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Today's Highlights

Lebanese Presidency Ends in Chaos
  Lebanese Seen Holding Back From Violence for Now
US Iraq Drawdown to Cut Troop Levels by 5,000
  Military Probe Focuses on Iraq Contracts
  PM: Polish Troops Out of Iraq Next Year
  In Reminder of Iraq Instability, Pet Market Attack Kills 15
  UN Refugee Agency Warns Against Refugees' Return to Iraq
  Friday: 46 Iraqis Killed, 86 Wounded
Bombings Kill at Least 35 in Pakistan
  Musharraf Relents as Sharif Set to Return to Pakistan
  Supreme Court Gives Musharraf Until December 1 to Quit Army
US Blames Iran-Backed Group for Baghdad Bomb
  Iran Hints It Could Halt Enrichment for Quid Pro Quo
  US Navy Steps Up Fuel Deliveries to Gulf Forces
Australia’s Labor Party Sweeps to Power
20,000 Vets' Brain Injuries Not Listed in Pentagon Tally
Darkness Falls on the Middle East
by Robert Fisk
Bin Laden Talks of Victory, Not Defeat  by Michael Scheuer
Guantánamo Whistleblower Launches a New Attack on Rigged Tribunals  by Andy Worthington
Hands Off Iran  by Chris Hedges
It's Still Pakistan, Stupid  by Gordon Prather
Good News From Gaza  by Gideon Levy

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Israeli Major Charged Over Attempt to Spy for Iran, Hamas, Russia
Look at Main Iraq Contractor Fraud Cases
AP Says Military Is Falsely Accusing Photographer
Blackwater Aims High With Unmanned Aircraft
US Delinks JAL Hijackers, North Korea Terror Status

Brown Praises Military as Sixth Chief Criticizes Funding

Rumsfeld Enjoys 'Customary Immunity' in French Torture Case
Lebanon's President Orders Army
to Take Over Security
Today in Iraq
Thousands Roar Support for Sadr in Baghdad Bastion
Iraq to Put 31 Asians on Trial After Shooting
Denials Over Kurdish President Assassination Attempt
Iraqi Kurdistan Schools Will Teach Religions Other Than Islam
No Relief for Camp Kids
Iraqi Cardinal-to-Be Says He Is Symbol of National Unity
Attacks Continue
Six Unidentified Corpses Found in Baghdad

Bomb Blast Rises Mosul Attack Casualties to 28

Truck Bomb Attack Causes Partial Collapse to Bridge in Southern Mosul
Friday: 46 Iraqis Killed, 86 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
UK Soldiers Jailed for Selling Smuggled Iraq Weapons
British Charity Calls for Iraq Aid Worker Surge
Money Drives Iraqis Out of Syria
The War at Home
Perle: Iraqis Did Greet US as Liberators
Iraq War Movies Fizzling at the Box Office
Foreign Ministry Source: US Missile Proposals Fall Short of Russian Expectations
Danish Court Convicts Three in Terror Case
New Polish PM to Loosen Ties With US
A Year Later, Poisoned Agentís Family Accuse Russia
Karadzic Family Homes Raided by NATO Troops
DR Congo
Rebels, Congo Army in Fierce Fighting
Congo Threatens War on Rebels
Somali Dissidents Reject Nomination of New PM
Young Gambians Detained by Army Shaved, Forced to Do 'Monkey Dance'
Bolivian Assembly Restarts Under Military Guard
Weekend Reviews
The Gospel According to Gerson
A Colder War
The Nijinsky of Ambivalence
Iran Is Ready to Defend Itself: Commander
Iran Says UN Sanctions Invalid
Iran: Sanctions Talk May Hit Cooperation With IAEA
Mideast Peace Summit
Syria Says Golan Heights Is on Annapolis Agenda
Saudis to Join Mideast Talks; Syria Wavers
Arabs Agree to Attend Annapolis Talks
Annapolis Delegates Can Raise 'National Interests': US
Summit Terror Threat Advisory Issued
Eyes Will Be on Bush at Talks on Mideast
Top Hamas Official Predicts Wave of Violence in Wake of Annapolis
Israel Welcomes Saudi Arabia's Planned Attendance at Annapolis
Abbas: Israel, PA Failed to Agree on Joint Statement
Iraq Invited to Attend Annapolis Conference
Teaching on the Frontline in Gaza and Israel
Airtime for Israel's Arabs
Devout Muslims and Jews Mull Dividing Jerusalem
US Urges Calm in Lebanon
Opposition Lining Up for Pakistan Vote
Pakistan Decries Its Suspension From Commonwealth
Report: US Knew Musharraf Planned Emergency Rule

15 More Killed in Continuing Swat Valley Fighting

Karzai Slams 'Sensationalist' Report on Growing Taliban Control
Taliban Recaptures District in Western Afghanistan
Seven Policemen Beheaded in Afghanistan
Australian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Aid Groups Object to Norwegian Military Doctors Manning Heavy Weapons in Afghanistan
North Korea's Kim Taps Son for Major Post: Report
Courthouse Bombings Strike Three Indian Cities
China's Snub of US Vessel Sends Murky Message
Bearing Aid, US Vows to Tread Lightly in Bangladesh
36 Maoists Arrested in Nepal
UN Watchdog Says Torture 'Routine' in Uzbekistan
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