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The Rise of the Imperial Class: Justin Raimondo
Iraqi Brain Drain: Michael Schwartz/Tom Engelhardt
Waterboarding for God: Ray McGovern
A Direct Descendant of the Founders: Ivan Eland
The Chicken Doves: Matt Taibbi

 David R. Henderson

Information, Intervention Problems

 Isabel McDonald

Do-gooders Make Darfur Worse

 Seymour Hersh

Israel's Sept. Attack on Syria

 James Bovard

Attention Deficit Democracy

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Updated February 11, 2008 - 11:27 PM EST
Gates: Iraq Drawdown Likely to Be Delayed
  Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning
  Bush Pledges No Permanent Bases in Iraq
  Powell Warns Democrats Not to 'Fall For' Timetables in Iraq
Standoff in Iraqi Province
  US: Al-Qaeda in Iraq Weakened
  Exiled Iraqis Too Scared to Return Home Despite Propaganda Push
  10 Years for US Sniper Who Killed Unarmed Iraqi

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 25 Iraqis Killed; 53 Iraqis Wounded

Pentagon Charges Six Alleged 9/11 Planners

Official: Pakistan Army Failures 'Put West in Peril'
  Musharraf's Approval Rating Plummets Before Vote
  Islamist Parties Face Drubbing in Pakistan Vote

Conflicting Assessments of War in Afghanistan

  Afghanistan Backs 'bin Laden in Pakistan' Charge
  US Warns of 'Implosion' of NATO Alliance in Afghanistan
Waterboarding for God, With Decency and Compassion  by Ray McGovern
A Scary Way to Further Erode Our Liberties  by Bob Barr
Who's Still Afraid of Osama?
by Steve Chapman
The Iraqi Brain Drain
by Michael Schwartz and Tom Engelhardt
Rejecting National ID  by Jim Harper
The Hawks' Last Hurrah?  by Laura Rozen

More Viewpoints

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Kosovo Split – New Cold War With Russia?
Congress Eyes Defense Cuts
Bush Slams Obama Call to Attack Pakistan
Contractor Deaths Up 17 Percent Across Iraq in 2007
US Raids Iraq Psychiatric Hospital Over Attacks
Shadowy Tactics of US Troops in Iraq
Israeli Interior Minister: Gaza Neighborhoods Should Be Wiped Out
Azerbaijan, Stuck Between US and Iran
McCain Found a Tool With Which to Woo Conservative Republicans: Israel
Iraq Occupation
In Baghdad, Gates Sees Signs of Progress
Mosul Offensive Illustrates US Challenges
Conflicting News About Mosul Military Operation
US Military Spokesman: Impatience Threatens Iraq Security Gains
US Commerce Secretary Urges Investment in Iraq
Iraq Workers Protest Factory Occupation by US Troops
Today in Iraq
Cabinet Reshuffle Dominates Baghdad Press
Iraq MPs Resolve Row Blocking 2008 Budget
Skeptical Iraqis Prefer Window-Shopping Through TV Amid Security Concern
Popular Committees Announce Civil Disobedience in Baquba
Kurdistan Raises Iraq's New Post-Saddam Flag
Joint Forces Arrest 11 Including Sadrist Official in Hilla
Iraqi Army Arrests 75 Suspects During Past 24 Hours
Attacks Continue
Car Bomb Kills 33 in Iraq as Gates Visits Baghdad
Tribal Policemen, Children, al-Qaeda Suspects Killed in Northern Iraq
British Base Rocketed in Basra
Clashes Leave Six Policemen, Popular Committees Members Killed in Diyala
10 Unidentified Bodies Found in Baghdad
Three Injured in Further Violence Against Iraq's Tribal Forces
Sunday: 86 Iraqis Killed, 107 Wounded
The War at Home
US Said to Seek Execution for 6 in Sept. 11 Case
Special Ops to Ramp Up Training
Toledo Mayor Explains Decision to Kick Out Marines
Documentary: Military Brass Frequently Viewed Hooded, Shackled Detainees
Seriously Wounded Iraq Vet Visits Old Walter Reed Haunts
Kenya Rivals Ready to Discuss Power-Sharing
UN: Displaced Kenyans Can't Return Yet
Kenyans Turn Vigilante as Crime Surges
Kenya Opposition Insists on Taking Presidency
Kenya Violence Leaves Uncertain Future
Kenya’s Middle Class Feeling Sting of Violence
German FM Pledges Support in Kenya Mediation
Nigeria Dispatches Team to Chad
12,000 Flee Darfur After Attacks
The UN/AU Mission for Sudan's Darfur
Somali Soldiers Kill Three Civilians
UN: Plans to Relocate Eritrea Peacekeepers to Ethiopia
Deputy PM: Russia, US 'Must Lead New Arms Limitation Deal'
Russia Says Europe Risks 'Pandora's Box' in Kosovo
Woman's Bomb Alert Forces Oil Rig Evacuation
US Marine Accused of Rape in Japan
Police Arrest Six Suspected of Planning Attacks on Mumbai
Sri Lanka Army Chief Vows to Defeat Tiger Rebels
East Timor President Wounded in Attack
Bush Raps Iran Over 'Provocative Act' Against US Ships in Gulf
Criticism Grows in Iran Over Vote Disqualification
Iran Banks Seek to Sidestep US Curbs
Red Cross Urges New Home for Stranded Iran Kurds
Iran Welcomes Turkish Parliament Vote to Lift Headscarf Bans
Khomeini's Grandson Speaks Out on Iran Military
Ahmadinejad May Visit Baghdad by Late March
Red Cross Urges New Home for Stranded Iranian Kurds
Israeli Officials Seek Tougher Military Action in Gaza After Rockets Kill 2 in Sderot
US Pushes Israel to Accept Proposed Egypt Border Deal
Israeli FM: No Hope for Palestinian State That Includes Gaza Strip
Israel's Olmert Says No Invasion Gaza
Israeli Air Force Chief: Around-the-Clock Operations in Gaza Still Insufficient
PA Negotiator Qureia Warns Israeli Escalation in Gaza Will Hurt Talks
Gaza Diary: Birthday Under Siege
Israeli Military to Step Up Targeted Killings of Hamas Men
Israeli Govt in Crisis Following Report on Secret Jerusalem Talks
Israeli MPs Slam Pardons of Fatah Members
Olmert Plots Tougher Measures on Iran, Won't Comment on Hamas Assassinations
Lebanese Crisis Talks Unsuccessful
Lebanon's Druze Leader Warns Hezbollah of Possible War
Middle East
Egyptian Court Allows Return to Christianity
Erdogan Cheered by 16,000 Turks in Cologne
Oil Money Cultivates a Mideast Ivy League
Syrian FM Arrives in Amman for Talks on Mideast Peace
Chavez Threatens US Oil Cutoff
Security Firms Fall Foul of Kabul Gun Controls
Gates Says Victory in Afghanistan Key to Defeating Terrorism
Assailants Injure Afghan District Governor, Kill Son
UK Diplomat: Karzai Vetoed My Afghan Job Due to Politics
No Plan to Send Extra Australian Troops to Afghanistan
Norway Closes Kabul Embassy After Threat
Poll: Pakistanis Turn Against bin Laden
Regional Rivalry in Pakistan
Pakistan Government Says Elections Will Proceed Despite Bombing
Suicide Attack Heightens Fears for Pakistan Polls
Pakistani Parties Rally Amid Terror Threat
Bhutto Sympathy Vote Seen Key to Pakistan Election
Pakistan's Feb. 18 Legislative Elections
Pakistanis Angry Over Prices in Run-Up to Election
Pakistan Forces Arrest 26 Militants in Swat Valley
Myanmar Voting Dates Win Few Plaudits
Myanmar's Censors Monitor Internet, Newspapers – and Poets

Justin Raimondo
The Rise of the Imperial Class

Ivan Eland
A Direct Descendant of the Founders

Alan Bock
Tortured Justifications

David R. Henderson
The Information Problem: Pull Out of Iraq

Doug Bandow
Election 2008: What's a Peacenik to Do?

Nebojsa Malic
Dead End

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

Charles Peña
Is Bad PR Really the Problem?

Philip Giraldi
Ha'aretz Rates the Candidates

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

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