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Baquba Losing Life – and Hope: Ali/Jamail
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Bill Buckley and the Return of the Old Right

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Updated February 28, 2008 - 10:35 PM EST
Turkey: Iraq Invasion May Last a Year
  Iraqi Kurds OK Force if Turks Go Near Civilians
  Turkey Sends More Troops to Iraq Border
  Acting Iraqi PM: Long Turk Incursion Would Be 'Dire'
  US: Turkey Acting 'Responsibly' in Iraq Attack
Senate Dems Yank Pullout Bill
  Pentagon Wants More Troops for Iraq and Afghanistan
  US Terror Watch List Surpasses 900,000 Names, ACLU Estimates
  Bush, Congress Wrangle Over Domestic Spying
  Bush, Czechs Fail to Seal Radar Deal
US General Sees 'Brief' Pause in Iraq Troop Cuts
  Senior Islamic Official Calls for Autonomous Shi'ite Region in Iraq
  Sunni Forces Losing Patience With US
  Heralded New Law Is Vetoed by Iraq’s Presidency Council
  US Paid $42.4 Million to Wronged Iraqis Since Early 2005
  Thursday: 13 Iraqis, 5 Arabs Killed; 12 Iraqis Wounded
Karzai Controls a Third of Afghanistan
  Prince Harry Aborts Afghan Mission After Web Leak
  Intelligence Chief: Taliban Making Gains in Afghanistan
  Qaeda Influence Grows on Afghan/Pakistani Frontier
Pakistani Opposition Claims 2/3 Majority in Parliament
  No Safe Exit for Musharraf, Says Pakistan's Opposition Leader
  Gates Warns Pakistan Against Taliban Talks
Infragard: An Unhealthy Government Alliance  by Gary D. Barnett
Department of Malicious Falsehoods  by Scott Horton
Causes and Consequences of Our Foreign Policy in the Middle East  by Karen Kwiatkowski
Kosovo: Fools Rush In  by William S. Lind
Guantánamo's Shambolic Trials
by Andy Worthington
When the Terrorists Were 'Our Guys'  by Robert Parry

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Major Survey Challenges Western Perceptions of Islam
Qaeda's Zawahri Vows Revenge Over Libi Killing
North Korea Seeks a Clapton Concert
Israeli Parliament Approves Internet Censorship Bill
Former UK Special Forces Man Condemns British Role in Torture Tactics
Canadian Journalist Designated an Enemy Combatant by US
In Northwestern Pakistan,
Where Militants Rule
Turkey Invades Iraq
Turks Show No Sign of Letting Up in Northern Iraq
Turkey Resists Pressure to End Northern Iraq Offensive
Gates to Turks: End Iraq Incursion Soon

Turkish Troops Claim to Inflict Heavy Losses Against PKK Rebels

Some Turks Question Timing of Iraq Push
Turkish Envoy in Baghdad for Talks on Incursion
US Advisor: No Intentions of Withdrawing Diplomats From Kurdistan
Kurdish Students Demonstrate Against Turkish Offensive
PKK Wounded 'Not Treated' in Iraq's Kurdish Region
UN Mediator: Kurd-Arab Kirkuk Clash Is 'Ticking Time Bomb'
Iraq's Kurds Want Turk Troops Out, Turk Products In
In Turkey, Kurdish Teenagers Rebel With Rap Not Guns
Iraq Occupation
US Troops Kill Iraqi Man With Broken Arm
Marine Regiment Heads Back for 5th Iraq Tour
Another Review for Troubled US Embassy in Baghdad
Today in Iraq
Baquba Losing Life – and Hope
Millions Gather for Shi'ite Ritual in Iraq
Baghdad Lays on 40,000 Personnel to Protect Pilgrims in Karbala
Basra Clears Iranian Consulate of Assassination Plan
Wheels of Justice Slowly Returning to Iraqi Courts
Business Brisk for Iraq's Money Changers
Baghdad Newspapers Cease Publication Because of Shi'ite Pilgrimage
Attacks Continue
Iraq: Shiite Pilgrims Targeted Again
Iraq Journalist Union Head Dies After Gun Attack
Chronology: Journalists Killed in Iraq
Police Find Three Bodies in Nineveh
Police Find Unknown Body in Babel
Wednesday: 18 Iraqis Killed, 16 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
EU Lawmakers: Europe Must Do More in Iraq
Iraqi Family Turns to Australian Courts to Sue Over Gunshot Injuries From Australian Troops
Brown in Talks With Maliki on Hostage Video
Egypt: High Rates of Trauma, Sickness Among Iraqi Refugees
The War at Home
GOP Uses Surveillance Bill to Bash Democrats
Pastor Fights Fine for Prewar Iraq Trip
White House E-Mail Users Could Have Erased Records
In Shift, GOP Welcomes Iraq Debate
Obama Rebuffs Challenges on His Israel Stance
McCain Mocks Obama's Iraq Comments
Clash on Iraq Could Be McCain-Obama Preview
Clinton: Obama Wavers on Foreign Policy
AI Expert: Gun-Toting Killbots a Threat to Humanity
US Military
Air Force Blocks Access to Many Blogs
Pentagon to Probe Delays of Gear to Iraq
Marines Call New Body Armor Heavy, Impractical
Airman Back From Iraq Kills Two Kids, Self at Oklahoma Base
Soldier Admits Having Himself Shot to Avoid Iraq Return
Two Firms Sue Army for $11 Million in Damages
'War on Terror'
Ex-Guantánamo Prosecutor to Testify for Detainee
'Virtual Fence' Along Border to Be Delayed
Documents Give Insight Into Hicks Case
Serbs Warn of More Violence in Kosovo
Kosovo Serbs Call for Return of Russian Troops
Serbia Withdrew Police From Embassy Protest, Intelligence Chief Says
Serbs Look to History to Explain Fury
Serbia's Pro-Western Liberals Threatened
Putin’s Anointed Heir Shows Hints of Less Icy Style
Dmitri Medvedev, in His Own Words
Putin’s Chosen Successor Whatzisname
Russians' Political Apathy Frustrates Feisty Young Journalist

German Court Permits Limited Cybermonitoring

Spain: 20 Sentenced in Court Bomb Plot
Opposition Protests Armenia Election
Kenya's Opposition Calls Off Protests
Kenya on Brink of Violence as Annan Suspends Talks
Kenyan Town Plans Protest Over Obama Somali Photo
Rebels Kill 11, Abduct 27 in Sudan
China Defends Policy on Sudan
Uganda Rebels Say They Are Not in Rush for Deal
Blast Hit on Ethiopian Troop's Convoy in Mogadishu
Chad Accepts International Probe
Morocco's Unlikely Group of Terrorism Suspects
Army Fights Militia in East Congo
Economic and Political Anger Sets Off Rioting in Cameroon
I'll Beat Robert Mugabe, Says Former Ally
Sanctioning Iran
Russia Warns Iran It May Back UN Sanctions
Iran Sanctions Hit UN Delay Despite Russia's Support
New Sanctions Against Iran Likely Soon
Solana: Major Powers Discussing Iran Incentives Move
European Firm Thrives in Iran Despite Sanctions
Today in Iran
Iranian Official Slams President
Iran's Upbeat Conservatives Not All Behind President
Conservatives Expect to Dominate Iran Parliament Race
Qatari PM in Iran as US Pushes for Isolation
Israeli PM Welcomes 'Firm' Japan Stance on Iran
Palestinians Mull a One-State Solution
Rockets, Airstrikes Kill 11 Palestinians, One Israeli
Israel Hits Hamas Offices, Baby Killed
Three Children Killed in North Gaza Airstrikes
Olmert: No One in Hamas Will Be Immune Against War We Wage
Abbas: Hamas Aiding al-Qaeda in Gaza
Israel Vows Unprecedented Response to Deadly Qassam Barrage
With No Chlorine, Gazans Must Boil Water
Rice Says Hamas Rocket Attacks Must Stop
Rice Tells Olmert She Concerned About Gaza Civilians
Lebanese Officials Report Explosion in South Lebanon Village Injures Four
Leftover Cluster Bomb Suspected in Latest Blast in Southern Lebanon
Mediator: Lebanon Crisis Getting More Complex
Middle East
Jordan Denies Wanting West Bank Back
Israelis Say Allowed Egypt to Boost Border Troops
The War at Home
Two NATO Troops Among 16 Killed in Afghan Violence
Militant Rocket Attack Kills Five Civilians in Southern Afghanistan
Taliban Controls 10 Percent of Afghanistan: US Intelligence
Afghan Peace Efforts Not Succeeding: UK Charity
Sarkozy Wants Troops Deployed With US in Afghanistan
Danish Soldier Killed in Accidental Shooting in Afghanistan
Afghan Minister Survives Rocket Attack, Ambush
Norway's Troops Cleared to Go to South Afghanistan
American Missing in Afghanistan Is Feared Dead
Foreign Hostages in Afghanistan
Aussies Turn Big Guns on Taliban
Canada's Manley Says Not Afghan Envoy Candidate
Musharraf's Rivals Vow to Banish Army From Politics
Election Victors Press Musharraf
Party Vows to Free Pakistani Judiciary
Musharraf: Mandate of Masses Must Be Respected
Sharif Plots Return to Power

A Surprise Show of Force in Pakistan

Pakistan Army Occupies Swat Valley
Al-Qaeda Suspect Held Over Bhutto Attack
Pakistan Military Investigating Suicide Attack on Army Medical Chief
Pakistanis Condemn Efforts to 'Denigrate Islam'
India-Pakistan Relations
Pakistan: India Missile Test to Start Arms Race
India, Pakistan to Exchange List of Prisoners
US-India to Study Missile Defense, Nuke Deal No Block
Gates in India to Expand Security Ties
India, Israel to Develop Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Six Injured by Blast in India's Conflictive Assam State
Indian Budget Promises Modest Boost for Defense
North Korea
From North Korea, Discordant Messages
North Korea Relaxes Rules – for 48 Hours
Even North Koreans Talking About US Election
Rice Urges China to Use Influence on North Korea
China's Communist Party Approves Leadership, Reform Plans
US, China Navies Discuss Joint Drills
Report: Railway Hasn't Helped Tibetans
China Dangles Sweeteners Ahead of Taiwan Election
US Admiral Renews Thailand Ties
Thailand's Thaksin Heads Home From Exile
Rice, on Japan Visit, Offers US Regrets Over Alleged Rape
Singapore Terror Suspect Escapes

Myanmar to Jail Referendum Disrupters

Colombian Rebels Free Four More Hostages
US Intelligence Questions Venezuela Arms Purchases
Deaths, Kidnappings Plague Argentina's Human-Rights Trials

Justin Raimondo
McCain, Militarism, and the Legacy of Teddy Roosevelt

David R. Henderson
Support Our Troops – or Judge Them?

Charles Peña
More Amtrak Security,
More Safety?

Philip Giraldi
The Clinton Years Revisited

Ivan Eland
Bush 'Triples Down' in Pakistan

Alan Bock
Hope in Pakistan?

Doug Bandow
No End in Sight: Iraq's Descent into Chaos

Nebojsa Malic
Day of Infamy

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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