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'Fox' Fallon Fired: Justin Raimondo
Questions Unasked 5 Years Ago: Greg Mitchell
When Money Stops, Reform Starts: William Lind
Dissenting Views Doomed Fallon: Gareth Porter
State Dept. Finds Little to Cheer: Jim Lobe

 Ray McGovern

Who's to Stop the Next War Now?

 Gareth Porter

Admiral Fallon's Dismissal

 Chris Hedges

War is a Force That Has Destroyed Iraq

 Adam Kokesh

Iraq Veteran Against the War

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Updated March 12, 2008 - 10:24 PM EDT

Fallon's Exit Provokes Concern Over War

  Iran's Rise Owes Much to Bush's Wars
  Anti-Iran War Military Chief Fallon Resigns

Dissenting Views Made Fallon's Fall Inevitable


Defense Chief Says Fallon's Leaving Is Not Precursor to War

Children Killed as US Troops Fight Iraq Militia

Iraqis Bury 10 After Blast US Says Killed No One


US: Syria Backs Foreign Fighters in Iraq


US Report Shows Uptick in Iraq Violence Since January

  Wednesday: 4 US Soldiers, 19 Iraqis Killed; 36 Iraqis Wounded

British Strike Kills Afghan Civilians


UN Reports Sharp Rise in Afghanistan Attacks

Pakistani Forces Miss Target, Kill 15 Civilians


Bombs Kill 24 in Pakistan, Fueling Pressure to Rethink Terror Strategy

GAO: 'Significant' US Funds for Iraq Go to Militias

Auditors: Iraq Faces Budget Surplus


Promised Troop Cut in Doubt Even as UK Cost of Wars Double

  $3 Trillion Iraq War Estimate Doubted by Pentagon

Effort to Prohibit Waterboarding Fails in House


US State Dept. Found Little to Cheer in 2007

Questions We Wish They'd Asked Five Years Ago  by Greg Mitchell
Are Americans Sacrificing Enough Now?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
When the Money Stops, Military Reform May Start  by William S. Lind
No Torture, No Exceptions
by Bob Barr
The Losers' Game  by Scott Ritter
On Patriotism  by George Kateb

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6 Signs the US May Be Headed for War in Iran

Iraq War, the Notable Quotes

Former Gitmo Prosecutor to Testify for Defense

UK Top Cop Who Led CIA Probe Found Dead

16 Killed as Bomb Rips Through Iraq Bus
UK Commander: Winning Hearts and Minds Impossible

McCain Advisers Lobbied for Europeans to Win Air Force Tanker Deal

House Roll Call Vote on Banning Waterboarding

Law & Order: IDF


Fallon Oversaw Iraq, Afghan Wars

Today in Iraq

UN Expert Says US Blocking Visits to All Prisons in Iraq

Iraq's Kurds Host Meeting of Arab Parliamentarians

Turkey Set to Invest in Better Relations With Kurds

Attacks Continue

Two Awakening Councils Members Killed, Eight Wounded in Iraq

Tuesday: 80 Iraqis Killed, 123 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

US Sees 'Long Fight' in Mosul

US Choppers Kill Three Civilians, Gunman in Mosul

US Seeks Iraqi Legal Basis for Continued Occupation

Pentagon: Iraq's Improvements Threatened by Corruption

The War at Home

Bush Defends Wars, Citing Freedom

Bush Hopes Cheney's Mideast Visit Will Rein in Oil Prices

Families of Wounded Vets Tell Senators About Troubles With VA

Christmas Card to Congressman Sparks Fears of 'Anarchist Uptick'

Ashcroft Defends Contract That US Steered to Him

US Military

Joint Strike Fighter $38 Billion Over Budget

Boeing: Air Force Changed Tanker Contract to Aid Rival

'War on Terror'

House Fails to Override Bush's Veto on CIA Waterboarding Bill

Wiretapping Bill Doesn't Offer the Telecom Immunity, Just Secret Trials Minus Plaintiffs

Pentagon May Let Guantánamo Prisoners Phone Home

US Domestic Extremist Groups in Disarray After 9/11

UK Man Jailed for Possessing Terror Manual

Germany: Agreement With US on Suspects’ Data


Warlord Under Siege After 'Kidnap and Torture' of Former Ally

Mixed US Rights Reviews for Afghanistan, Pakistan

UN Says Taliban Are Impeding Aid


US Lawmaker Warns Against Impeaching Musharraf

State Dept: Human Rights Worsened in Pakistan in 2007

South Asia

4,000 Candidates to Contest Nepalese Polls

Blast Shakes Sri Lankan Capital

Breakaway Rebel Faction Wins Stormy Election in Sri Lanka City

Indian Tibetans Defy March Ban

India's Survivors of Partition Begin to Break Long Silence


US Fears Russian Arms Flow to Abkhazia

US Says It Regrets Russia's Moves on Abkhazia

Russia Warns Against Georgia NATO Membership

Fallon Resignation

Transcript: Gates News Briefing About Fallon Resignation

White House Statement on Fallon Resignation

Fallon Biographical Information


Iran Minister: Sanctions a Lose-Lose Game

Israeli FM Calls Obama, Urges Firm Stance Against Iran


Report: Israel Wants Month-Long Truce With Hamas

Talks, but No Truce, Accompany Lull in Gaza Violence

Palestinian Negotiator: Israeli Settlement Plan Impedes Peace Process

Blair Prepares to Urge Israel to Ease Stance on Gaza

Militants Launch Rocket at Israeli City

Scholars Discuss Growing Tensions Toward Israeli Arabs

Israeli Police Postpone Gunman's Funeral


Turkey Set to Invest in Better Relations With Kurds


US Military Admits 'Limited' Understanding of Chinese Aims

Critics Question China's Handling of Alleged Terror Plot

US Drops China From Worst Human Rights List

China Reorganizes Government Ministries

Taiwan's Independence Movement Likely to Wane


US and North Korea to Talk Nukes

South Korea to Focus on North Korean Disarmament


Red Cross: Situation in Conflict-Ravaged Somalia Deteriorating

Red Cross: Displaced Somalis Survive on Less Than One Meal a Day

Somalis Mourn Killed 'Peace' Cleric


We Were Armed by Sudan, Say Darfur Killers

Sudan Questions Use of Fresh Peace Deal With Chad


Kenya Parliament to Speed Peace Deal Through

Kenya Army Deployed to Flush Out Militia

Kenya Troops Beat Up Journalists, Stole Cameras


Burundi Grenade Attacks Against Lawmakers Alarm UN Chief

Mugabe Nationalization Law Surprises Foreign Businesses

Uganda Army Deploys at Kenyan Border

Four Years After War's End, Liberia Begins a Slow Reawakening

Nigeria Oil Rebel Pipeline Found

In Other News

US Blocks Musicians From Playing in Cuba

Wounded East Timor President Speaks for First Time


Justin Raimondo
'Fox' Fallon Fired

Philip Giraldi
Surging in All Directions

Ivan Eland
Happy Birthday, DHS!

Alan Bock
Roots of Venezuelan-Colombian Crisis

Doug Bandow
Turning China into the Next Big Enemy

Nebojsa Malic
The State Is A Lie

David R. Henderson
Support Our Troops – or Judge Them?

Charles Peña
More Amtrak Security,
More Safety?

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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