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Today's Highlights

Senate, House Split on Iraq War Funds
  Court Upholds Bush's 'State Secrets' Claim on Warrantless Wiretaps
Basra Attacks Down 90% Since UK Troops Left
  US Credits Iran for Stemming Iraq Arms Flow
  Disgraced CIA Officer Worked in Iraq
  Recording Sparks Investigation of Marine Shootout in Iraq
  Friday: 1 US Soldier, 18 Iraqis Killed, 24 Wounded
US Talks Tough Over Iran, Warns China
  Iran Reveals How It Built Nuclear Program, UN Says
  UN Debate: More Anti-Iran Measures?
General Says Turkey Implementing Iraq Ops
  Turkey vs. Rebels: A Language of War
US Support for Musharraf Ebbing Away
  Pakistanis Growing Frustrated With US
  Envoy Flies in for Crisis Talks as US Debates Abandoning Musharraf
  Militants Gain Despite Decree by Musharraf
  Bhutto Preps for National Unity Government Without Musharraf
In Musharaff, Bush Made the Wrong Friend  by Rosa Brooks
US Cannot Force Regime Change in Pakistan  by Leon Hadar
The Anti-Interventionist Geopolitical Potentials of a Declining Dollar  by Edward A. Olsen
The Taming of the Hawks
by Caitlin B. Doherty
Torture, American-Style  by Philip Giraldi
The Mice That Roared  by Jeff Huber

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No Easy Answers to Pakistan Crisis
Democrats Vow Not to Be Bullied by Bush on Iraq
Canada Court: AWOL US Soldiers Not Refugees
Corruption Adds to Baquba's Problems
Iraq's Key Political Benchmarks
Bolton: Push for Peace 'A Mistake'
House Approves Limits on Electronic Spying
Gitmo How-To Manual Posted on Net
Camp Delta: Standard Operating Procedures
For Musharraf,
Quitting Army May End Support
Today in Iraq
New De-Ba'athification Law Ready for Iraq Parliament
Sadr MP Blasts New De-Baathification Law
In Shi'ite Iraq, Temporary Marriages May Be Rising
Iraqi Forces in Full Control of Basra: British General
Iraqi Premier Wants Trial of 2 Shi'ites in Killings
Key Test in Iraq: Is the Power On?
Kirkuk Airspace Returned to Iraqi Control
Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 20 Iraqis Killed; 47 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
US Defense Chief Decries Move to Limit Iraq War Funds
Pentagon Bomb-Fighter Stumped by Iraq's IED Drop
Interior Ministry to Search Security Firms' Headquarters
General Boozer: Success 'Possible' in Iraq
US Drops Plan to Force Diplomats to Iraq
US and Iraqi Troops Launch Assault on 'al-Qaeda'-Held Villages
Recusal Stalls Blackwater Probe
More Trouble for State Dept Investigator
Iraqis Take Measures Against PKK
Iraq: Turkey Border Tensions Easing
Armenia's Access to Turkish Airspace Restricted
Global Iraq Fallout
The Plight of the Refugees
British Defense Ministry Sued Over '36 Hours of Hell' for Basra Detainees
Poll: Five EU Nations Want Coalition Troops Out of Iraq
The War at Home
Iraqi Attorneys Urge GOP to Change Detainee Policy
Immunity-Free FISA Update Headed for House Vote
Congress Takes Up Posada Case
House Panel Criticizes Latin America Anti-Drug Plan
McCain Finds Sympathy on Torture Issue
Fred Thompson: US Needs Million Member Ground Forces
US Military
IED Attacks Up in Afghanistan, Down in Iraq
US Military Guzzling 340,000 Barrels of Oil Daily
Bush Orders US Military to Expand Air Space, Ease Holiday Congestion
547,000 Troops Still Not Enough for US Army
Army Leader: Guardsman’s Death in Medical Unit Is Isolated Event
Marine Drill Instructor Convicted of Abuse
'War on Terror'
Panel: Chinese Cyber-Spies Single Greatest Threat to US Tech Industry
Red Cross Monitors Barred From Guantánamo
Los Angeles Police Scrap Mapping Plan, Elating Muslims
TSA Minimizes Failure to Detect Threats
UK Terror Crackdown: Passengers Forced to Answer 53 Questions Before They Travel
Opposition Parties Knock Back Brown's Terror Detention Plan
British Home Office Seeks Consensus on Increased Detention Without Charges
Radical Cleric in UK Faces Extradition to US
Kosovo Votes Ahead of Independence Showdown
Roma Refugees Return to Roots in Mitrovica
Serbia Rejects Allegations of Abuse
As Georgia Moves to End Emergency, Visiting Envoy Presses US Agenda
Amid Turmoil, All Eyes Turn to Georgia’s Patriarch for Stability
UK Military Spacecraft Launched
Fugitive Somali Islamist Urges Jihad on AU Troops
Southern Somali Town Overwhelmed by Influx of Refugees From Mogadishu
General: Africom Won't Lead to Militarization of Africa
UN Issues New Warning on Darfur Forces
In Ivory Coast, a Fragile Peace Is Framed by Promises Unfulfilled
Shell Says Nigeria Pipeline Attacked
Maldives Battles Islamist Offensive
Colombians Sue Chiquita Over Payments to Terror Group
Despite Outcry, Chavez Plan Likely to Pass
US to Continue Seeking Sanctions on Iran
Iran Was Blocked From Buying Nuclear Materials at Least 75 Times, Group Says
Wary of War, Gulf Eyes Ahmadinejad Visit for Clues
China Warned Not to Block New Sanctions Against Iran
US Army Urges Iran to Take Action Against Infiltrators Into Iraq
Abbas Calls for Hamas Overthrow in Gaza
Palestinian Billionaire Launches Movement to Rival Fatah, Hamas
Christians in Jerusalem Want Jews to Stop Spitting on Them
PLO: No Solution Without Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital
Palestinians Feel Pinch as Israel Privatizes Crossings
Hamas to Release Most Fatah Activists Detained at Gaza Rally
Israelis Oust Wildcat Settlers From West Bank
Israel 'To Freeze West Bank Settlement Expansion'
Top Aide: Sharon Wouldn't Have Gone to War in Lebanon
Israel's Economic Blockade Stops Gaza's Strawberry-Farmers Selling Their Crop
Report: Hezbollah Probing al-Qaeda Actions
Lebanon's Presidential Front-Runners
Middle East
US Engages Muslim Brotherhood Despite Rice
Jordan’s Islamists Seek Offices Their Allies Scorn
Assad Uninterested in Peace Talks Without Golan
Afghan Battle Over English Course Kills Five: Official
Coalition: Taliban Shot Woman for Not Supplying Help
Corruption Rife in Afghanistan: President
NATO Has No Evidence of Systematic Afghan Torture
Soldier Killed, NATO Warns of Shortages in Afghanistan
German Parliament Extends Afghan Anti-Terror Mandate
France Denies Preparing New Afghanistan Troop Boost
NATO Chopper Makes Emergency Landing in Afghanistan
Musharraf: State of Emergency Has Saved Democracy
US-Friendly General Waiting in the Wings to Take Over Pakistan Army
Admiral: Nukes Seem Stable in Pakistan
Former PMs Join Forces Against Musharraf
Benazir Bhutto Freed From House Arrest
More Leading Opposition Figures Arrested in Pakistan
Hurdles in Uniting Pakistani Opposition
Pakistan's Musharraf to Swear in Caretaker Government
Pakistani Doctors Join Anti-Emergency Movement
Young Pakistanis Turn to Web for Protest
US Lawyers March in Solidarity With Pakistani Colleagues
Two Troops Killed, Four Injured in North Waziristan
Pakistan to Extradite British Terror Suspect
Sri Lanka
Flying Tigers Trigger Sri Lanka Alert
Military Says 19 Rebels, One Soldier Killed in Northern Sri Lanka
US Clamps Down on Sri Lankan Charity
Japan Fears US Thaw Towards North Korea
Korean PMs Agree on Aid Projects for North
North Korea Agrees to Start Cargo Trains
The Political Significance of the US-China Military Hotline
Sino-Russian Split at Regional Summit
Philippines in Separatist Deal
Police Kill Three Suspects in Manila Bombing
Indonesia Bans Unofficial Islamic Sects
Japan Drops Rape Case Against US Marines
Signs of Slump at Gem Sale in Myanmar
Australian Coroner Recommends War Crime Probe in Deaths of 5 Journalists in East Timor
'Unknown Terrorist' Sparks a Pub Ejection Panic in Australian Pub
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