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Slings and Arrows, Left and Right: Justin Raimondo
Embarrassed to Explain US Foreign Policy: Bandow
From Freedom Fries to War Powers: Philip Giraldi
Hillary Clinton on Iraq: Stephen Zunes
Hillary Clinton's Illiberal Belligerence: Zunes

 Robert Dreyfuss

US Still Backs Iran in Iraq

 Gareth Porter

Iran Lies Shift and Back Again

 Dilip Hiro

US Has Abused Iraq for a Long Time

 Robert Stinnett

Treason at Pearl Harbor

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Updated December 14, 2007 - 10:22 PM EST
Congress Gives Bush His War Funds
Iraq: Sunnis, Sadrists Attack US Security Pact
  Violent Day in Iraq Begins With Liquor Store Bombings
  As One Iraqi City Reels, Others Are Hit
  US Forces Raid Education Ministry Building in Sadr City
  Friday: 2 US Soldiers, 25 Iraqis Killed, 8 Iraqis Wounded
Sears Tower 'Plot': One Free, Six in Mistrial
  House Votes to Outlaw CIA Waterboarding
  Destroyed CIA Videotapes Were Hundreds of Hours; No Transcripts Made
No Prosecution for State Dept Official in Iraq Rape
  Contract Means Accused KBR Rapists Unlikely to Face Prison Time
  Congress to Probe Iraq Rape Allegations
Suspected Army Suicides Set Record
British Soldiers Hail Secret Talks With Taliban
  US Army 'Construction Surge' in Afghanistan
From Freedom Fries to War Powers
by Philip Giraldi
Iran Is a Rational Actor
Justin Elliott interviews Trita Parsi
Mukasey a Bad Omen for Liberty and the Rule of Law  by Gary Benoit
Iran's Phantom Nukes  by Sheldon Richman
For the CIA's Eyes Only  by Mark Benjamin
Pelosi and Torture  by John Nichols

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Lawmakers Vote to Hold Bolten and Rove in Contempt
US Envoy: Israel Never Violated Nuclear Treaty, Since It Refused to Sign It
Inspector General for Iraq Under Investigation
US Envoy Admits Iran Report Will Make Sanctions Harder
Kurdish Parliament Approves Restrictive Press Bill
In Iraq, Not Even the Hajj is Free of Corruption
Illegal Drug Use Costing UK Army a 'Batallion a Year'
Wounded Soldier Still Stuck in the Army
Today in Iraq
Sadr Resumes Studies for Ayatollah
The Path to Ayatollah
Sixteen Bodies Found in a Ditch North of Baghdad
Iraqi City Mourns After Deadly Bombing
Police Seal Off Main Streets in Kut
Some Iraqis Returnees Face Uncertain Lives
Thursday: 1 US Sailor, 1 British Soldier, 46 Iraqis Killed; 47 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
US May Reduce Iraq Reconstruction Teams in 2009: Official
Marine Convicted After Stabbing Iraqi to Death Over Cigarette
Defense Asks for More Time in Ex-Soldier's Iraq Rape-Slaying Case
US Favors Political Resolution to PKK Issue, Says Top Official
Global Iraq Fallout
British Inquiry of Failed Plots Points to Iraq’s Qaeda Group
United Nations: Probation for Trader in Oil-for-Food Fraud
The War at Home
Pelosi: Republicans 'Like' Iraq War
Iraq Casts Shadow on 2008 State Races
Sen. Hagel Weighs in on Iran, US Intelligence
Fox Analyst: Americans Shouldn't Be Above Torturing Suspects
US Military
A Push to Track Suicides Among Recent Veterans
Army Sets Up New Office of Videogames
Air Force Raptors Officially Declared Fully Operational
YouTube-Aided Detainee Sent Home to Sudan
15 Guantánamo Prisoners Transferred to Afghanistan, Sudan
UN Expert: Tapes Point to CIA Torture
Screws Tighten on CIA for Interrogation Techniques
South Korean Troops to Exit Afghanistan This Week
Afghan Blast Kills Six; Taliban Behead Two
US, NATO Troop Levels in Afghanistan
US Launches Public-Private Bid to Reform Afghan Justice
From Southern Afghanistan's Voiceless Women Come 1,000 Prayers for Peace
Twin Blasts Kill Seven in Pakistan
Musharraf to End Emergency Rule Saturday
Strange Bedfellows Emerge in Pakistan
Japan Military Officer Held in Aegis Secrets Leak
In Japan, Denial Over Nanjing Still Holds Sway After 70 Years
Opposition Leads South Korean Polls
Korean-American's Spy Conviction Stands
Train Bomb Kills Five in Northeast India
Philippine Muslim Rebel Groups Agree to Reconcile
Thailand Tightens Security Ahead of December 23 Poll
US Demands Due Process for Arrested Malaysian Activists
Toll in Algiers Blasts Disputed
Algeria Bombing Prompts Question: Can al-Qaeda Spread Across North Africa?
Privation and Despair Colored an Algiers Bomber’s Life
At Least 17 Killed in Somalia Attacks
Somalia Descends Into Africa's Worst Crisis

Mortars Rain Down on Mogadishu

Russia and Iran Agree Nuclear Power Station Timetable
Iranian Rockets Handed Over by Iraqis
State TV: Iran Kills 12 Sunni Rebels
US: Shield Needed Against Iran 'Threat'
Iran Asked to Postpone Talks With US: State Department
Israel Accepts Most of US Intelligence Analysis on Iran
Ahmadinejad Condemns Algeria Bombings
UK: Sanctions Against Iran Necessary
US Continues to Work for Third UN Resolution on Iran
Iran, IAEA Wrap Up Latest Nuclear Talks: Official
China Urges 2-Track Approach on Iran
Ahmadinejad to Peform Hajj: Official
Egypt and Saudi Arabia Make New Overtures to Iran
Wife of Missing FBI Agent to Go to Iran
Bush Warns Syria Not to Interfere in Lebanese Politics
Assad: Syria-Iran Alliance Unshakeable
Challenged, Syria Extends Crackdown on Dissent
Blockade of Gaza Even Makes Dying Difficult
World Bank: Palestinians Will Get Poorer if Roadblocks Remain
Israeli Journalists Face Charges for Reporting Trips to Syria, Lebanon
Mayor of Israel's Rocket-Battered Town Retracts Resignation
Israeli-Palestinian Talks to Resume December 23: Abbas
Red Cross Demands Mideast Action
Israeli Raid Kills Three in Gaza
Audit: US Sent Hamas-Linked University $1 Million
Israel May Create Special West Bank Barrier Crossings... for Porcupines
Israeli Sitcom Hopes to Lower Barriers for Israeli Arabs
PA Officials Admit Problems With Reforming Security Forces
Barak Declares 'Special Situation' in Gaza Border Towns
Limited Window Seen for Mideast Progress
Hezbollah Denies Its Leader Is No Longer Heading Military Flank
Lebanese General: Army Stronger Than Ever

Lebanon Questions Four in Fatal Bombing

Hezbollah Mystique Undiminished
Russia Succession Intrigue Follows Putin to Belarus
British FM Slams Russian Arms Treaty Suspension
Moscow Urged to End British Council Ban
US, Russian Soldiers Train in Germany
Denmark Clears Terror T-Shirts Sellers
Departing UN Prosecutor Demands Arrests
EU Leaders Sign Bloc's New Treaty
Aussies Linked to Terror Network
Australian Police Seek to Restrict Hicks
Panama: Noriega Gets New Hearing on Extradition
Argentine Leader Riled by US Cash Charge
Intense Fighting Engulfs East Congo
Uganda, Congo Start Border Oil Talks
Darfur Force Still Faces Obstacles to January 1 Start
Liberia: Exiled to a War Zone, for His Safety
Zimbabwe Ruling Party Endorses Mugabe

Justin Raimondo
Ron Paul: Slings and Arrows, Left and Right

Doug Bandow
Embarrassed to Explain US Foreign Policy

Nebojsa Malic
The Final Assault

Charles Peña
Bush's Surreal Iran Policy

Philip Giraldi
The Anti-Iran Annapolis Conference

David R. Henderson
The Religion Called Americanism

Alan Bock
In For the Long Haul

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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