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Iran, Nukes, & the 'Laptop of Death': J. Raimondo
Final Disgrace for Bush & Co.: Eric Margolis
Calling on Congress to Stop a War: Scott Ritter
Meaningful Justice at Gitmo: Jonathan Hafetz
Does Nation-Building Work?: James L. Payne

 Robert Stinnett

Treason at Pearl Harbor

 Trita Parsi

New Equation in the Gulf

 Wayne Barrett

Giuliani’s Ties to KSM and Osama’s Friend

 Scott Ritter

Cheney’s Iran Policy Still Stands

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Updated December 10, 2007 - 10:50 PM EST
Brit PM to Troops: 'Your Iraq War Is Over'
  Brown: Half Our Boys Home by Spring
  Iraq to Be Given Control of Basra
  Britain's Iraq War Is Ending. Who Won?
  No Big Rise in UK Troops in Afghanistan
Gang-Rape Cover-Up by US, Halliburton/KBR
  US Fears al-Qaeda Comeback in Iraq
  Mortar Shells Hit Baghdad Prison, Killing 7
  Army Leaders Push to Shorten Iraq Tours
  Iraq Awaits Sadr's Next Move

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 3 US Contractors, 26 Iraqis Killed; 62 Wounded

Israeli Envoy: War With Iran May Be Unavoidable
  Intel Report Spurs Calls for Iran Talks
  Report: CIA Wooed Defectors From Within Iran's Nuclear Ranks
Pakistan's Opposition Splits: Sharif to Take Part in Election
  Musharraf Rejects US Action on Militants
The Surge Is a Sideshow; Only Total US Pullout Can Succeed  by Jonathan Steele
US Spies Concoct a
Potent Iran Brew
 by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
Time for Meaningful Justice at Guantánamo  by Jonathan Hafetz
Calling on Congress to Stop a War
by Scott Ritter
Bush's Real Lie About Iran
by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett
Final Disgrace for Bush & Co.
by Eric Margolis

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Secretly Briefed, Pelosi Did Not Object to Waterboarding in 2002
CIA Photos 'Show UK Guantanamo Detainee Was Tortured'
Iraq: AP Photographer Gets 1st Hearing After 20 Months
Millions of Iraqis Fled, but US Allows Few In
Israel Now World's Fourth Largest Weapons Exporter
Syria Sees Isolation Fading After Annapolis
Portugal Gets Harsh Blast From the Past
Iranian Students Protest Government Crackdown at Tehran University
Iraq Occupation
New US Assault to Target al-Qaeda South of Baghdad
Gordon Brown Makes Unannounced Visit to Iraq
MNF Lauds Iraqi Keenness on Finding, Confiscating Smuggles Weapons From Iran
US Army: IED Attack-Rate in Iraq Down During October, November
Today in Iraq
Minister: 3,000 Undercover Cops to Track Down Ba'ath Party Cells
Iraq's Hardline Ba'athists Prefer to Stay in the Shadows
Iraq Plans Crackdown in Violent Province Northeast of Baghdad
Iraq Parliament Grinds to Halt as MPs Make for Mecca
Maliki Blasts 'Exploitation' of Human Rights by Opponents
The New Iraq
Sunni Areas Shortchanged for Resources in Iraq
Iraq: Returning to Destroyed, Looted, or Occupied Homes
A Baked Tradition Rises to the Occasion in Struggling Iraq
Arabs and Kurds Dismantle Saddam's Changes
Poverty Spawns More Beggars in Iraqi Streets
Iraqis Begin to Emerge From the Dark
Baghdad Christians Celebrate Sunday Mass
Attacks Continue
Bomb Kills Iraqi Police Chief Praised by US
Iraq's Karbala Outlets Closed to Visitors After Assassination
Vigilantes Kill 40 Women in Iraq's South This Year

Sunday: 44 Iraqis Killed, 27 Wounded

Global Iraq Fallout
Turkey Reinforces Military Presence on Borders With Iraq
Engage With Iran and Syria, Iraq Tells US
Iraqi Security Official Urges Fresh Gulf Security Era
UN Envoy Urges Iraq to Join Anti-Torture Treaty
Syria Sinking in Flood of Refugees From Iraq
Iraq-Jordan: Few Iraqis Returning Home
Iraq Kidnap: Forgotten Hostages Back in Spotlight
Deleted CIA Torture Tapes
US Credibility Damaged by CIA Tape Affair: Lawmakers
CIA Director to Testify About Destroyed Tapes
CIA Official in Inquiry Called a 'Hero'
Biden Wants Special Counsel in Tape Case
US Military
A Flood of Stressed Vets Is Expected
Blackwater Contracts, Short on Detail
Army Still Discharging Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Without Benefits
'War on Terror'
Guantánamo Detainees Face Uncertain Future
Freed Saudi Gitmo Detainees Undergo 'Reintegration Program'
Four Freed From Guantánamo 'No Threat'
Police May Quiz Gitmo Detainees After Return
MI5 Chief Refuses to Back Longer Detention Limit
Russia: US Blocking Deal With NATO
Bus Blast Kills 2 in Southern Russia
EU to Agree Kosovo Talks Over
UN Fears Serbs Will Disrupt an Independent Kosovo
Kosovo Calls for 'Urgent' Support for Independence
Kuzmanovic Leading Race for Bosnian Serb President
Snafu Leaves British Soldiers Underpaid
Iran Students Break Campus Gate in Protest: Reports
Iraq Plans Next Iran-US Talks in January: Tehran
PM: Israel Set to Expose Iranian Nuclear Program
Israel Says Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb by 2010
UN Nuclear Experts to Examine New Area of Iranian Activities
Hamas to Rice: We Want Dialogue With US
Vice PM Ramon: Parts of Jerusalem Must Be Given to Palestinians
Israel Says It Will Keep Jerusalem Areas
Knesset Rattled by Racism Report
Israel's Dichter: 250,000 Under Qassam Threat if We Don't Act
Hamas Seizes Hundreds of Pounds of Marijuana – and Burns It in Public
200 Right-Wing Activists March to Site of Planned West Bank Outpost
Israel Police to Establish Local 'FBI' Unit
Turkey Mulls New Amnesty for PKK
In Afghanistan, a Do-Over Battle
UK Success in Afghan Town Matters More for Symbolic Worth Than Strategic Value
Taliban Leaders Seized in Assault on Afghan Town
Second NATO Soldier Killed in Fight for Taliban Town
Karzai: Afghanistan Govt Too Weak to Take on Rights Abusers
Australia Denies Plan to Keep Troops in Afghanistan to 2010
Australian War Protesters Demand Action From Rudd
Ashdown Critical of Afghan Mission
Afghan Army Capture Insurgents' Weapons in Western Afghanistan
Uphill Battle to Train Local Police in Afghanistan
Suicide Car Bomber Kills Eight in Pakistan
Suicide Bomber Rams Schoolbus in Pakistan
Bhutto Vacillates on Judicial Freedom
Indian Defense Minister: Ties With US Not at Cost of Russia
Police Worried as Maoists Use Beacons on Cars
DHS: Chinese in Cyber Raid on Nuclear Plant
China Deepens Religious Repression in Tibet: Report
China Tells US Not to Politicize Trade Rows
North Korea
North Korea to Receive Steel in Nuclear Deal
New York Philharmonic Agrees to Play in North Korea
16 Rebels Die in Sri Lanka Fighting
Vietnamese Hold Rare Rally Over Disputed Islands
Malaysian Police Halt Human-Rights Day March
Congo Army Offensive Slows Amid Rebel-Held Hills
A Wealth of Kindness Among Somalia's Poorest
Liberian Ex-Leader Freed From Jail
New Bolivian Constitution Approved for Referendum, Lets Morales Run for Reelection Indefinitely
Ethnic Divisions Are Putting Bolivia on 'Collision Course'
Documents: Early On, US Tried to Reach Out to Chavez
Chavez and Allies Challenge IMF, World Bank
Fujimori Trial to Start in Peru
Cuban Human Rights Activists March for Jailed Kin

Justin Raimondo
Iran, Nukes,
and the 'Laptop of Death'

Doug Bandow
Creating Crisis: Another War in the Balkans?

Philip Giraldi
The Anti-Iran Annapolis Conference

David R. Henderson
The Religion Called Americanism

Alan Bock
In For the Long Haul

Charles Peña
An American in Paris

Nebojsa Malic
On the Brink

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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