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Sizing Up Petraeus on Iraq: Mark Benjamin
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Updated April 10, 2008 - 10:13 PM EDT
Attacks Spiral Despite Clampdown
  Iraqi Police Say Children Among 5 Killed by US Airstrikes
  British Relations With Baghdad Suffer 'Catastrophic Failure'
  Maliki's Basra Operation Will Take Months: Petraeus
  18 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Since Sunday
  Iraqi Detainees Languish Uncharged in Crowded Jails
  Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 68 Iraqis Killed; 69 Iraqis Wounded
Bush Nixes Withdrawals, but Cuts Combat Tours
  McCain Won't Rule Out More Preemptive Wars
  Petraeus Force Freeze Means 140,000 Troops in Iraq by Election
  White House: Al-Qaeda Equally Dangerous in Iraq, Afghanistan
  Military Mom Says She Was Brutally Raped in Iraq
Gen.: Iran-Backed Groups Greatest Threat to Iraq
  Iran's Engineered Elections Reelect Sanctions-Fed Regime
Chertoff: Cyber-Crime Threat on Par With 9/11
  Light on Details, Chertoff Announces Cyber Security 'Manhattan Project'
  Top Bush Advisors Choreographed 'Enhanced Interrogation'
US Envoy May Challenge Karzai for President of Afghanistan
Zimbabwe Poll Body Says 'Dangerous' to Give Result
While Petraeus Testifies, US Iraq Personnel Take Cover  by Daniel Schulman
In Backing the Basra Assault, the US Has Only Helped Sadr  by Jonathan Steele
Everything His President Wants to Hear  by Robert Scheer
What Motivates the Terrorists?
by Jacob G. Hornberger
'Surge' Protectors  by Greg Mitchell
Spin One for the Gipper  by Jeff Huber

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Al-Qaeda Not Just for Sunnis, McCain Believes
General's Advice to Suspend Troop Cuts Reflects Bleak Assessment of Iraq Military
Pentagon Warns Lawmaker Not to Air Green Zone Video Again
Petraeus Says No New Buildup for Iraq
Iraq Panel Orders Release of US-Held AP Photographer
Misdirected Email Doomed Convoy
Rape in Iraq Recounted
Bush to Press Case Against Cutting Iraq Force
Afghans Hold Secret Trials for Men That US Detained
Iraqi Who Helped Topple Saddam Statue Five Years Ago Regrets Actions, Blasts Occupation
Petraeus/Crocker Hearing
From the GOP, the General Gets Unfriendly Fire
Congress Tells Petraeus: Show Us an Iraq Withdrawal Plan
Petraeus and Crocker Testimony Off the Radar of Most in Baghdad
US Ambassador to Iraq Admits al-Qaeda Graver Threat in Afghanistan
Troop Cuts in Some Parts of Iraq Under Review, Petraeus Says
More Skepticism Voiced at House Hearing on Iraq
Democrats Say Iraq Diverts Focus From al-Qaeda
Five Years Later
Five Years After Fall of Baghdad, All-Day Curfew Is Imposed
Baghdad Anniversary Clampdown Fails to Stop Violence
Iraq War, Five Years On, in Facts and Figures
A Timeline of Iraq War, Troop Levels
Chronology: Iraq From Invasion to Brink of Civil War
Iraq Occupation
Rice Heading to Mideast for Talks on Iraq
Iraqi Envoy Urges US to Be Patient, Use Sway
US: Big al-Qaeda Weapons Site Destroyed in Iraq
US Pushes Donors for Iraqi Refugees
US Says Iraq Must Do More for Refugees Who Fled
Iraqi Oil
Dems Want to Force Iraqi Govt to Spend Oil Surplus
Iraq Oil Production Drops Slightly as Baghdad Criticized for Not Spending Oil Proceeds
Today in Iraq
In Iraq, Sunni Insurgents Still Aim to Oust US, Shi'ites
Iraq Says Captures Senior al-Qaeda Figure
Blockade on Iraq's Sadr City to Be Lifted Saturday
Iraqi PM's Showdown With Cleric Sadr
Curfew Restricts Newspapers in Baghdad
Iraq's Ruined Library Soldiers On
Attacks Continue
Attacks Targeting Iraq Power Sector
Errant Mortar Shells Slam Into Residential Areas in Sadr City
Missile Kills Five Civilians, Injures 22 in Sadr City
20 More Iraqis Die in Sadr City Clashes
Two Unknown Corpses Found in Kirkuk
Seven Killed in Blast in Baghdad's Sadr City
Wednesday: 7 US Soldiers, 40 Iraqis Killed; 107 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
British Court Rejects Iraq Inquiry
Crocker Sees Tension With Turkey as Teaching Kurds a Lesson
Iraqi Refugees Find Sweden's Doors Closing
The War at Home
Antiwar Lawmakers Waiting on November
Irish Antiwar Activist Refused Entry Into the United States
Pelosi to Block Vote on Colombia
Longshoremen to Close Ports on West Coast to Protest War
US Military
Official: Bush Plans to Announce Return to 12 Month Combat Tours
Generals Concerned by Troops' Long Tours
Congress Wants Prosecution for Military Contractor Sexual Assaults
Pentagon Issues Pocket Lie Detector to Troops
While Reservists Serve, Their Jobs Don't Always Wait
Military Families Share Their Own Assessment of the War in Iraq
'War on Terror'
UK Terror Suspects Win Battle Against Deportation
Investors Spy Potential in Surveillance Business
Saudi Prisoner Slams Then Leaves Guantánamo Hearing
Translation Woes Stall Saudi's Guantánamo Hearing
US Seeks Home for Guantánamo Uighurs
Zimbabwe Ruling Party Prepares for Runoff
Zimbabwe's Poll Commission Accepts Recounts in Five Districts

Zimbabwe Court to Rule Next Week on MDC Appeal

Regional Summit Called on Zimbabwe Crisis as Court Delays Election Results
Mugabe's Government Says No Problem With Summit
US Election Monitor Freed in Zimbabwe
Even Africa Has Few Options on Zimbabwe
Kenyan Opposition Party Suspends Talks
Ban, US Press to Add Troops to Darfur
Banned Islamists Freed in Libya
Report: UN Troops Stretched to Limit in Congo
UN Mission Increases Military Presence Against Rwandan Rebels
UN Cautions Serbia Against Local Polls in Kosovo
Kosovo Assembly Approves Constitution
Russia to Parade Military as Defense Industry Decays
Up to 250 Americans to Be Stationed at Czech Radar Base
Iran Blasts US for Iraq Blame Game
Netanyahu: Iran Uniquely Immune to Deterrence
Iran Envoy Offers Nuclear Technology to All Muslim States
Iran to Open Uranium Processing Plant
Ahmadinejad to Sack Iran's Economy, Interior Ministers
Noted Reformist Cleric Jailed in Iran
Polish PM: Comments on Israel Cancel Iran's Rights
Israel Blames Hamas for Border Breach as MPs Call for New Military Operations in Gaza
Nine Killed in Gaza Border Violence
Gaza Gunmen Kill Two in Southern Israel
Palestinian Moderates Push for Fatah, Hamas to Reconcile
Gazan Exiles Dubious About Palestinian Unity
Hamas in Largest Arms Buildup Yet, Israeli Study Says
Palestinians Attack Key Gaza Fuel Transfer Point
Palestinians Say Bush Will Meet Abbas in Egypt
Israeli General Lauds Drills, Admits Lack of Preparation for Chemical Attacks
Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Still Wants Asylum in Norway
Israeli Soldier, Gaza Militant Killed in Gunbattle
Israeli Envoy: Terrorists Trying to Harm Gaza Civilians
Israel Fears Hamas Serious About Blowing Up Rafah Border
Olmert a Failure as Prime Minister, Say Israelis
Israeli Arrests 30 Palestinians in West Bank
Rapturous Night for US Evangelicals in West Bank
Egyptian Troops on Alert Over Gaza Border
Egypt Police Arrest Democracy Activist
Middle East
Syria to Hold Emergency Drill
FBI Director Visits Yemen After al-Qaeda Attacks
Afghanistan's Presidential Poll Set for Late 2009
Roadside Bomb Kills Polish Solider in Afghanistan
Seven Taliban, One Afghan Police Killed
Iranians Kill 13 Afghan Refugees: Afghan Police
11 Killed, Including Six Lawyers Burnt Alive, in Karachi
Provincial Govt Reaches Out to Rebels in Southwest Pakistan
Sharif: Riots a 'Conspiracy' Against Democracy
Pakistan Court Acquits Bhutto's Widower in Murder Case
US Official: Al-Qaeda Terrorist Dead of Natural Causes in Pakistan
India, Pakistan to Review Peace Process in May
Commonwealth to Restore Pakistan in May
UN Shocked as Nepal Police Said to Kill Eight Maoists
Candidate Killed Days Before Nepal Vote
Nepal Gears Up for Historic Election
Nepal's Ex-Rebel Chief Courts Voters
People Defiant as Rebels Aim to Disrupt Nepal Poll
Armed Police Guard Historic Nepal Polls, Trouble Feared
Nepal King, Facing Ouster, Urges People to Vote
South Korea Conservatives Win Slim Majority in MP Vote
New President Gains Leverage in South Korean Election
North Korean Pact May Take Until Fall
Bill Richardson Sends Advisor to North Korea for Nuclear Talks
Olympic Politics
China Doctors the News of Olympic Torch Relay
Olympic Group Backs Down on Tibet
Protests in San Francisco Before Olympic Torch Run
Top Tibetan Officials Defend China's Rule, Crackdown
Amid Human Rights Protests, a Look at China's Record
US Interested in Setting Up Tibet Consulate
House Criticizes China on Tibet
Bush Urges China to Open Dialogue With Dalai Lama
Tibet Governor Says 953 Detained for Riots
China Faces Muslim Resentment in West
Buddhist Monks: End Dalai Lama's Exile
Thais Drop Charges Against Arms Suspect
US Aircraft Carriers to Stay Near Taiwan Until Ma Takes Office
Ecuador Shakes Up Security Forces After Colombian Raid
French Hostage Mission to Leave Colombia
France Will Keep Trying to Help Colombia Hostage
Haitian President Fails to Restore Order

US Suspends Haiti Embassy Operations


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The Dragon or the Snake?

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