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Nukes, Spooks, & the Specter of 9/11: J. Raimondo
Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy: David Henderson
NY Times Expands Kristol's Audience: Jim Lobe
An Imperialist Comedy: Chalmers Johnson
Top 11 Myths About Iraq, 2007: Michael Schwartz

 Glenn Greenwald

Justice Investigates White House Obstruction

 Eric Margolis

Playing With Fire in Pakistan

 Patrick Cockburn

Iraq at the End of '07

 Pat Buchanan

A Republic, Not an Empire

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Updated January 7, 2008 - 11:15 PM EST
Iranian Gunboats 'Provoke' US Navy
Pakistan Rejects US Covert Action Plan
  Musharraf Apparently Riding Out Crisis
  Poll: Pakistanis Want Islamic Democracy, Distrust US
  Musharraf: Pakistan 'Not Particularly Looking for' bin Laden
Iraq Death Rate Belies US Claims of Success
  Iraqis Move to Kurdish North to Escape Baghdad Violence

Monday: 52 Iraqis Killed, 70 Wounded, 8 Kidnapped

Poll: US Upset With Bush on Terrorism, Civil Liberties
  McCain: I Would Have Started Iraq War Regardless of WMD
  Hillary Open to the Idea of Nuking Nations That Harbor Terrorists
Whistleblower Accuses US Officials of Selling Nuke Secrets
Barack Obama's American Exceptionalism  by Christopher Preble
Policy of Non-Intervention Deserves Serious Discussion  by Georgie Anne Geyer
Kristol Expands His Audience Thanks to New York Times  by Jim Lobe
An Imperialist Comedy
by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt
A Hunger for America? Really?
by Charles H. Featherstone
Bush: Bad for America, Bad for Israel  by Gideon Levy

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American al-Qaeda Militant Urges Attacks on Bush
White House Dismisses al-Qaeda Threat
How the US Seeks to Avert Nuclear Terror
Report: Iraqi Soldier Killed GIs Because They Beat Pregnant Woman
US Prison Grows Beyond Capacity in Afghanistan
Army Willing to Overlook a Felony or Two
A Scramble at the CIA to Lawyer Up
Bomber Kills 11 at Iraqi Army Festival
Today in Iraq
As Troops Do Better on Iraq Battlefield, Relations With the Media Improve
Iraqi TV Show Offers Comfort Through Celebrity Chat
Iraq's Middle Class Is Languishing
Joint Forces Detain 11 Suspects Across Iraq
Attacks Continue
Attacks End Lull in Baghdad Violence
Iraq's al-Qaeda Gunmen Kidnap Tribal Leader, 13 of His Family Members
Awakening Council Leader Killed in Northern Baghdad
Blasts Hit Christian Houses of Worship in Baghdad, Mosul
Six Unknown Bodies Found in Baghdad
Five Explosions Rattle US Base Near Fallujah
Sunday: 1 GI, 27 Iraqis Killed; 44 Iraqis Wounded; 13 Iraqis Kidnapped
The War at Home
Despite Voting Record, Hillary Insists She'd Never Have Invaded Iraq
McCain Plays Iraq 'Surge' Support as an Asset
Iraqi Refugees in Turkey Seek Move to US
US Military
Back Home, a Struggle to Reconnect
Chaplain Struggles With PTSD From Time in Iraq
More Than 3,200 of Arkansas Guard to Deploy for Iraq
300 Michigan Soldiers Ship Out to Iraq
Hugs, Tears Bid More Soldiers Godspeed in Iraq
Battles of Britain
British Defense Ministry Accused of 'Glamorizing' War
UK Army Recruiters 'Misleading Young'
UK Muslim Women to Curb Terror
Muslim Anger at UK Bishop's 'Ghettoes' Attack
Two Canadian Soldiers Reported Dead in Afghanistan
NATO Says Two Civilians Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Mullahs Demand TV Crackdown
Poll: Dutch Still Opposed to Afghan Mission Plan
Canada Rejected Sending Jets, Choppers to Afghanistan
Strains Intensify in Pakistan's Ethnic Patchwork
Forces Close in on Militant Strongholds in Swat Valley
Pakistan Envoy to US: Bin Laden Whereabouts Are Speculation
In Musharraf’s Shadow, a New Hope for Pakistan Rises
Pakistanis Flee Into Afghanistan
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankans Kill 36 Rebels as Monitors Begin Pullout
Rebel Intelligence Chief Killed in Sri Lankan Army Attack
North Korea Steps Up Anti-US Propaganda
Tibetans Forced to Oppose Dalai Lama's Return: Group
Israeli DM Presses Bush on Iran
Ayatollah Khamenei: No Crisis in Iran
Iran Not Opposed to US Talks on Iraq
Iran Sees Continuing Frostiness With US
Iran Confirms Expulsion of German Diplomat
Iran Kills Rebels in Kurdish Area

Iran Executes Member of PKK-Linked Group

Israel Kills 4 in Gaza Raid, Olmert Vows Escalation
Gaza Christians Face Bleak Christmas
Dozens Wounded in West Bank Raid
Report: Israeli Military Kills Two Civilians in Refugee Camp Attack
Israeli Military Allows Medicine Into Gaza
Israeli Fuel Cuts Force Gaza Blackouts
14-Year-Old Palestinian Killed in Israeli Incursion
Rights Group: Israel's Trials of Palestinians Are Unfair
Israel's Lieberman Threatens to Pull Party From Govt
Just Going to Work, Palestinians and Israelis Travel Different Roads
Israel Says It Will Toughen Response to Longer-Range Fire
Final Report on Israel-Hezbollah Conflict to Be Released on Jan. 30
Israeli Army Develops Tiny Bulldozer for Warfare Inside Palestinian Cities
Hardline Israeli Settlers Plan Chilly Reception for Bush
Olmert, Abbas Try to Jump-Start Talks
Israel Denies Intifada Leader Could Be Released for Soldier
Egypt to Bolster Gaza Border With $23 Million From US
Arab League Backs Lebanon Plan
UN Seeks to Halt Hezbollah Arms in Lebanon
Four Suspects in Turkey Bombing Released
Poland Signals Doubts About Planned US Missile-Defense Bases on Its Territory
Georgia’s President Narrowly Wins Vote
Georgian Leader May Win Gamble
Kenya’s Kikuyus Are Now Target of Rival Tribes
Kenyan Police Accused of Killings, Arson
Scale of Kenya's Refugee Crisis Begins to Emerge
Divisions Harden in a Nairobi Slum
5,400 Kenyans Flee to Uganda
Kenya Food Effort Gets Under Way
DR Congo
Peace Summit Opens in Violence-Torn Eastern Congo

Justin Raimondo
Nukes, Spooks,
and the Specter of 9/11

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Doug Bandow
Misguided Meddling in Pakistan

Nebojsa Malic
Shilling for the Empress

Philip Giraldi
Blaming the CIA Won't Work

Alan Bock
Sad Day for Democracy... but Hope on the Horizon?

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Charles Peña
Not Home for the Holidays

Ivan Eland
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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