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Updated January 31, 2008 - 10:29 PM EST
Iraq War Killed a Million, Says Survey
  US Commanders in Iraq Favor 'Pause' in Troop Cuts
  Pentagon Official: US Arms for Iraqis Ending Up in Terrorist Hands
  US to Expand Outposts Across Baghdad by 30%
  Iraqi MP: US Oil Firms Offered $5 Million to Each MP to Vote for Oil Law
  Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 20 Iraqis Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded
Sources: Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Pakistan
  Pakistani Taliban Warlord Arises as Terrorist Leader
US Envoy Debates Iranians – a No-No
  Iran Denounces Bush's New Accusations Against Tehran
  US Ambassador Questions Iranian Interests in Afghanistan
Karzai Doubts More Troops Would Help Afghan Situation
  Ready to Quit Afghanistan, Canada PM Tells Bush
  Sentenced to Death: Afghan Who Dared to Read About Women's Rights
  US Studies Fear Afghan Decline to Terrorist Haven
Pakistani Taliban Warlord Arises as Terrorist Leader
US Sharply Toughens Stance Toward Syria
Protesters Convicted While Killers Walk Free  by Jeremy Scahill
The 'War on Terror' Licenses a New Stupidity in Geopolitics  by Simon Jenkins
Why Karzai Was Right to Reject Ashdown  by David Chandler
Arming the Middle East  by Stephen Zunes
Bringing the War Home  by James T. Phillips
Iraq: The Forever Treaty
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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Bush Increased Use of State Secrets Privilege
Bush Signing Statement Waives Ban on Permanent Iraq Bases
Soldier Suicides at Record Level
Bitter Winds Buffet Iraq's New Flag
Iraq Not Using Oil Cash to Rebuild
Hearing to Be Secret in KBR Iraq Case
Israel Says Libya Unworthy of Seat on UN Council
Mideast, Asia Lose Internet Access After Cable Fails
Afghan Senate Says Reporter Should Die for 'Insulting Islam'
Iraq Occupation
New Commander's Baghdad Strategy: 'Preserve Gains'
Australian Foreign Minister Confirms Plans to Leave Iraq to US
US Teams Seek Progress in Iraq Provinces
Iraq Security Guards Getting New Rules
US Forces Detain Senior Health Official in Diyala
Coalition Forces in Iraq Kill Four Suspected Terrorists, Detain 18
Mosul Offensive
Iraqi Troops Mass for Operation in Mosul
Iraqi Govt Determined to 'Cleanse' Mosul of al-Qaeda
US Cool on Maliki's Vow of Final Drive Against Mosul
Iraq-US Forces to Fight Side by Side in Mosul
Group Claims Responsibility for Mosul Attack Against US Troops
Today in Iraq
Iraqis Come Back to Bombed-Out Village, Seeking Care, Shelter
Iraq Has Million-Woman Social Time-Bomb
Another Bustling Day in a Baghdad Souk
Weapons Cache Found Northwest of Kirkuk
10 University Students Arrested in Tikrit
Attacks Continue
Bomb Kills Iraqi Cameraman, Driver
Bomb Takes Death Toll of Journalists in Iraq War to 126
Journalists Killed in Iraq
Unknown Gunmen Kill University Professor in Mosul
Four Family Members Killed, Wounded in Diyala
Unknown Body, Two Heads Found in Salah Al-Din
Wednesday: 25 Iraqis Killed, 32 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Allies Fall Short on Iraq Aid Pledges
Iraq Cuts Off Oil Supplies to South Korea Over Kurdistan Deal
The War at Home
Vermont Lawmakers Seek to Pull National Guard From War
Agency Chief Alleges Interference in Probe of US Attorney Firings
Mukasey Will Not Rule Out Waterboarding
Mukasey Hints at Wider CIA Probe
Poll: Iraq War Not Worth Fighting for Americans
Key Architect of Iraq Invasion and Ex-World Bank President Finds New Perch
Accused Worker for Saddam on Trial in Los Angeles
US Military
Concussion Raises PTSD Risk for Iraq Vets
Court Hears Appeal in Iraq Ambush Case
United States' Plan to 'Dominate Space' Could Backfire
'War on Terror'
Red Cross: Progress in US Detention
Bugging on the Rise in Britain
UK: Bin Laden Speeches Found 'at Plotter's House'
London Bombings 'Jackpot' for Trader
Australian Police Chief Calls for Terror Case Blackout
No Plea Deal Yet in Canadian Air India Bomb Trial
Russian Minister Exposes Split in Putin's Government
Putin Warns of Possible Foreign Meddling in Poll
European Election Monitors May Boycott Russia Vote
Serb Nationalists Tread Softly in Showcase Town
Europeans Uneasy on Online Data Safety
Fidel and Raúl Castro Win, of Course, but Raúl Wins Bigger
US: Kenya Aid Unlikely to Be Cut Much
Opposition Legislator Slain in Kenya, Sparking Clashes
US Backs Off 'Ethnic Cleansing' Charge in Kenya
Inside Kenya's Burning Rift Valley
Kenya Vows Tougher Action to Stop Killings
Calm Returns to Parts of Kenya, Says UK Expat
US Hits Anti-Democracy Move in Zimbabwe
Two Somali Police Officers Killed in Sneak Attack
UN Extends Ethiopia-Eritrea Force Mandate Six Months
Eritrea Civillian Killed in Bomb Attack
US Says Envoy Sat Beside Iranian, but No New Policy
Ahmadinejad Tells West: Acknowledge Israel's Imminent Collapse
Iran Sees Nuclear Power This Time Next Year
EU Will Only Help Iran With Peaceful Nuclear Program, Solana Says
Iran Vows to Win Nuclear Tussle With West
Britain: UN Sanctions Have Hit Iran's Economy
Iranian Parliament Speaker Says Ties With Egypt Improving
Iran Conservative Coalition to Unveil Candidates
Iran Sentences Baha'is to Prison
Diplomat Sees Better Iran-Iraq Ties
Crisis in Gaza
Israeli Court Upholds Gaza Sanctions
Gaza Deal Elusive as Hamas, Fatah Toughen Stand
Palestinians Feud, but Egypt and Hamas Working More Closely
Israel May Allow More Egyptian Troops in Sinai
Gazans' Influx Raises Sinai's Prices
Gazans Want to Get Deeper Into Egypt
Poll: Palestinian Majority Wants Pro-Abbas Forces on Gaza Crossings
January: Conflicts Killed 108 Palestinians, Three Israelis, UN Says
Poll: 53 Percent of Palestinians Oppose Rocket Fire
Poll: Bush Has Little Credibility Among Palestinians
Mideast Envoys Trade Accusations Amid Ongoing Violence
Lebanon War Report
Winograd Committee: Lebanon War Was 'Serious Missed Opportunity'
Israel PM Mostly Unscathed by War Report
Israeli Army, Politicians Blamed for Failed Invasion of Lebanon
Winograd Report Revives Israeli Anger Over Lebanon War
English Summary of the Israeli Commission Report
The Winograd Report in Full
Middle East
Saudi Women See a Brighter Road on Rights
Turkish Military Shuns Head-Scarf Debate
Bush Ignores Afghan School Violence
NATO Urges Canada to Stay in Afghanistan
Training to Be Halved for Afghan-Bound Soldiers: Report
Half-Trained British Recruits to Fight the Taliban

Foreigners in Kabul Still Shaken

Taliban Behead Four Afghan Roadworkers
Three Civilians Killed in Afghan Bombings

Hundreds of MRAPs May Be Headed to Afghanistan

Deposed Top Judge Assails Musharraf
Text of Letter From Pakistan’s Former Chief Justice
Retired Generals to Seek Apology From Pakistan
Bodies of 13 Missing Pakistani Soldiers Found
Blast Kills Three Militants in NW Pakistan
Suicide Bomber in Kabul Wounds Five People
Key Militant Captured in Karachi Shootout
Suu Kyi Unsatisfied With Myanmar Talks
US Calls for Immediate Myanmar Dialogue
Myanmar Monks Remain Defiant
Singing While Under Suspicion in Myanmar
North Korea's Kim Says Will Adhere to Disarmament Deal
Two Koreas Cut Back on Rail Link Over Armed Border
Bomb Blast Near Nepal Political Rally Wounds 55
Bomb in Philippines Kills Three, Injures 27
China Sends in Army to Battle Snow Chaos
Japan Deploys New Pac-3 Intercepter Missiles in Tokyo Area
Malaysia Bans 11 Books on Islam
Tamil Rebels Lodge Complaint With UN Over School Bus Bombing

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Chaos in the Great Game

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