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The Hormuz Hoax: Justin Raimondo
The Corpse on the Gurney: Tom Engelhardt
Great Defense Budget Black Hole: Doug Bandow
Parsing the Democrats' Iraq Plans: Aaron Glantz
Monsters of Our Own Making: Rosa Brooks

 William S. Lind

The Imprudence of Empire

 Les Roberts

How Many Dead Iraqis?

 Juan Cole

Iraq War Far From Over

 Gareth Porter


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Updated January 18, 2008 - 10:34 PM EST
Could US, Iran Stumble Into War?
  US General: Iran Still Aiding Iraq Insurgents
  Israel Tests Missile After Warnings to Iran
Gates Calls for Long-Term US Presence in Iraq
  Deadly Clashes Mar Iraq Ashura Ceremonies
  Gates: Drawdown Will Depend on Iraqi Military
  Iraq May Need Military Help for Years, Officials Say
  US Dropping More Bombs on Iraq
  Friday: 1 US Soldier, 128 Iraqis Killed, 103 Wounded
MoveOn, Antiwar Groups Retreat on Iraq Pullout
  Report: Troops to War Despite Broken Leg, Torn Rotator Cuffs
Gates: NATO Allies Doing What They Can
  US Rushes to Calm Allies in Afghanistan
  Opposition Says Afghanistan Heading Toward Crisis
  Gates Urges Allies Not to Quit Afghanistan
The Corpse on the Gurney: The 'Success' Mantra in Iraq  by Tom Engelhardt
John McCain's Real Iraq War Record  by Mark Benjamin
Kosovo's Declaration of Dependence  by David Chandler
The Pakistan Conundrum  by Scott Ritter
The Wrong Conversation About Iraq
by Frank Nicosia
Monsters of Our Own Making
by Rosa Brooks

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Parsing the Democrats' Iraq Plans
US: Iraqi Forces Could Control All Provinces This Year
Air Force General: Iraq to Get Its Very Own Fighter Jets by 2011 or 2012
Giuliani Had Ties to Company Trying to Sell Border Technology
Western Powers Say North Korea, Syria Had Nuke Link
Iraqi Schoolchildren Send
Peace Messages in Bottles
Today in Iraq
US-Iraqi Troops Sweep al-Qaeda Village Haven
Bridging the Sectarian Divide in Baghdad
American Forces Nab Notorious Insurgency Chief in Iraq
Iraqi Ministries Receive 650 Humvees
Shi'ite Pilgrims Throng Iraq Shrine City
Attacks Continue
Suicide Attack Kills Nine, Wounds 18 in Iraq's Baquba
Suicide Attack Mars Shi'ite Festival in Iraq
Three Unknown Bodies Found in Baghdad
Car Bomb Explodes Outside Church in Mosul
IED Targets Salah al-Din Police Official
Thursday: 31 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Lancet Researchers Strike Back on Iraqi Death Toll
Iraq Says Turkey Partly to Blame for Power Cuts
Arab Stars to Aid Iraqi Refugees
The War at Home
Rove: Democrats Vulnerable Over Terrorism
Clinton Attacks Put Focus on Iraq Record
Bush Releases Billions More for Vets
Missing Tapes and E-Mail
Judge Chides CIA on Interrogation Tape
Lawyer: Goss Never Objected on CIA Tapes
White House Suggests No E-Mail Missing
White House Study Found 473 Days of E-Mail Gone
US Military
Army Panel Seeks Brain Injury Studies
Marines to Order 870 IRR Members to Duty Downrange in the Fall
Pentagon to Request More F-22s
Navy Helicopter Crash Kills Three in Texas
'War on Terror'
SOCOM Admiral Warns of Danger of Ties Between Latin American Islamists, Drug Trade
Chertoff: Tougher ID Rules for Borders
DHS to Replace 'Duplicative' Anti-Terrorism Data Network
Islamic Charity Hit With New Charges
NYC Jeweler Sentenced in Bogus Bomb Plot
Canada Puts US, Israel on Torture Watchlist
Journalist at Gitmo Protests Confinement
Bin Laden Son Wants to Be Peace Activist
World Bank Closes Washington Offices After Bomb Threat
UK Says It Wants to Tackle Net Terror
Brown Rejects Criticism, Will Press Ahead With Plan to Detain Suspects for 42 Days Without Charges
Kenya's Death Toll Reaches 1,000
Kenyan Opposition Accuses Police of Killing Seven
Kenya's Slum Residents Angered by Police Brutality
Protesters Clash With Police in Kenya and Loot Train
Kenya 'Turned Into Killing Field'
Kenyan Opposition Leader Threatens General Strike
US Blames Kenyan Politicians for Latest Violence
Kenyan Schools Hit by Violence
16 Die in Latest Fighting in Somalia
Somali Authorities Release BBC Journalist
Sudan Releases Darfur Rebel Delegates
Bush Says UN Effort in Sudan Too Slow
Algeria Scoffs at UN Attack Probe
Central African Republic Conflict Displaced Nearly 300,000
Putin's Successor Dismisses Fears of State 'Grab'
British Government Accuses Russia of 'Cold War' Behavior
Britain Suspends Operations of Two Offices in Russia
Russia Says British Council Must Comply With National Law
Serbian Vote Affected by Kosovo
Spain: Lyrics for Anthem Pulled
NATO to Use US Missiles?
Israel 'Would Not Dare Attack Iran': Ahmadinejad
Iran President Says Bush Confrontational
US Presses China on Iran Sanctions
China Urges Resumption of Iran Nuclear Talks
Failed Spy for Iran, Hamas Gets 5 Years
Report: Bush, Olmert Discussed Blockade of Syrian Coast
Middle East Peace 'Top Priority': Syrian Foreign Minister
Gaza Escalation
Israeli Air Strike Kills Three Gaza Civilians Riding Donkey Cart
Israeli DM Orders Continued Preparations for a Major Military Operation in Gaza Strip
Seven Palestinians Dead as Rocket Barrage Continues
Israel Locks Down Gaza
Palestinians Urge US to Intervene Over Israeli Raids
US Urges Israel to Show Restraint in Gaza
Abbas Threatens to Resign if Israeli Escalation Continues
Olmert Vows to Continue Peace Talks, Despite Party Departure
Israeli Jewish Faction Condemns 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Gaza
Israel Says Arrested Militants Planning Train Attack
Hamas Police Force Recruits Women in Gaza
Israeli Sends Condolences to Hamas Chief
Ex-Palestinian Militant Turns to Theater
Middle East
Dozens Reported Killed as Army-Rebel Battles Rage in Northern Yemen
German FM: Nuclear Weapons Won't Be Allowed in Middle East
Egypt Seizes Explosives in Sinai: Security Official
Arab League Envoy Holds Meeting Between Lebanese Rivals
US Denies NATO Discontent Over Afghanistan
Kabul Hotel Attack a Shock but It's Business as Usual

Westerners Worry About Security in Kabul

New Aircraft, Home for Afghan Air Force
Canadian Opposition Leader: US Criticism May Push Canada Out of Combat Roles in Afghanistan
Seven Canadian Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan
Kandahar's Cemetery of 'Miracles'
Blair Urges NATO Unity Amid Afghan Friction
Pakistan Loses Control Over Second Border Fort
Emboldened Pakistani Militants Seize, Then Abandon, Fort Near Afghan Border
CIA Places Blame for Bhutto Assassination
Frontier Insurgency Spills Into a Pakistani City
Blast at Pakistan Shi'ite Mosque Kills Nine
Al-Qaeda Call for Fresh Attacks on Pakistani Forces
Search for Pakistani Troops Missing After Attack
Chronology: Recent Bomb Attacks in Pakistan
Flour Shortages Adds to Pakistan's Woes
Sri Lanka
Violence Kills 38 in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Jets Destroy Rebel Hideout
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Urges US Help in Blocking Taiwan Vote
USS Kitty Hawk 'Did Not Have Approval to Visit Hong Kong'
US Top Commander Says Links With Chinese Military Improved
China Cites Tiananmen Protests in Obituary Praise
Myanmar Newspaper Irks Censors
UN Security Council Criticizes Myanmar for Slow Progress
Bush Envoy: North Korea Unlikely to Abandon Nuclear Arms
Indian Army Faces Shortage of Officers
US Seeks Role in Cambodian Khmer Rouge Trials: Official
Chavez Says US Plots to Kill Him
Chavez Worries US Joint Chiefs Chairman
Chavez's Star Fades in Violent Venezuelan Slums

Justin Raimondo
The Hormuz Hoax

Doug Bandow
The Great Defense Budget Black Hole

Nebojsa Malic
A Different Endgame

Charles Peņa
Shocked, Shocked by Bush's Broken Promises

Philip Giraldi
US, Iran One Misstep
From the Edge

Ivan Eland
Charlie Wilson's Warlords

Alan Bock
Some Substance, Please

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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