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Deadly Hubris Justin Raimondo
The Terror Presidency: Doug Bandow
Protect Us from the Protect America Act: Ron Paul
False Sense of Security in Iraq: Michael Shank
Israel's Experiment in Famine: Neve Gordon

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One Million Dead Iraqis

 Mohammad Omer

Exodus to Egypt

 Philip Giraldi

Cheney Back in Charge of Iran Policy

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Updated February 1, 2008 - 10:05 PM EST
US Seeks Deal for Broad Powers in Iraq
  Female Suicide Bombers Kill 72 in Baghdad Pet Markets
  US Mulls Slowing Iraq Troop Drawdown to 'Protect Gains'
  US Casualties Rise in Iraq After Falling for 4 Months
  Iraq VP Says Won't Sign Off on Key Ba'ath Party Law
  Friday: 85 Iraqis Killed, 175 Wounded
Top al-Qaeda Leader Killed by Missile in Pakistan
  US Declines to Press Musharraf on Judiciary Crackdown
  US Concerned International Community May Abandon Afghanistan
Bush: Don't Show Iran US Is 'Paper Tiger'
  South Africa Hints at Iran Nuclear Resolution Delay
Federal Report: Military Not Ready for US Attack
  Army Suicides Up as Much as 20 Percent
  Rights Group: US, West Give False 'Democracies' a Pass
  Bush Pushes Congress on Eavesdropping Law
Mukasey's Radical Worldview Is Now the Norm  by Glenn Greenwald
Protect America from the Protect America Act  by Rep. Ron Paul
Bush Betrays Belligerent Intentions Toward Iran in State of Union  by Matthew Rothschild
'Reasonable Minds Can Differ'
by Scott Horton
False Sense of Security in Iraq
by Michael Shank
Olmert: His Own Shlemiel, or Bush’s?  by Tony Karon

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CIA Probed for Greenland Role in Rendition Flights
Obama: US Should Conduct Direct Talks With Syria and Iran
Brain Screenings for Vets May Be Flawed
Bush Wary of 'Jeopardizing Iraq Gains'
Iraq's Civilian Toll Falls Again in January
Kurds’ Power Wanes as Arab Anger Rises
Violence Draws Veil Over Iraqi Women
Congress Seeks to Limit 'State Secrets' Privilege
Western Oil Giants Square Up Over Gasfield in Iraq’s Sunni Heartland
Iraq Occupation
US Officials Assess Future Troops Levels in Iraq
Mosul, the Next Major Test for the US Military in Iraq
Rights Eroded in Iraq in 2007 With Civilians Targeted: HRW
Comrades Speak of Fallen Marine and Ties That Bind
Prosecutors Say Guardsman, Others on the Take in Iraq
KBR Iraq Cases Involve Casualties Among Contractors
Today in Iraq
Iraq's Vice President Sees Return of Sunni Arab Bloc
Iraqi Policewomen Once Again Armed
Iraq's Lifeblood Flows Under the Desert Sands
Fadel: Baghdad Sunni Citadel Against 'Iranian Invaders'
Police Forces Impose Curfew on Fallujah
Nine Suspected Gunmen Detained in Mosul
Attacks Continue
British Soldiers, Iraqis Injured in Attack on Basra Base
Car Bomb Kills Five in Baghdad Shi'ite Area
Electricity Deputy Minister Escapes Assassination Attempt in Baghdad
Gunmen Kidnap Six Civilians in Diyala
Violence Flares in Baghdad and Basra
IED Leaves Four Civilians Wounded in Baghdad
Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 23 Iraqis Killed; 38 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Kuwait Says No to Pilgrims Heading to Iraq
UK Judge Allows Iraq Abuse Reports
EU, Iraq Pursue Closer Energy Ties
The War at Home
Obama Would Hold Muslim Summit
Quotes From Republican Presidential Debate on Iraq
Berkeley (Calif) City Council Gives Marines the Boot
Berkeley (Calif) Initiative Targets Military Recruitment
Bush's Afghan Policy Raked at Hearing
Reporter Subpoenaed Over Source for Book on CIA
US Military
Modernize US Reserve and Guard, Federal Panel Says
Army Won't Court Martial Lieutenant for Her Suicide Attempts
Army Corps of Engineers Off the Hook for New Orleans Canal Failure
40th Anniversary of Tet Offensive Marked
'War on Terror'
FBI: Egyptian Students Had Fireworks, Not Bombs
HRW: US Flouts Human Rights With Secret Prisons, Torture
Book: Director of 9/11 Commission Secretly Spoke With Rove, White House
Gitmo Detainee Habib Was Originally Arrested by DEA, Not Pakistan
US Charges Guantánamo Man in Attack on Soldiers
Media Bidding War Starts for Gitmo Aussie
Talk of Independence in a Place Claimed by 2 Nations
US Sends Mixed Messages on Kenya
Second Kenyan Opposition Legislator Killed
Kenya Opposition Leader: MP Killing a 'Political Plot'
How Kenya's Election Was Rigged
Kenya's Turmoil Is Gang Opportunity
Kenya Vows Tougher Crackdown
UN Chief Warns Summit of Kenya Catastrophe
Africa Union Head: Kenya Facing Genocide
Kenya Counts the Cost as Tourists Stay Away
US Warns Against Travel to Kenya
Mogadishu Mayor Calls for Talks With Opposition
Radical Clerics Take a Softer Stance on New Somali Premier
US Envoy: US Never Wanted Nigeria Base
Nigeria Militants Threaten Fresh War
Tensions Mounting as Rebels Move Across Chad
Chad Rebels Heading for Capital
French Forces in Chad Raise Alert Level
US: No Plans to Invade Niger Delta
UN Troops Deface Ancient African Art
Comoros Invasion of Breakaway Island 'Imminent'
Algeria: Group Behind UN Bomb Dismantled
Iran DM: Our Military No Threat to Anyone
Iran Condemns Mideast Sectarian Disagreements
Iran: Sanctions Violate UN Charter
Kyrgyzstan Probing Radioactive Cargo Bound for Iran
Iran Envoy Denied Access to Iraqi Front Leader
Gaza Crisis
Egypt Blocks Gaza Cars From Sinai, Pedestrians Still Entering
Gaza Crossing Tightened as Egypt-Hamas Talks Begin
Hamas Accuses Abbas of Blocking Reopening Rafah Crossing
Hamas Leader in Cairo for Talks Over Border Crisis
Gazans Evade Security to Get to Cairo for Jobs
Blast Heard Near Egypt-Israel Border Was Gunfire
Winograd Report
Winograd: Current Israeli Use of Cluster Bombs Not in Line With International Law
Olmert Staying on After Report, Aides Say
Amnesty: Israeli War Report Didn't Touch on War Crimes
Lebanese PM Says Israel Report Sets Scene for New War
Lebanon Army Chief Says Israel Report a Victory
Polls: Most Israelis Want Olmert to Resign
Netanyahu Blasts Olmert, Calls for Early Elections
Israeli Military Kills Palestinian Approaching Border in Southern Gaza
Palestinian Factions Shell Israeli Targets
Israeli Settler Beat West Bank Teen Over Snowball
Israel's New Tescar Spy Satellite Transmits First Top Quality Images
Middle East
Joint War Games in Gulf for France, UAE, Qatar
Egypt: Unexploded WWII Mines Block Development in Northwest
Arab Ministers Urge More Cooperation on Terrorism
Damascus Defends One Arrest, Carries Out Another
US Writes to NATO States for Troops for Afghanistan
US Official Disputes Dire Assessments of Afghanistan
Afghan Deputy Governor, Five Others Killed in Suicide Blast
Recent Attacks on Afghan Officials
Think Tank: Australian Troops 'Still Needed in Afghanistan in 15 Years'
Oxfam Warns of Humanitarian Disaster in Afghanistan
Global Protests to Save Afghan Student From Death Sentence
Five Facts About al-Qaeda's Abu Laith al-Libi
Opposition Wants Army at Pakistan Polls
Pakistani Lawyers Renew Protests Against Musharraf
Senators Want UN Probe Into Benazir’s Assassination
India Denies Troops Killed Bangladeshi Villagers in Border Attack
Indian Air Force Combat Jet Crashes in East India
India's Hindu Nationalists Revive Flagging Fortunes
Sri Lanka
Suicide Blast Kills Four in Sri Lanka
Fear in Sri Lanka – One Woman's View
Japan Warns Sri Lanka Aid May Be Reviewed if Military Pressure Grows
Myanmar Arrests Blogger, Watchdog Says
Myanmar Opposition Party Claims Democracy Activists Abused
China Renews Offer of Pandas to Taiwan
China Accuses Online Activist of Subversion
Philippine Troops Kill Muslim Militant
Bangladesh Court Jails Islamic Militants
Vietnam Sentences Dissident Writer
Watershed Serbia Vote Plays Out in Shadow of Kosovo
Serbian Poll Pits Pro-European Against Nationalist
No Serbian Violence Expected Over Kosovo: EU
Poland Seeks More Security in Talks on US Missiles
Slovenia Heads EU as Balkan Neighbors Begin to Stir
British Schools Shouldn't Gloss Over Imperialism, Education Body Advises

Russian Liberals Call for Friendlier Face Abroad


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That Pesky Democracy

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Beware of Barak

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Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

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Chaos in the Great Game

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