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America – A Bankrupt Empire: Justin Raimondo
The Sanctions Trap: Scott Ritter
Neocons Shaken, But Not Deterred: Jim Lobe
Korea: Time to Bring Troops Home: Doug Bandow
Baquba: Under Curfew: Ahmed Ali & Dahr Jamail

 Philip Giraldi

Cheney Back in Charge of Iran Policy

 Conn Hallinan

Counter-Insurgency From The Air

 Chalmers Johnson

Things That Can't Go On Forever Don't

 Dahr Jamail

Eye of the Storm

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Updated January 25, 2008 - 10:03 PM EST
Iraq Seeks Sharp Reduction in US Military Role
  US to Insist Iraq Grant It Wide Mandate in Operations
  Iraqi FM: US Troops Will Be Gone in a Decade
  Friday: 55 Iraqis Killed, 4 Wounded
White House: Budget Won't Fully Fund Iraq War
  Bush Aide: Afghanistan the Bad War, Iraq Good
Karzai: Helmand Under Control Until Brits Came
  US-Led Air Raid Kills Police, Civilians in Afghanistan
US Willing to Send Troops to Pakistan
  40 Militants, 10 Soldiers Killed in Pakistan Clashes
US Diplomat Says Iran Resolution 'Punitive'
  Iran No Longer Wants to Talk to US
  New Iran Sanctions Mostly to Hurt Civilians
Beirut Bomb Kills Top Police Official, 5 Others
Surging to a Stalemate
by Steve Chapman
America's Forgotten Vietnamese Victims  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
What the Church Should Be Saying About War and Foreign Policy  by Laurence Vance
The Sanctions Trap  by Scott Ritter
Neocons Shaken, But Not Deterred
by Jim Lobe
Who Wants to Be a Commander in Chief?  by Jeff Huber

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Nuclear Arms Deals Elusive
Paul Wolfowitz Named to Chair US Arms Control Panel
Baquba: Under Curfew, This Is No Life
US Not Interested in Permanent Iraq Bases: Gates
Petraeus to Stay in Iraq Most of This Year: Gates
Long-Term Pact With Iraq Raises Questions
Analysts Say Bush Will Never End Iraq 'Surge'
I May Not Catch Osama, Bush Admits
Rumsfeld Returns With a Message:
US Needs Propaganda Agency
Iraq Occupation
Squabbling Over Superbomb Stats
US Envoy Sees Iraq Momentum on Reconciliation
Sergeant to Be Tried in Iraqi's Death
State Dept: Iraq Pact Won't Limit Next President
Iraq: Another Journalist Held by the US Military
Iraqi Politics
Iraqi Official Calls for Rolling Elections Soon
Iraq's 2008 Budget Unlikely to Pass Soon

Iraq Oil Law Talks Not Taking Place Now

Kurdish Parliament Debates Iraqi Flag Next Week
Today in Iraq
Forlorn Searches for Thousands of Missing Iraqis
Iraqi Oil Exports Rise by 9.2 Percent in Past Year

Iraq Power Outage Prompts Babil Threat

Iraq Diary: The Law of Survival
Three Gunmen Killed, Two Arrested in Delouyia
Karbala Police Arrest Two Suspected Gunmen
Attacks Continue
Mosul Attack Points to Insurgent Shift
Police: Toll From Wednesday Blast in Iraq's Mosul 36
Senior Iraq Shi'ite Cleric Wounded in Bomb Attack
Mosul Police Chief Ambushed at Bomb Site
Three Unknown Bodies Found in Baghdad
Thursday: 21 Iraqis Killed, 26 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Rallies Across Canada and US to Urge Parliament to Let War Resisters Stay in Canada
BBC Plans Dramas on Run-Up to Iraq War
The War at Home
FBI Agent: Saddam Lied About WMDs Because He Didn't Think US Would Invade
Reporter Bob Drogin on Spies, Lies, and the Con Man Who Caused a War
McCain Criticizes Clinton's 'White Flag' on Iraq
Aide Helped Controversial Russian Meet McCain
Lockheed, Rockwell Raise Profit Targets on Big Military Sales
Judge Releases Blackwater Protesters After a Quiet Debate of the Issues
US Military
Guam Braces for Peaceful Military Incursion
Navy Resumes Use of Sonar Off California
'War on Terror'
Judge Rejects PATRIOT Act Challenge
Bush Admin. Pays Moussaoui Tipster $5 Million
Bush Opens Wiretap Documents to House
Stepped Up Security for State of the Union
UK Unveils Terror Law Proposals
UK Muslims Wary of Being Detained 42 Days Without Charges
Britons' ID Cards 'To Be Delayed'
World Forum Focuses on Terrorism
Kosovo Independence Move Expected in a Matter of Days
Russia: No Peacekeepers to Kosovo
Caucasus on Alert Over Kosovo
Italy's Prodi Calls It Quits After Losing Senate Vote
Spain Police: Suspects Didn't Have Bombs
Russia Wants to Ban Kremlin Opponent From Election
Germany Jails Man on Terrorism Charges
Kenyan Rivals Meet but Accuse Each Other of Sabotage
Verbal Attacks Stoke Kenya Crisis, Despite Talks
US Gives Rwanda $7 Million in Military Aid
Chief Accuses Nigerian Navy of Killing Ghanaians
Uganda Military 'Discriminates' Against Illiterate
Wall Came Tumbling Down
Israel Says It Wants No Ties With Gaza Without Border Wall
Order Begins to Return to Breached Gaza Border
Israel Sees Upside in Hole in Gaza Wall
More Gazans Flood Into Egypt, Go Shopping
Gazans Keep Shopping as Egypt Debates Reclosing Border
Israel Considers Palestinian Proposal to Open Up Gaza
Egypt Starts Controlling Gazan Crowds
Egypt Rejects Idea of Israel Waiving Responsibility for Gaza
Gaza-Egypt 'Crisis' Could Derail Peace Talks
Rice Lauds Israel's Responsiveness in Gaza, Demands Egypt 'Protect' Border
Israeli DM: Large Scale Gaza Invasion Not Ruled Out
Gaza's Sole Power Plant to Keep Producing Until Sunday
Militant Killed in Gaza as Israeli Operations Continue
3 Killed in Palestinian-Israeli Clashes
Israeli Envoys Divided Over Acceptability of Obama Presidency
Turkish PM Angers Israel: Qassams Don't Kill People, the Israeli Military Does
Blockade Can't Divide Some Israeli, Palestinian Friends
Hamas Determined to Keep Captured Israeli Alive
Fatah: More Attacks to Come
Israel Arrests Some 50 Palestinians in Rafah
US: UN Draft Resolution Tough on Iran
US Envoy: Iran to Blame for Delayed Talks
Sixth Nuclear Fuel Batch Lands in Iran
Iran Confident of No Attack, Can Survive Sanctions
China Says Fresh Iran Resolution Calls for Continued Diplomacy
Israeli FM Urges More Sanctions to Force End to Iranian Program
Lebanese Army Commander Accuses Refugee Camp Militants of Mossad Ties
Lebanon Strike Call Prompts Army to Tighten Security
UN Says Hariri Murder Tribunal Is Taking Shape
Turkey to Loosen Speech Law
Access to Youtube Resumes in Turkey
Aussie Defense Chief Baulks at More Troops for Afghanistan
US: Afghan Air Force Not Combat Ready for 6-7 Years
Journalist Claims Article That Led to Death Sentence
Canada Fights Lawsuit on Afghan Prisoners
Canadian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
US: Afghan Air Force Not Combat Ready for 6-7 Years
Congressman: NATO Spends More on Catering Than on Afghanistan
Major Offensive Launched in South Waziristan
Musharraf: Al-Qaeda All but Eliminated
Look at Pakistan From Pakistan’s Eyes, Musharraf Tells West
Musharraf Says Democracy in Pakistan Is 'Back on Track'
Scotland Yard Advised to Stay Away From 'Flawed' Bhutto Inquiry
Sri Lanka
Police Find Over a Dozen Dead in North Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Considers 20-Year-Old Indian Plan to End Ethnic Conflict
North Korea Used UN-Linked Accounts for Arms Sales: US Probe
Rice Hopes for End to Korean Conflict
South Korean Leader Apologies for 1950's Massacre of Leftists
Divided, Thailand Eyes Ruling Party's First Steps
Uzbekistan President Hails US Admiral's Visit
Singapore Pair Held Over Terror Fears
Seven Years After Massacre in Colombian Village, Truth of Paramilitary Attack Remains Hazy
A Mysterious Death in Argentina

Justin Raimondo
America – A Bankrupt Empire

Doug Bandow
Korean Troubles Old and New: Time to Bring the Troops Home

Nebojsa Malic
That Pesky Democracy

Ivan Eland
Hope in Iraq

Charles Peña
Shocked, Shocked by Bush's Broken Promises

Philip Giraldi
US, Iran One Misstep
From the Edge

Alan Bock
Some Substance, Please

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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