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The Mystery of US Foreign Policy: Justin Raimondo
Crisis Postponed?: Doug Bandow
Trust the Govt on Iraq and Economy: Tom Engelhardt
A Chinese Muslim's Plea: Andy Worthington
Arab Govts Ever More Draconian: William Fisher

 Jenny Eliscu

The Real Life of the Marlboro Marine

 John McGlynn

The Financial War Against Iran

 Spencer Ackerman

Calling Out Media Liars

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Behind the Tibet Crisis

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Updated March 28, 2008 - 10:14 PM EDT
US Drawn Deeper Into Iraq Crackdown

Stalled Assault Shows Maliki's Shaky Authority


Friday: 163 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier Killed, 214 Iraqis Wounded

  Thursday: 225 Iraqis, 4 Americans Killed; 538 Iraqis Hurt

Maliki: The State Is the Only Ruler, No Negotiations


Baghdad Security Spokesman Kidnapped


Rockets and Mortars Hammer Green Zone

Bush: 'Normalcy Is Returning to Iraq'


Bush Likely to Delay Planned Withdrawal of Troops From Iraq


42 Democrats Vow a Drawdown in Iraq if They Win Seats

New Leaders: Pakistan No Longer US Killing Field


US Pressure on Pakistan to Attack Militants May Backfire


Critics Upset Over US Visit to Pakistan

Gates Orders Inventory of US Nukes

US-Allied Arab Govts Ever More Draconian

Trust the Government to Do for the Economy What It Has Done for Iraq  by Tom Engelhardt
A Chinese Muslim's Desperate Plea From Gitmo  by Andy Worthington
Pressure Obama, Hillary to Work Harder for Antiwar Votes  by Naomi Klein & Jeremy Scahill
NPR News: National Pentagon Radio?  by Norman Solomon
Nuke Locally, Nuke Globally
by Alan Robock
Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwe's Ahab
by Peter Godwin

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Bush Bashes Congress Over Iraq War

The Growing Iraq Sectarian Divide

Tapes' Destruction Hovers Over Detainee Cases

India to Sign Oil, Gas Deals With Iran

Oil Above $107 on Iraq Pipeline Bombing

Colombia Says It's Found FARC Depleted Uranium

Taiwan 'Did Not Dismantle US Missile Parts'

'Iraq Is Not a Suitable Place
to Live as a Human'
Shi'ite Power Play

Areas of Baghdad Fall to Militias as Iraqi Army Falters in Basra

Shi'ite Protesters Denounce Maliki Amid Clashes

Basra Fight Widens Rift Among Shi'ite Factions

Iraqi Government Hold Talks With Sadr Movement

Maliki Vows 'Fight to the End' in Basra

Shi'ite Anger Mounts in Iraq Amid Clashes

Sadr Followers March as Battles Rage

Sadr Faction's Grip on Health Ministry Takes Toll

Clashes Kill 44 in Iraq's Kut

US Leaders All Smiles

Pentagon Calls Iraq Fighting Good Sign, Analysts Not Convinced

Bush Confident Iraqi Govt Will Defeat Shi'ite Militias

Today in Iraq

Iraqi Govt Clamps Weekend Curfew on Baghdad

Iran Protests US Fingerprinting of Pilgrims in Iraq

225 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier, 3 US Contractors Killed; 538 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Basra Crisis Leaves British Withdrawal in Ruins

Americans Take the Lead Against Mahdi Army as Iraqi Units Wait

Bush Signals Summer Withdrawal of Iraq Troops Unlikely

Bush Hails Progress as Violence Spreads in Iraq

Two More Bodies ID'd as Kidnapped Contractors

Text of Memo to US Diplomats Under Fire in Iraq

Britain Admits Its Troops Abused Iraqi Prisoners

The War at Home


Shipment Error Adds Concern About Protection of US Nukes

'War on Terror'

Canada's Top Court Hears Guantánamo Terrorism Case

Woman Forced to Remove Nipple Rings at Texas Airport


Munitions Contractor Sent Cold War Ammo to Afghanistan

Hungary Looks Into Afghan Ammunition Claim

Canada Confident NATO Will Help Its Afghan Troops

NATO Seeks New Afghan Push From Summit

Poll: Canadians Oppose Extension to Afghan Mission

French Fume at Plan to Boost Afghanistan Force

Three German Soldiers Wounded in Blast in Northern Afghanistan


Pakistani PM Chooses Senior Ministers

US Steps Up Pakistan Air Strikes Amid Concerns for Reduced Musharraf Power

Negroponte to Pakistan: How Can You Talk to 'These Kinds of People'?

Negroponte Denies Pressuring Pakistan

A Chill Ushers in a New Diplomatic Order in Pakistan

Rocket Attack on Ambulance Kills Six in Northwest Pakistan

Pakistan Frees Bhutto Rally Bomb Suspect

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Bombs Rebel Bases

Mystery Posters Target Suicide Bombers in Sri Lanka

Arab Summit in Syria

Arabs to Tackle Divisions at Syria Summit

Syrian FM: Israel Doesn't Want Peace

Syria Calls on Saudi Arabia to Help on Lebanon

Anti-Syrian Camp Urges Damascus to Recognize Lebanese Independence

Arab FMs Re-Endorse 2002 Saudi Peace Initiative

Israel-Hezbollah War?

Fears Rise of New Israel-Hezbollah War, but Some Call It Unlikely

Israel: Hezbollah Increases Rocket Range


Israeli MP: Palestinian Refugee Issue Fuels Terrorism

Israeli Troops Head to Schools to Teach Students of State's 'Achievements'

Demands for Inquiry Into Israeli Shootings

Palestinians Protest Israeli Charity Closures

Israeli Govt Posts Terror Attack Clip on YouTube

Bush Invites Abbas to US for Talks on Palestinian State


Bush Apologizes to Mubarak for Suez Killing

Egypt Upset Over US Killing in Suez

Kuwait Jails Bedouin Election Primary Organizers

Middle East

Egypt Holds Talks With Hamas, Islamic Jihad Over Truce With Israel

Jordan MPs: Scrap Israel Peace Treaty

Egypt Editor Gets 6-Month Jail Sentence

US Weighing Libyan Compensation Offer


Heavy Mob Rolls Into the Streets of Harare

Mugabe Puts Military on Alert in Case of Riots

Zimbabwe Warns Foreign Media Against Sneaking in to Cover Vote


Comoros Demands France Extradite Rebel Leader

France Mulls Asylum for Comoros Rebel


Uganda Rebels Ready to Sign Peace Deal

Miss Landmine Pageant for Angola War Victims


Bush Backs Tibetans Without Trump Card

Monks Interrupt Lhasa Media Tour With Protest

Fallout From Tibet Taking Glow Off Olympics


North Korea Expels All South Korean Officials

North Korea Fires Missiles Off Its West Coast

Myanmar Junta Celebrates Military Might

Russia and Her Neighbors

US Fails to Close Gaps With Russia on Shield

NATO Divided Over Ukraine, Georgia Membership Bids

Belarus KGB Searches Journalists' Homes


Justin Raimondo
The Mystery of American Foreign Policy

Doug Bandow
Crisis Postponed?

Nebojsa Malic
Two Anniversaries

Charles Peña
Hard to See the Benefits Through the Bills and the Blood

Philip Giraldi
Neocon Valor Is an Act of Feith

Ivan Eland
Defense-Contract Reform Key to a Restrained Foreign Policy

Alan Bock
McCain's Feet of Warlike Clay

David R. Henderson
Jeremiah Wright: True and False

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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