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The Anti-Iran Conference: Philip Giraldi
Miracle: Honest Intel on Iran Nukes: Ray McGovern
The Tumult and the Shouting Dies…: Uri Avnery
The Lobby Strikes Back: Scott McConnell
Time for a New Foreign Policy: Alan Bock

 Ray McGovern

See? No Iranian Nuke Weapons Program

 Jim Powell

US Entry in WWI Caused WWII

 Barbara Slavin

Bush’s Gifts to Iran’s Neocons

 Philip Giraldi

Everybody’s a Terrorist

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Updated December 4, 2007 - 11:01 PM EST

Iraq All Over: US Intel on Iran Faulty

  US Finds Iran Halted Nuclear Arms Effort in 2003

Iran Assessment Jars a Foreign Policy Debate


In Iran, Group of 500 'Mothers of Peace' Criticizes Nuclear Policy

Sadr Tells Bush to Get Out of Iraq
  Iraq's Interior Ministry Eyes Power to Arrest Foreign Guards
  Arabs and Kurds Reach Accord in Kirkuk

Tuesday: 36 Iraqis Killed, 51 Wounded

US May Recruit Afghan Tribes to Fight Taliban


UN: Violence Grows in Afghanistan in 2007

'New Republic' Retracts Iraq Diarist's Reports

A Miracle: Honest Intel on Iran Nukes  by Ray McGovern
The Tumult and the Shouting Dies…  by Uri Avnery
'Clarifying' the Geneva Conventions: A Ploy to Limit US Culpability  by Benjamin Davis
The Lobby Strikes Back  by Scott McConnell
'I Will Never Leave Guantanamo'
by Sabin Willett
Time for a New Foreign Policy
by Alan Bock

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Pentagon Chief Says State Dept. Should Do Nation Building, Not Military

5 Guard Units to Go to Iraq, Afghanistan

Magazine Voices Doubt Over 'Diary' From Iraq

Bush Ally Links War Funding, Budget Deal

Fact Check on War Spending

National Debt Grows $1 Million a Minute

Iran NIE Declassified Key Judgments (pdf)

US Holding 950 Juvenile Detainees in Iraq, Some as Young as 10
Today in Iraq

Sadr Hails Followers for Obeying Cease-Fire

Iraqi State TV Claims Credit for Everything Good

Iraqi Army Retakes Shi'ite Village

Violence Reportedly Hampers Iraq Forces

Iraq Troops Find 12 Bodies in Mass Grave

Baghdad Cafés Back to Life

Monday: 64 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded
Refugee Crisis
Red Crescent: 28,000 Out of Over 4 Million Iraqi Refugees Have Returned

Iraqis in Syria Face Food Shortages

US Admitting Fewer Iraqi Refugees

The War at Home

Reid Pushes Back on Iraq Optimism

Does US Tolerate Anti-Muslim Speech?

US Military More Open to Gays Serving Openly

Patriotism Dwindling, Army Turns to Cash in Search of Recruits

'War on Terror'

Poll: Americans Reject Torture During Interrogations

Giuliani's Firm Lobbied for Bill Considered Terror Threat

Rights Official Attends Military Commission at Guantánamo Camp

Now Online, a Guide to Detainee Treatment

Officer: Gitmo Detainee Never Complained of Mistreatment


Gates Makes Third Trip to Afghanistan

Afghans More Critical of US Efforts

Suicide Attack Kills Four in Afghanistan

Afghan Government Says Larger Army Needed

US Backs Former Bosnia Chief Ashdown for Afghanistan Role


Bhutto, Sharif Set Election Demands

Bhutto Warns of Intervention if Pakistan Fails to Curb Militancy

Sharif Barred From Pakistan Election

Bomb Explodes at Pakistani School on Afghan Border, Kills Six

30 Militants Captured in Swat Valley


India Denies Reports of Joint Exercise With the US Army in Alaska

India Eyes Nuclear Submarine Trials by 2009

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Says 41 Killed in Fresh Fighting

Fierce Battle Rages in Sri Lanka


Chávez: Plan May Have Been Too Ambitious

Opposition Cheers Defeat of Chávez Plan in Venezuela

Violence Erupts as Bolivia Faces Crisis Over Constitutional Reform


New Iran Nuke Report Challenges White House

A Blow to Bush's Tehran Policy
Analysis: Iran Study Takes Attack Off the Table

Europeans See Murkier Case for Sanctions

Candidates Hold to Their Stances on Iran

US Showed the World Exhibit A, Iran as Nuclear Threat; Now Exhibit B Upends It

Text: White House Reaction to Iran Report

Iran Says Ties With Syria Rock Solid

Ottawa Says Iran Expels Canadian Ambassador in Retaliation

Iran Wants Economic, Security Pacts With Gulf Arabs


Israeli Attack Leaves Four Dead in Gaza

Ex-Official Chides Israeli Army on Lebanon War Censorship

Israeli Prisoner Release Derided by Palestinians

Red Cross: Hamas Is Not Ruling Out Handing Over Shalit Letter


Hezbollah Signals Support for Presidential Choice in Lebanon

Italian Troops Tread Softly in Southern Lebanon

Lebanon Sees New Obstacles to Consensus President Candidate

Middle East

Saudi Eyes Relaunch of Israel Talks With Syria, Lebanon

Syria Is Reaping Benefits From Annapolis

Egypt Detains 13 Muslim Brotherhood Members


Observers: Russian Election Not Fair

Kasparov Denounces Russian Election

West Urges Moscow to Probe Poll Fraud Claims

Putin Basks in Election Win Despite Criticism

Litvinenko Murder Suspect Lugovoy Wins Place in Parliament

US Accused of Instigating Russian Revolt


Gates: US Reassessing Relationship With Somalia

Two Men Caught After Assassinating Mogadishu District Commissioner


Ugandan Rebel Deputy Under House Arrest

UN Congo Force Praises Uganda Govt

Congo Army in Rebel Offensive


Poll: Opposition to US Missile Shield Grows in Poland

Mediators Display US-Russia Division on Kosovo


Justin Raimondo
Is Russia Democratic?

Philip Giraldi
The Anti-Iran Annapolis Conference

David R. Henderson
The Religion Called Americanism

Alan Bock
In For the Long Haul

Doug Bandow
Khrushchev's Cold War

Charles Peńa
An American in Paris

Nebojsa Malic
On the Brink

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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