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No Iran Attack? You Sure?: Justin Raimondo
Iran NIE Validates Euro Diplomacy: Gareth Porter
The Failure of Annapolis: Stephen Zunes
An Interview With Jonathan Schell
FL Bars Peace Group from Schools: Weisenmiller

 Pat Buchanan

War on hold?

 Jonathan Schell

No Nukes!

 Anatol Leven and John Hulsman

Imperial Overstretch

 Ray McGovern

See? No Iranian Nuke Weapons Program

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Updated December 5, 2007 - 11:04 PM EST
Bush Calls on Iran to 'Come Clean'

Bush Refuses to Rule Out Iran Strike


IAEA: US Iran Report Matches UN Agency

  Iran NIE Validates 2003 European Diplomacy

Iran Welcomes US Report, Says Atomic Plans Peaceful

Evidence of Innocence Rejected at Guantanamo
  Key Gitmo Cases Hit Supreme Court
15-Month Tours of Iraq Likely for a While
  Insurgent Battle Plays Out as Samarra Suffers

A Calmer Iraq: Fragile, and Possibly Fleeting

  Wednesday: 3 US Soldiers, 31 Iraqis Killed; 70 Iraqis Wounded
Suicide Attack Injures 22 as Gates Visits Kabul
  Afghanistan Asks US for More Weapons, Trainers
  NATO Revamps Measures of Afghan Progress

'New Republic' Retracts Iraq Diarist's Reports

Played for Fools Yet Again: About That Iran 'Intelligence' Report  by Arthur Silber
Trying to Dispel a Mist with a Machine Gun  Tom Engelhardt interviews Jonathan Schell
Liberal Hawk Says Iraq No Longer Matters  by Ira Chernus
Putin's Landslide  by Eric Margolis
The Failure of Annapolis  by Stephen Zunes
Don't Know Much About History
by Emily Bazelon

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Hersh: Bush Told Olmert of Iran Report Two Days Before President Was Allegedly First Briefed on It

Hadley: Findings That Iran Hasn't Had Nuke Program in Years Proves We Were Right

Clinton Rivals Hammer Her Iran Vote During Debate

Text of President Bush's Press Conference on Iran's Nuclear Program

The War's Hot, but Draft Talk Chills

Peace Group Barred From Florida Schools

Returning Iraqi Refugees Find Squatters Occupying Their Homes
Today in Iraq

US: 40 al-Qaeda Leaders Killed or Captured in Iraq

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 47 Iraqis Killed; 51 Iraqis Wounded
Refugee Crisis

Iraq Says It Can't Handle Any Large Refugee Influx

Lebanon: Refugees Coerced to Return to Iraq

Occupying Iraq

Accord Tightens Control of Security Contractors in Iraq

Iraqi Kurd and US Oil Chiefs Meet

Shi'ite Gunmen Threaten to Kill British Hostages in Videotape

Witness: Tense Scene After US Soldier Butchers Iraqi

The War at Home

Bush, Democrats Locked in Public Relations Battle on Iraq Money

Feeding Off the Pentagon

Arab-American Paratrooper Faces Deportation After Afghan Service

Three Months With US Military Chaplains in Iraq and Afghanistan

'War on Terror'

No Evidence Gitmo Detainee a Terrorist

Gitmo Commander: Inmate Who Slit His Own Throat Wasn't Really Trying to Kill Himself

ACLU: Bush's Wiretap Bill Violates Fourth Amendment


Gates Calls for More International Intervention in Afghanistan

Afghanistan at Top of al-Qaeda's Agenda

Estonian Lawmakers Extend Afghanistan Mission Until End 2008

Leaked Map Shows Half of Afghanistan Too Dangerous for Aid Workers

UK Soldier Killed in Afghanistan


Pakistan Opposition Formulating Demands

Pakistan: Female Suicide Bomber Killed

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Government Releases 1,800 Tamil Suspects

Sri Lanka Criticized for Tamil Arrests


India Eyes Terrorist Hand in Assam Unrest


China Denies Britain Spying Claims

China Says US Agrees: Forget Navy Spat

Riot, Arrests Reported in Tibet


China Casting Wary Eye on North Korea

Bail Denied in Cambodia War Crimes Trial

Philippine Catholics Afraid of Muslim Homeland Deal


Chávez Vows to Turn a Defeat Into Victory

Sunday's Defeat Likely to Hurt Chávez's International Standing


Lessons of Iraq Aided Intelligence on Iran

Gulf States Urge Peace With Iran

Bush: US Must Remain Vigilant on Iran

Iran FM Lauds US for Correcting False Nuke Accusation

Iran NIE: New Data, New Methods, New Conclusion

The Thin Line Between Civilian and Military Nuclear Programs

Europeans Relieved at US Report on Iran

Israeli Officials Angrily Reject US Findings on Iran

Israeli DM Calls for More Action Against Iran

Russia: Iran Nuclear Program Should Be 'Transparent'

British Company Guilty of Violating US Sanctions for Selling Pipes to Iran

US Nuke Study on Iran Erodes Oil Market Risk

Israel Considering Wide-Scale Gaza Operation

Barak: In Gaza, What's Important Is to Kill

Three Hamas Activists Killed in Israeli Air Strike

Taxis Disappearing Form Gaza Streets Due to Israeli Fuel Reduction


Israel to Build Homes in East Jerusalem

Israel Fails to Demolish West Bank Settlement Buildings

PA Deploys Hundreds of Security Officers in West Bank Crackdown

Rice: US Aims to Up Palestinian Economic Aid to $400 Million

Israeli Major Indicted for Spying for Iran, Hamas Seeks Plea Bargain

Middle East

Palestinians Brave Desolation at Bombed-Out Lebanon Camp

State Dept. Holds Off on Saudi Arms Deal

Rights Abuses Rise in Syria

Turkish Soldier, Six Kurdish Rebels Die in Clash


Putin Loyalists to Hold Sway in Russia Parliament

A Duma Without One Westernizer

Bush Tells Putin of Poll Concern


Deadline Nears for Kosovo Independence Negotiations

Kosovo Stalemate Set to Open Rift Between Russia and West

Serb Church Says Belgrade Must Act Tough on Kosovo

EU Seeks to Defuse Bosnia Tensions


US Warships Corner Somali Pirates Who Seized Ship

Somali Civilians Caught in Crossfire

Leader's Illness Heightens Concern About Somali Stability


US to Expel Children of Mugabe Officials from Colleges

Fierce Fighting in Eastern Chad


Justin Raimondo
No Iran Attack?
Don't Be So Sure…

Philip Giraldi
The Anti-Iran Annapolis Conference

David R. Henderson
The Religion Called Americanism

Alan Bock
In For the Long Haul

Doug Bandow
Khrushchev's Cold War

Charles Peńa
An American in Paris

Nebojsa Malic
On the Brink

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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