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The Monster That Wouldn't Die: Justin Raimondo
Hobbled in Kabul: Charles Peņa
Gitmo Charges: Why Now?: Andy Worthington
Asia's Growing M-I Complex: John Feffer
NATO at Twilight: Andrew J. Bacevich

 John Feffer

North East Asian Arms Race

 John Taylor

Bush, Abrams vs. Palestinians

 Will Grigg

Picking Fights With, Becoming Like Russia

 Glenn Greenwald

Tappin' My Phone, Never Leave Me Alone

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Updated February 13, 2008 - 10:36 PM EST
Pause Means US Iraq Force Larger for Longer

Iraqi Lawmakers Pass Budget, Elections Date, Amnesty for Detainees


Sadr Yet to Decide on Militia Truce


Is Violence on the Rise Again in Iraq?

  Wednesday: 19 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded

Senate Votes to Ban Waterboarding


US Senate Expands Spying Powers


9/11 Defendants to Get 'Extraordinary Set of Rights'


Executions May Be Carried Out at Gitmo

Iran's Defense Spending Per Capita Among Lowest in Mideast
   Disagreements Could Delay Iran Nuclear Report
Lockheed to Build Massive Biometric Database
The Growing Military-Industrial Complex in Asia  by John Feffer and Tom Engelhardt
Gitmo Charges: Why Now? And What About the Torture?  by Andy Worthington
The Battle to Make Congress More Boring  by David Weigel
Real ID Act a Real Intrusion on Rights, Privacy  by Bob Barr
Confronting Iran?  by Jonathan Power
Why It Was Called 'Water Torture'
by Richard E. Mezo

More Viewpoints

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Scalia: Inappropriate for US Courts to Outlaw Torture

UK Says to Push Democracy Despite Iraq 'Mistakes'

Limbo for US Women Reporting Iraq Assaults

White House Pushes Waterboarding Rationale

Panel Cites Drop in US Attention to Nuclear Arsenal

UN Weighs Ban on Space Weapons; US Still Objects

Senator Calls Nuke Error Unprecedented
Today in Iraq

Iraq Confident Iranian Leader Will Visit in March

UN Says Four Million Iraqis Hungry Despite Oil

Sadr's Office Condemns Journalists' Kidnapping in Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq Under Lenses of Experts

Red Cross Appealing for $19 Million for Iraq

Abu Ghraib Film Tells Story Behind Grim Photos

The War Goes On

Sadr Keeps Them Guessing Over Cease-Fire Renewal

Anbar Chieftain Threatens Islamic Party

Iraqi Forces Scour Basra for Two Kidnapped Journalists

Iraq Tribal Units Help Security, but Strains Show

Hospital Director Accused of Supplying Iraq Bombers

Civilian Killed in Explosion in Mosul

Thirteen Bodies Found in Iraqi Mass Grave

Tuesday: 46 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded
Russia Forgives Iraqi Debt

Iraqi FM: Russian Businesses Welcome, but Will Not Get Preferred Treatment

Iraq Says Ready to Review Old Russian Oil Deals

US Military

Air Force: $144 Billion a Year Not Enough

Suicide by Guard, Reserve Troops Studied

Congressional Budget Office: Military Dependence on Supplementals Climbing

Maligned Aircraft Finds Redemption in Iraq, Military Says

Navy Paper: 'Disrupt Economies' With Man-Made 'Floods,' 'Droughts'

Report Faults Mental Care for Iraq Veterans at Upstate NY Base

9/11 Trials

First 9/11 Defendant Gets Military Lawyer

Trial of 9/11 Plotters Faces Hurdles

US Compares 9/11 Trials to Nuremberg

Telecom Immunity

Secret Phone Slip Shows Telecom Called for Spy Help

White House Spokesman Admits Telecoms Spied


Roadside Bomb Wounds NATO Soldier in Afghanistan

Australia Criticizes NATO Over Afghanistan Strategy

Karzai Seeks Aid for Islamic Schools

Afghan Children Brave Risks for Record School Year


Pakistani Nuclear Scientists Abducted Near Afghan Border

Pakistan Unsure if Missing Envoy Kidnapped

New Pakistan Army Chief Orders Military Out of Civilian Govt Agencies, Reversing Musharraf Policy

Rights Group Questions Pakistan Poll Body's Neutrality

Pakistani Troops Fan Out Ahead of Polls

Pakistani Opposition in Coalition Talks

Pakistani Militant's Reputation Grows


Mega Military Deals Expected at Indian Arms Fair

Terror Charge for Assam Activist

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Troops Killed in Church


Alleged Rape by Marine Angers Japan

Australian Troops Land to Boost East Timor Security


Pro-Democracy Protest in Myanmar

Suu Kyi's Party Calls for Fair Political Climate


Iran Reinstates 280 Candidates Barred From Legislative Poll

Olmert Says Certain Iran Still Seeks Nuclear Arms

UN Denies Internal Row Over Iran, Condemns 'Hype'

German Chancellor Promises to Press for More Iran Sanctions

Warmth for Americans in Once Hostile Tehran


Israel Captures 10 in Gaza Raid, Mortar Hits Army Base

Bracing for Israeli Assault, Hamas Forces Take Cover

Palestinian Negotiator Calls for Cease-Fire to Save Gaza

Barak Says Ministerial Calls for Action in Gaza Are 'Dangerous'


Settlements, Gaza Cloud Israel-Palestinian Talks

Israel Says Construction in East Jerusalem to Be Expanded

Israel Building Plans Anger Palestinians

Israeli Minister Plans Arab City

Israel's Army Under Attack at Home

Israeli Troops Raid West Bank Money Changers, Take Their Money

Israel Closes Investigation Into Killing of 10-Year-Old Palestinian, No Charges for Border Police

Middle East

Lebanon Charges 19 Soldiers Over Protest Shootings

Arab States Slap 'Regulations' on Media

Damascus Car Bomb Kills Man

Turkish Authorities Foil Bombing


Somali Gunmen Kidnap German Aid Worker

UN Suspends Operations After Somalia Attacks

Witnesses: Ethiopian Troops Killed Somali Soldier


Uganda Govt Sets Up More Refugee Camps

Uganda Rebels Flee to Central Africa

Uganda's Ex-Rebels Hail Amnesty Law

Tribal Fighting Frightens Kenya's 'Mixed' Couples

Kenyans Say Tribal Divide Has Reached Police Force


Sudan Condemns Chad Threat on Darfur Refugees

Mugabe Rival Expelled as Party Faces Paralysis

Congo Rebel Appears on War Crimes Charges


Russia: Bombers Flight Routine Patrol

US Scrambled Jets as Russian Bomber Neared Carrier, Officials Say

US Military Weighing if Russia in Cold War Pose

Russia Warns of New Arms Race Without Space Ban

Putin: Russia Could Aim Nukes at Ukraine if It Joins NATO

Presidents Resolve Ukraine Gas Dispute


Russia Issues New Warning Over Kosovo Independence

UK Army Laptop With Secrets Handed to a Popular Paper

Southern Austrian Province Aims to Ban Construction of Mosques to 'Halt the Advance of Islam'

Three Arrested for Plot to Kill Denmark Cartoonist


Bolivia Asks US Envoy to Explain Spying Charge


Justin Raimondo
The Monster That Wouldn't Die

Charles Peņa
Hobbled in Kabul

Philip Giraldi
John McCain and the Neocon Resurgence

Ivan Eland
A Direct Descendant of the Founders

Alan Bock
Tortured Justifications

David R. Henderson
The Information Problem: Pull Out of Iraq

Doug Bandow
Election 2008: What's a Peacenik to Do?

Nebojsa Malic
Dead End

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

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