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Today's Highlights

Israel Says 'No': Ran HaCohen
Paying Insurgents Not to Fight: Paul Craig Roberts
Does Balkanization Beckon Anew?: Pat Buchanan
The Invasion of America: Andrew P. Napolitano
Washington Would Oppose US Empire: Campos

 Michael Scheuer

Osama's Indispensable Ally: US Foreign Policy

 Jonathan Schwarz

Bill Kristol: Wrong

 John V. Walsh

Left, Right, Libertarians Unite Against War!

 Scott Horton

Rule of Law Waterboarded

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Updated February 19, 2008 - 11:18 PM EST

Castro Resigns as Cuba's President


US 'Can't Imagine' Lifting Cuba Embargo

US Strikes Within Pakistan – Without Permission


Pakistan Opposition Heads Toward Victory


Musharraf Pleads for Unity After Vote

UK Iraq Dossier Lacks Crucial WMD Claim

Iraq Oil Law Stalled, No End to Impasse in Sight


Admiral: Al-Qaeda in Iraq 'Killing Off' Former Allies


Turkey Ready for Ground Operations in Iraq to Fight PKK


Marine Commander Unhappy With Iraq's Lack of Progress


Tuesday: 40 Iraqis Killed, 62 Wounded

Top Court Rejects ACLU Domestic Spying Lawsuit


McCain Defends '100 Years in Iraq' Statement

140 Afghans Killed in 2 Days of Bombings

  NATO Commander: Afghan Bomb Attacks to Increase This Year

Secession Fear Stokes Opposition to Kosovo

  Serbian President Warns Dozens of Other Secessions Possible

Serbs in Kosovo Vow to Remain Part of Serbia

Washington Wouldn't Be Thrilled About US Militarism  by Paul Campos
Paying Insurgents Not to Fight
by Paul Craig Roberts
Six Questions on the Politics of Intelligence  Ken Silverstein interviews A.J. Rossmiller
Does Balkanization Beckon Anew?
by Patrick Buchanan
Open-Source Warfare  by Jim Henley
Convenient Timing for Terror Trials
by Robyn Blumner

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Officer Survey: US Army 'Stretched Thin' by Iraq War

Aging Air Force Wants Big Bucks Fix

Iraqi Medical System Wrecked by War

Iraqi Minister Denies Iranian Trespass on Oil Fields

FBI Screwed Up, Spied on Entire E-Mail Network

Israeli Govt Body Condemns Metaphorical 'Qassam Attacks' by 'bin Ladenesque' Currency Speculators

Some Pakistan Women Warded Off Voting
Today in Iraq

Iraqi Delegation in Iran to Discuss Border Treaty

Iraq's Amnesty and Provincial Powers Laws

Police Impose Partial Curfew on Fallujah

Over 70 Firms Register for Iraq Oil Contracts

Two Former Iraqi Officials to Face Trial Over Sectarian Death Squads

Attacks Continue

Al-Qaeda Sows Fear After Sunset in Iraq's North

Tribal Force Attacks al-Qaeda Insurgents, Seizes Weapons in Iraq

Deadly Confusion at Iraqi Checkpoints

Rockets Kill Five Near Baghdad Airport

Three Civilians Wounded in Blast in Diyala

Monday: 27 Iraqis Killed, 36 Wounded
Refugee Crisis
UN Says Iraqi Refugees Need More Help

Sweden, Iraq Sign Deal on Returning Refugees

Occupying Iraq

Fallujah Police Receive Northern Part of City From US Forces

IG: Families Not Told in Friendly-Fire Cases


Car Bomb Kills 37 Afghan Civilians

Taliban Foe Among 80 Killed in Blast

Chronology: Bombing Attacks in Afghanistan

The Trauma of a Forgotten War

Merkel Says No Plan to Change German Missions in Afghanistan

NATO Soldier Killed in Explosion in Southern Afghanistan


Pakistanis Reject Unpopular Musharraf

No Bombs, but Plenty of Tension as Pakistan Polls Close for Counting

Candidate Shot Dead in Lahore

Suicide Blasts Remain Prime Concern for Pakistani Tribal Area Voters

Musharraf Forced Into Bhutto Backdown

Panicked Pakistanis Stock Up

Sri Lanka

51 Dead in Sri Lanka Unrest

Protect Animals, Sri Lankan Rebels Told

'War on Terror'

Report: CIA Set Up 12 Bogus Companies Mostly in Europe After 9/11

Risks From Lapsed Wiretap Law Are Disputed

Amtrak to Screen Carry-On Bags at Random

Trinidad Approves Extradition to US in Bomb Plot

Britain: Life Sentence in Beheading Plot


11 Maoists, Five Police Killed in India's Central State

Filipinos Protest US Troop Presence

China Expresses Concern Over US Plan to Shoot Down a Faulty Spy Satellite

Japan to Protest to Rice After Arrests of Two More Marines

East Timor Urges Rebels to Surrender

Burma: Sandwiched Between Giants

Recognizing Kosovo

Defiant Kosovo Celebrates Independence

US and Britain Join Rush to Recognize Kosovo

EU Split Over Recognizing Kosovo as a Nation

Kosovo Recognized by Some but Rebuked by Others

Superpower Divide Over Kosovo Widens

Spain Says Won't Recognize Kosovo Independence

Sri Lanka Rejects Kosovo Unilateral Declaration of Independence

Albania Recognizes Independent Kosovo

Austria to Run With EU Flock in Kosovo Recognition

South Africa Undecided on Kosovo Recognition

In Asian Reaction to Kosovo Declaration, Fears of Secession

Serbs React

Serbian Media Reacts Angrily to Kosovo Secession

Serbia Urges Split UN Council to Act on Kosovo

Serbia Withdraws More Ambassadors Over Kosovo

Serbs Dismiss Albanian Talk of Reconciliation

Tadic Says Serbia Unjustly Punished, Vows to Fight On

US Extends Hand to Serbia for Better Ties

In Kosovo

After Declaring Independence, Kosovo Looks to Cautious Next Steps

Anger Mounts in Serb Corner of Kosovo


Iranian VP Meets With UN Officials

Israel to Complain to UN After Iranian General Called Them 'Cancerous'


Israel Detains Dozens of Gazans

Olmert: 'Hurtful' Sanctions on Gaza to Continue

Egypt Deports 350 Palestinians to Gaza


Hamas Ready to Study Any Cease-Fire Initiative

Israeli FM: Halting Peace Negotiations Only Serves Hamas

Israeli Statement: UN Envoys Call to Break Cycle of Violence 'Will Encourage Terrorists'

Palestinians: No Delay Over Jerusalem

Israel's 'Hilltop Youth' Are Settling In

Israel's War at Home

Israeli Troops Sue Over Being Used in Medical Testing

Israelis 30 Times More Likely to Be Wiretapped Than Americans


Sources: Israel Deploys Patriot Missiles Fearing Hezbollah Strike

PM: Lebanon Wants Friendly Ties With All States Except Israel

Hezbollah Official's Killing Has US on Alert

Middle East

UAE PM Arrives in Tehran

Secret Papers Reveal Terror Threats From Saudi Prince

Tension About Religion and Class in Turkey


Kenyan Negotiators Resume Talks to End Crisis

Rice: Deal in Kenya Will Enhance US Ties

Amnesty Alarmed by Kenya Violence


Five Wounded as Mortars Fired on Somali Presidential Palace

Ethiopian Officials Blame Puntland Leader for Insecurity

EU Urges Chad Govt, Rebels to Negotiate Peace


Justin Raimondo
Iraq and the Kosovo Connection

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Ivan Eland
Threats of Our Own Making

Doug Bandow
Operation Iraqi Occupation: A Decade, Century, or More?

Charles Peņa
Hobbled in Kabul

Philip Giraldi
John McCain and the Neocon Resurgence

Alan Bock
Tortured Justifications

David R. Henderson
The Information Problem: Pull Out of Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Dead End

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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