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Authoritarian Temptation: Glenn Greenwald
Denying Iran's Democrats: Trita Parsi/Emily Blout
The Die is Cast: Nebojsa Malic
US Stuck With Reluctant, Inept Partner: Jim Lobe
Real Republicans Should be Antiwar: Lew Rockwell

 Karen Kwiatkowski

Tragedy and Hope

 Robert Dreyfuss

U.S. Still Backs Iran in Iraq

 Gareth Porter

Iran Lies Shift and Back Again

 Dilip Hiro

US Has Abused Iraq for a Long Time

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Updated December 20, 2007 - 11:03 PM EST
All Iraqi Groups Blame US for Discord
  Do US Prisons in Iraq Breed Insurgents?
  Commander: Al-Qaeda in Iraq Still Able to Attack
  Study: Saudis Biggest Group of Iraq's al-Qaeda Fighters
  Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 26 Iraqis Killed, 36 Iraqis Wounded
Dems Again Impotent to Rein in Iraq War Funds
  More US Contractors Report Sex Assaults in Iraq
  Holding Iraqi Govt Responsible for Saddam?
  Decline in Iraq News Boosted US Opinion
US Commanders 'Angered' Over Bombing Flight
  Turkey Says US Intelligence Led to Iraq Raids
  Turkey Gets a Free Hand in Iraq
  Kurdish Govt Vows to Defend Civilians From Turkish Incursions
Karzai Calls for Forgiveness of Taliban
  NATO Risks Losing the War in Afghanistan
CIA Will Release Videotape Documents
  White House Lawyers Told of CIA Tapes
Regime-Change Fears Drive Iran's Vice Crackdown
  Pentagon Report: Iran Keeps Funding Militias in Iraq
Real Republicans Should Be Antiwar  by Lew Rockwell
Confrontational Stance Not Best Iranian Policy  by Norman Robbins
Sri Lanka Subscribes to the Bush Doctrine  by Ameen Izzadeen
Surviving a CIA 'Black Site'
by Amy Goodman
Is the NIE Bush's Watergate?
by Saul Landau
Denying Iran's Democrats
by Trita Parsi and Emily Blout

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White House Asks New York Times to Remove Sub-Head From CIA Tape Story
Probe: Friendly-Fire Killed Two Soldiers in Iraq
Despite Signs, Suicidal Soldier Not Taken Out of Iraq
Looking to Security from Paper Police
US Stuck With Reluctant, Inept Partner in Terror War
'Black Site' Survivor Relates Horrific Tale
Dear Santa: Please Stop the Bombs
Iraq Occupation
US-Led Troops Find Mass Graves, Torture House in Iraq
US: Iraq Handoff Efforts Dogged by Problems
State Dept. Building Chief Steps Down Over Iraq Embassy Boondoggle
US Troops in Iraq Arrest Corrupt Officer, Extremist Leader, Arms Dealer

Iraq Government 'Failing Fallujah'

Rights Group Sues Blackwater Over September Killing
Fifth Trial in Iraqi Rape Case Drags On
Estonia Extends Iraq Mission by One Year
Inquiry Focuses on Marine in Death of Iraqi Officer
Today in Iraq
Attacks Down in Northern Iraq
Iraq Sunnis Remember Saddam
Iraqi Refugees Return, and Are Stranded
Iraqi Media Braves Assault From All Sides
Sunnis Mark Eid in Iraq With Optimism
No Newspapers in Baghdad Till Wednesday
Iraq Plans to Allow Private Grain Imports Next Year
Iraqi Police Arrest 20 Terror Suspects in Kirkuk
Attacks Continue
Leading Iraqi Academic Figure Shot Dead Outside Baghdad House
Iraqi Reporter Found Dead in Baghdad
Violence Continues in Iraq as Christian Girl Shot Dead
Wednesday: 57 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Palestinian Refugees From Iraq Stranded in Desert Camp
Australian Wheat Board Executives Face $14m Fines Threat Over Iraq
The War at Home
Dems Say They'll Broaden Iraq Debate Next Year
Pelosi: 'I Cannot Support Spending Billions More in Iraq With No Strings Attached'

Mukasey Limits Agency's Contacts With White House

Kristol, Krauthammer Are Out of Time
Congressmen: Iraq Lawless Like the Wild West
Santa Barbara City Council Approves Antiwar Resolution
Missile Defense Program: House Says $300 Million, Senate Says $350 Million, They Split the Difference at $513 Million
Constitutional Scholar: 'At Least Six Identifiable Crimes' Possible in CIA Tape Affair
Justice Dept. Nominee Won't Give His Opinion on Waterboarding Until AG Does
Richardson's TV Ad Targets Iraq War
US Military
Bush Approves Army Reorganization
US Army Seeks to Boost Forces by 74,000
Pentagon Probing Transit-Subsidy Fraud
'War on Terror'
Customs Official in Secrets Inquiry Over Nuclear Revelations
Hearsay, Secrecy Were Fair Game at Hamdan 'Free-For-All'
Judge Grants Guantánamo Detainee Hearing on PoW Status
Guantánamo Three Freed – and Detained
France Convicts 5 Former Guantánamo Inmates
Putin: US Does Not Treat Russia as an Equal
Russian Ex-PM Wants Fair Vote
UN Fails to Break Kosovo Impasse
Spanish Court Convicts 47 Basque Separatists
Belgium Agrees on Interim Government
Report Finds US Agencies Distracted by Focus on Cuba

Sanctions Against Cuba Are Excessive, GAO Says

US Dismisses Castro Statement

Bolivia’s Leader Says States’ Dispute Can Be Resolved

Colombian Rebels Pledge to Free Three Hostages
Alleged Fiji Assassination Plotters Free
Solomon Islands Elects Sikua as New Prime Minister
For Turkey and US, a Delicate Issue of Cooperation in Combating Militant Kurds
US, Turkey Streamline Coordination Plans
Turkey Defends Incursions in Iraq
Turkish Military Deals 'Heavy Blow' to PKK in Northern Iraq
EU Opens Talks With Turkey on Two New Areas
Turkey Should Reach Political Settlement With Kurds, Iraq Says
Baghdad Refugees Find New Homes in Kurdistan
Iraq's Other Kurdish Rebel Group
Iran Welcomes Russian Nuclear Shipment
US Releases One of 10 Iranian Nationals Held in Iraq
Syria Contacted by Nuclear Black Market
Assad: US Election Makes Peace Unlikely in 2008
Sarkozy 'Outraged' by Syria's Assad

Bush's Itinerary Includes Jerusalem, the West Bank

Israeli Committee Okays Emergency Powers on Gaza Border
Hamas Calls for Truce With Israel
Israel Cool to Hamas Truce Offer
Defiant Israel Plans New Town on Seized Land
Mideast Catholic Leader Says Peace Depends on Israel
Report: Israel Rarely Prosecutes Troops
EU Envoy: Foreign Force Could Be Set Up Quickly in Gaza
Experts: Israel's Far Right Will Up Violence in Future Pullouts
State Dept Official: US Supports Israel's Right to Gaza Incursions, Warns of Consequences
Israel Test Fires Improved Patriot Missile
US Presses for Lebanon Solution
Report: Cluster Bomb Kills 35 Year Old in Southern Lebanon
Afghanistan Defense Minister Plans Troop 'Surge'
Karzai: Terrorists Get Trained, Equipped Outside Afghanistan
Child Soldiers Operating on Several Fronts in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Holds Four Over Missing German: Report
Kidnapping in Afghanistan Confirmed by German Foreign Ministry

Congress Sets Limits on Aid to Pakistan

New US Conditions May Cost Pakistan Billions of Dollars
Pakistan Reportedly Frees Terror Suspects
Former Hyundai Executive Wins South Korean Presidential Election in Landslide
UN Concerned Over North Korean Rights Abuses
Despite Local Opposition, US Upgrades 'Camp Zuma'

US Urges Japan Not to Exit War on Terror

Japan Navy Ship Passes Interceptor Test
China Detains Cyber-Dissident Who Criticized Olympics

Chinese Assail Official Misconduct With Fervor

Sri Lanka Military: Rebel Leader Wounded
Senior Maoist Arrested in India

Uzbekistan's Silenced Society

Senate Passes Myanmar Sanctions Bill
Somali Elder: Kidnapped Reporter Safe
Somalia's Puntland Negotiating for Release of Journalist
DR Congo/Uganda
Ugandan Forces Kills Congo Soldier
Congo Army Maintains Positions Against Rebels
Al-Qaeda in North Africa Takes New Tack Amid Losses
Aid Groups Warn Darfur UN Force Set to Fail

Russia Offers Libya Nuclear 'Help'


Justin Raimondo
The Wages of Intervention

Nebojsa Malic
The Die is Cast

Ivan Eland
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem

Philip Giraldi
Turkey: Another Ally Lost

David R. Henderson
Don't Lean on the NIE

Alan Bock
Postwar Elections and Peace Prospects

Doug Bandow
Embarrassed to Explain US Foreign Policy

Charles Peña
Bush's Surreal Iran Policy

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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