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Giuliani's Culture of Corruption: Justin Raimondo
The Myth of the Oil Weapon: David R. Henderson
Hiroshima Amnesia: Leo Maley III & Uday Mohan
Was It the Oil, All Along?: Patrick Foy
The Business of War Booms: Kelley Vlahos

 Robert Parry

Neocons Think They’ve Won Iraq

 Daniel Levy

Peace is Possible

 Eric Margolis

Pakistan: Chickens Come Home

 Gareth Porter

War Party Lies About Syria, DPRK, Iran

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Updated November 26, 2007 - 11:28 PM EST
Top Iraq Shi'ite Defends Iran Against US

Iraqis May Offer US Deal to Stay Longer

  Iraq Official: US Guards Detained in Baghdad
  Ba'ath Reconciliation Bill Draws Anger of Shi'ite Bloc

Monday: 30 Iraqis Killed, 4 Wounded

Sen. Levin Says Dems Won't Block Iraq Funding
  Richardson: Iraq War Not Worth One More Life
  Rudd Set to Announce Australia's Iraq Pullout
  Poll: 62% of Americans Say Invasion of Iraq Was a Mistake
Syria to Attend Mideast Summit
  Behind the Mideast Summit – the Iran Factor
Bitterest Rival of Musharraf Returns Home
  Pakistan Launches 'Massive' Military Operation in Swat Valley
Conservative Revisionists and Hiroshima  by Leo Maley III and Uday Mohan
Did McClellan Accuse Bush of Lying to Federal Prosecutors?  by Scott Horton
Iraqi Children Bear the Burden of an Uncalled-For War  by César Chelala
Was It the Oil, All Along?  by Patrick Foy
Evidence on Iran Doesn't Seem to Matter  by Gwynne Dyer
Is Blix Right About US Aims in Iraq?
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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Hired Guns: The Business of War Booms
Third US General in a Week Visits Turkey Over PKK
Security Company Implicated in Second Baghdad Shooting
Flight Logs Reveal European Help in Secret Renditions
Archbishop of Canterbury: US Empire Is Worse Than British One
Pakistan's Deposed Prime Minister Sharif Returns, Wants to End Pakistan's 'Dictatorship'
Refugees Returning
Pressure for Results: Politics of Tallying the Number of Iraqis Who Return Home
Refugees Streaming Back to Iraq: Generals
There’s No Place Like … Iraq?
Returned Refugees Still in Danger in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraq Shi'ite Party Urges Deal on Federalism
Iraq Oil Ministry: Price Surge Should Lead to Revenue Hike
FM: Iraqi Parliament to Debate Extended Stay of Foreign Troops
MacGyver in Mesopotamia: Silly String, Tampons, Saran Wrap: US Soldiers in Iraq Get Innovative
Attacks Continue
'Wave of Violence' Against Women in US-Occupied Iraq
At Least 10 Killed in al-Qaeda Clash in Baghdad: Police

Car Bomb Kills Nine in Baghdad

Sunday: 1 US Soldier, 37 Iraqis Killed; 64 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Saudi Tells of Terror at Being Used as a Suicide Bomber in Iraq
Jordan Receives $8 Million for Hosting Iraqi Refugees
The War at Home
President Bush and 'Madame Rice': A Personal Bond Helps Align Policy
Iran Sanctions Are Getting Results, Clinton Tells Iowans
Romney Slams Annapolis Conference Timing
'Axis of Evil' Comedy Tour Heads to Middle East
US Lawmakers Urge Iraqi Govt to Promote Reconciliation
Bush More Isolated as Australia's Howard Ousted: Analysts
US Military
Military Training Program for Teens Expands in US
Sen. Schumer Slams Pentagon for Trying to Get Wounded Vets Bonuses
'War on Terror'
DHS Urges Firefighters to Spy Inside Peoples' Homes
Radiation Detection an Arduous Task at Ports
Pakistan Paramilitary Fighters Lose Heart
Pivotal Test of Pakistan's Will Against Extremists
Sharif: No Deal With Musharraf
Bhutto: Sharif's Return a Good Omen
Short Profile of Nawaz Sharif
Musharraf Camp Reacts With Wait-and-See Strategy
Commonwealth Calls for Pakistan to Remain Engaged
UK Armed Forces Face 'Failure' in Afghanistan
Nearly 80 Taliban Killed in Afghan Air Strikes: Official
In Afghanistan, Hunt for Arms and Militants Can Be a Fruitless Slog
Two Dead in Explosions in India's Northeast
Al-Qaeda-Linked Islamists Targeted Gandhi Heir
Air Force Bombs Rebel Communication Facility in Sri Lanka
Report: Nepal Maoists Threaten Return to Armed Revolt
Tibetans Riot in Rural Town, Police Seal Area
Iran Says UN Closes More Files Over Atomic Work
Iranian Navy Denies Closure of Hormuz Strait
Iran Detains 11 Kurdish Rebels
FM: Iran Eyes Border Deal With Kuwait Before Year's End
Italian PM Favors More Talks With Iran
Olmert, Bush to Discuss Ways to Thwart Iran After Peace Conference
Mideast Peace Summit
Rice’s Turnabout on Mideast Peace Talks
Police Cancel Pre-Summit Peace March in Annapolis
Most Contentious Mideast Issues
Golan Heights Settlers Shrug Off Peace Talks
A Glance at the Disputed Golan Heights
A Glance at Past Mideast Peacemaking
Skeptical Palestinians See Limited Annapolis Gains
Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts Flare Up on Eve of Annapolis Conference
Hezbollah Dismisses Annapolis Talks as 'Media Show'
Israel to Go on High Terror Alert Due to Annapolis Peace Summit
Netanyahu Slams Concessions Ahead of Peace Talks
Debate Begins on New Regulations to Allow Israel to Declare Foreign Groups and Citizens 'Terrorists'
Thousands of Palestinians and Israelis to Make Peace – Virtually
Tension Rises as Hamas Threatens Fresh Bloodshed
Poll: Israelis Reject Ceding Golan Heights to Syria
Hezbollah Adds New Demand in Lebanon
Hezbollah Blames US for Lebanon Impasse
Hezbollah Recruits Thousands in Lebanon Crisis
Lebanon Situation 'Critical,' Christian Leader Warns
Middle East
Turkish Police Clash With Protesters Over Status of Kurdish Party
1,500 Saudi Militants Go Free After 'Repenting'
Jordan's King Swears in New Government
Heavy Combat in Mogadishu
Interim Prime Minister Takes Office in Somalia
New Somali PM Gains Confidence Vote
Darfur Rebels Tell Chinese Troops to Go Home
Mediator Says Sudan Rebel Leader Still Alive
Rights Group: Kenyan Police Killed Thousands in Five-Year Crackdown
Second Day of Protests Against Putin in Russia
Kosovo Leaders 'Ready' if Serbia Resists Independence
Georgian Leader Resigns for Poll
Chavez Freezes Ties With Colombia
Poll Says Chavez Loses Venezuela Referendum Lead
Bolivian Protesters Clash With Police, Storm Jail

Justin Raimondo
Giuliani's Culture of Corruption

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Charles Peña
Fred Thompson and the Kitchen Sink

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Nebojsa Malic
From Beneath You It Devours

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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