghdad Controls
  US Rebuffs Iraq Demand for Handover of Prisoners

Baghdad: A Tale of One City, Now Two


Tuesday: Tuesday: 49 Iraqis Killed, 36 Wounded

US Kills 15 Militants, 3 Civilians in Afghanistan

  2 NATO Soldiers Killed, Another Injured in E. Afghanistan

US Softens Stance on Iran Strikes

Bhutto Put Under House Arrest Again


Is Bhutto-Musharraf Confrontation for Real?


US Envisions a Pakistan Beyond Musharraf

7 Dead After Hamas Fires on Arafat Rally

3 Killed in Philippines Parliament Blast

Musharraf Isn't the First, but He Should Be the Last  by Stephen Zunes
What Is It Like to Be a Democrat?
by David Bromwich
Black Roses: Georgia's Reformers Fall Out  by Mark Almond
Is World War III on Hold?
by Patrick Buchanan
Primitive Impulses of War  by James Carroll
The Coup at Home  by Frank Rich

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US Digs in to Guard Iraq Oil Exports

CBS: Blackwater Notified 'All Immunities Shall Be Canceled'

Japan Approves Limited Return to Afghanistan Mission

Judge Slaps White House With Restraining Order

Plame Leaker Blames White House Memo for His 'Foolish' Actions

Fox Host 'Let Down' by Implausibility of Suitcase Nukes

Battle of the Bushes

Red Crescent Apologizes: 2.3 Million Displaced Iraqis Was a Significant Underestimation
Today in Iraq

US: Iraq Insurgent Firepower Declines

Militant Leader in Norway Exile 'Not Sorry for Cameraman's Death' in Iraq

In Mixed Slice of Baghdad, Old Bonds Defy War

More Shi'ite Militia Members Join Army, Police

Hurdles Halt Plans for Shi'ite Militia Recruits

Monday: 36 Iraqis Killed, 17 Wounded
Iraqi Refugees

Iraq: Refugees Forced Home as Funds Dry Up

Report: Iraqis Detained in Lebanon

Occupying Iraq

Chertoff: US in Iraq Keeps al-Qaeda Out

Army Iraq Contracts Granted to Sex Partners

Army May Ban Security Firm From Contracts

Global Iraq Fallout

Syria Hosts Tour to Tout Iraq Border Security

Bulgaria Writes Off 90 Percent of Iraq's Debt

The War at Home

18 Veterans Arrested in Boston Antiwar Protest

Giuliani Campaign Tries to Minimize Fallout From Kerik Indictment

Bush Says US Deaths in Iraq Were Not in Vain

Wife Faces Deportation After Husband Killed in Iraq

State Dept Eschews Probes for Iraq, Afghan Embassy Attacks

Pentagon Eyes Future Space Wars in Budget Request

Hawaii Site Remains Closed After WWII Bomb Found

Overhaul of Military Labs Urged

Justice Dept. Chief Faces a Test in Minnesota

'War on Terror'

Report: 47 Gitmo-Related Flights Passed Through Spain

EU: Worldwide Rights Under Siege in War on Terror

Panel Decries UN, EU Terrorism Blacklist Process

Aussie Judge Informs Police Muslims Still Have Rights


In Time of Raised Tensions, Moscow Honors Its Cold War Spies

US Embarrassed as Putin Honors Spy Who Came in From the Cornfields

Russian Army Chief: New Arms Deal Must Eliminate Nukes Being Deployed Overseas

Russian Officer Jailed for Beating Conscript to Death


UN Envoy to Quiz Myanmar Junta Leaders

Khmer Rouge Ex-Foreign Minister Arrested


Second N. Ireland Policeman Shot in Week

US Envoy Urges Georgia to Lift Emergency


Congo and Rwanda Agree to Align Against Rebels

Congo Militia Head Lubanga Faces First ICC Trial

Nigeria Makes 'al-Qaeda' Arrests


Brown Warns Iran of Investment Sanctions

Merkel and Sarkozy Agree on Iran Strategy

Iran's President Lashes Out at Nuclear 'Traitors'

Iraqi President Vows to Stop PKK Attacks Against Turkey

Kurdish Separatists Kidnap Seven in Turkey

Poll: Vast Majority of Turkish Kurds Wouldn't Leave for Independent Kurdistan


US Fights for Boost in NATO Troops in Afghanistan

New Zealand Defense Chief's Nephew Killed in Afghanistan

Amnesty: NATO Afghan Detainees Face Torture Risk


US to Send Special Envoy to Confront Musharraf

Bhutto to Defy Ban, March

Sharif: Dictatorship Can End if All Parties Boycott Elections

Pakistani Party Slams Harassment of Activists

40 Peaceful Protesters Held for Denouncing Pakistan's State of Emergency

Commonwealth Threatens to Suspend Pakistan

Musharraf Makeover Proves Too Much for One Lobby Firm

Indian Officials 'Want a Stable Pakistan'

Pakistani Army Troops on Offensive in Troubled Swat Valley

US Agrees Not to Put Its Logo on Projects in Pakistan Tribal Area

Mideast Peace Moves

Barak: Israel Needs Its Own Peace Plan to Foil Arab One

Netanyahu Meets With Rabbi to Coordinate Opposition to Peace Talks

Palestinians, Israelis Resume Talks but Clash Over 'Jewishness'

Peres: Israel, Palestinians Can Make Peace

US and Israel Play Down Hopes for Peace Talks


Israeli Soldier Launches Missile Near Lebanese Border by Mistake

Fatah Supporters Fear Arrest After Arafat Clashes

Israeli Troops Detain Two Hamas MPs

Israeli High Court Wonders How Bedridden, Dying Gazan Poses Security Threat

In the West Bank, Militants Wanted by Israel Often Feel Unwanted


Lebanon Ruling Coalition Blasts Hezbollah Over Presidency

Beirut's Empty Stadium Full of Ominous Implications

Report: US to Provide Lebanon Trainer Jets

Middle East

Jordanian Women Register Heavily for Elections

Human Rights Activists Condemn Religious Discrimination in Egypt


Somalia's War Flares Up Again

Somali Journalists Facing Daily Abuse

Search for Weapons Heightens Mogadishu Woes

Residents Flee Mogadishu as Government Battles Rebels

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