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Today's Highlights

Iraqi Tribal Group Says US Killed 50 Allies
  More Children Dying in Iraq Today Than Under Sanctions
  US Bolsters Platforms to 'Defend Iraq's Oil'
  Saturday: 68 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded
Both Partiesí War Bills Fail in Senate
  Gates Warns of Layoffs Without War Funding
  Court Upholds Bush's 'State Secrets' Claim on Warrantless Wiretaps
Turkish Tanks Advancing Near Borders With Iraq
  Poll: Most Turks Back Northern Iraq Incursion, Dislike US
Nuke Watchdog Report No Brake on Sanctions
  Under Pressure, China Agrees to Meeting on Iran Sanctions
  Israeli Officials Slam ElBaradei for 'Failing to Expose' Iran
Army Desertion Rate Highest in 27 Years
  Number of US Veteran Suicides Dwarfs Troops Killed in Iraq
  Canada Shuts Doors to US War Resisters
  Wounded Warriors Face Home-Front Battle With VA
Ex-Guerrillas Lead in Kosovo Poll Count
Russia Abandons Key Cold War Arms Treaty
Bush Stands by His Dictator
by Robert Scheer
IAEA Again Verifies Iranian Compliance  by Gordon Prather
The West Should Stop Picking Losers  by Mark Almond
Rejecting Nonviolence  by Matthew Duss
Cut Israel Off  by Charley Reese
Bush's Favorite Lie  by Robert Parry

More Viewpoints

Americans: Sheep to the Constitutional Slaughter?
Brian Doherty interviews Judge Andrew Napolitano
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New UK Intelligence Chief Reveals All on Website
Koreas Agree on Reconciliation Deal
US Sees Military Gains and Political Impasse in Iraq
Iraq Clamps Down on Security Companies
Inquiry Begins Into Soaring Cost of US Embassy in Iraq
Blair Admits: I Wanted War
Iraqis With Ties to US Cross Border Into Despair
Congress Won't Grant Telecoms Immunity Over Spying
Both Government and Islamic Charity Claim Victory in Eavesdropping Case
Basra Attacks Down 90%
Since British Troops Left
Iraq Occupation
US Marine to Face Trial in April Over Haditha Killings
Volunteer Iraq Diplomats Praised by State Dept
US Army Seeks to Reopen Baghdad Slaughterhouse
US 'Battlefield of the Mind' in Iraq
Think-Tank: US Should Change Tack With Iraq Shi'ites
Today in Iraq
US Admiral Says Arab Leaders Backing Off Maliki
Two Arms Depots Found in Mosul

Iraqi Orphans Receive Official Paperwork

Talabani Calls for Arab Ambassadors in Baghdad
Friday: 1 US Soldier, 22 Iraqis Killed, 24 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Democrats Decry Bush's 'Drums of War' on Iran
State Department Official and Brother Queried on Blackwater
Brothers, Bad Blood and the Blackwater Tangle
AIPAC Case Judge to Ask Jurors if They're Anti-Semites
Students March Through Seattle to Protest Iraq War
US Military
Petraeus Helping Pick New Generals
Commercial Airlines Given Priority in Militaryís Space
Police Departments Look at Pitfalls of Returning Reservists
Bonuses Spark High Re-Enlistments
Marine Camouflage: Great for Jungles, Not So Good for Banks
'War on Terror'
Convicted Spook: Nothing to See Here, Move Along...
Senate Passes Terror Insurance Bill
In Fight Against Terror, Keen Ears Undistracted by Sight
British Court OKs Extradition of London Imam to US
Afghanistan: Karzai's Corruption Comments Could Lead to Cabinet Shakeup
Afghan Attacks Kill Two Newlyweds, 13 Policemen
25 Suspected Taliban Killed in Clashes in Southern Afghanistan
UN: Afghan Poppy Crop Up 17 Percent
Afghan Suicide Attack Misses Italian Troops: General
Two Suspected Militants Detained in Afghanistan
US Envoy Due as Bhutto Rejects Pakistan Govt
Musharraf, in Interview, Holds Firm on Crackdown
Musharraf Orders Pakistani News Channel Shut Down
Pakistan Army Kills Over 40 Militants in Northern Swat Valley
Resolution in US Congress for Suspending Pakistan Military Aid
Pakistani Court Frees British Suspect
Pakistan Army No. 2 Will Play Key Role
Indian Coalition Wins Political Dispute Over Nuclear Pact
Ten Rebels, Two Soldiers Die in Kashmir
Japanís Opposition to Stall War on Terror Bill
Japan PM in Afghanistan Pledge
Bush, Japanese Prime Minister Discuss Iran, Myanmar
Myanmar Junta Admits 15 Died in Crackdown
Okinawa's Wartime Wounds Reopened
Iran: US Must Apologize for Nuke Charges

Israel Worried UN Report May Delay Iran Sanctions

Russia Readies Nuclear Fuel Bound for Iran

Iran Accused Over 'Dual-Use' Purchase Attempts

Dollar Stays Weak as Iran Joins Fray on Greenback Weakness

Turkey Takes Steps to Ban Kurdish Party
Turkey Urges Kurd Rebels to Disarm Amid Iraq Tension
PKK's Violent Struggle for Kurdish Independence Approaches 24 Years
Israeli Defense Officials Advise Against Goodwill Gestures
Hamas Protesters Warn Against Israel Concessions
Abbas 'Pessimistic' About Annapolis Summit
Settler Enclave Mocks Mideast Peace Prospects
Israel Set to Free 500 Palestinian Prisoners
Israeli Women Soldiers Recount Army Trauma in Film
Israeli Soldiers Attack Militant Car in Gaza, Killing Two
Israeli Military Chief Steps Down After Lebanon 'Failure'
Vatican Envoy: Israeli Promise-Breaking Weakening Ties

Lebanese Army on Alert Over Presidential Elections

Lebanon Faces Crucial Week as President's Term Ends
As Presidential Vote Nears, Beirutís Residents Sense They Wonít Be the Winners
UN Chief Warns Lebanon Faces 'Brink of Abyss'
Palestinian Militants Clash in Lebanon Camp

Refugee Camp Clash Augers Ill for Lebanon

Troops Boosted Ahead of Kosovo Vote
All Parties in Kosovo Election Promise Independence
If Ethnic Serbs Secede From Kosovo, 'War Is Inevitable'
Election Observers: Russia Keeping Us Out

Russian Veteran: I Killed MI6 Frogman

Journalists and Civilians Under Attack in Somalia
Gunmen Kill Somali Intelligence Official in Mogadishu
Peace Brings Discord in Southern Sudan
AU Official: Darfur Talks May Not Restart This Year
Top Islamist Killed in Algeria
Uganda Rebel Deputy Could Be Dead
Nigerian Militants Bomb Shell Oil Pipeline
Zimbabwe Governor Foils Attempted Expulsion of White Farmers
Guyana Claims Venezuela Blew Up Dredges
ChŠvezís Vision Shares Wealth and Centers Power
Colombia's Uribe Seen as Solidifying Power
Brazil Defense Minister Says Proposed Nuclear Submarine Would Protect Big Oil Find
Weekend Reviews
Dying With an Antiwar Whimper
More Lamb Than Lion
De Palma Makes Violent, Angry Foray Into Iraq War in Thoughtful Redcated
Why Are All the Iraq Movies Really Movies About Making Movies?
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