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US Policy in the Middle East: Justin Raimondo
War on Terror Counterproductive: Ivan Eland
12 Things No One Asks About Iraq: Tom Engelhardt
Shameless Gitmo Propaganda: Andy Worthington
Our False Sense of Insecurity: John Mueller

 Michael Scheuer

Bad Tidings in the Terror Wars

 Patrick Cockburn

Muqtada al-Sadr and the Struggle for Iraq

 Ray McGovern

It's Against the Law to Torture People

 Diane Benson

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Updated April 21, 2008 - 11:27 PM EDT
Gates: Air Force Not Doing Enough in Iraq
  Fear in Sadr City as Sadr Threatens War
  US Military Threatens to Hit Back if Sadr Launches War

Sadr's Followers Refuse to Disband Militia in Iraq


Monday: 2 US Soldiers, 41 Iraqis Killed; 112 Iraqis Wounded

US: Iran Groups Offering Extra Aid to Iraq Rebels
  Iran Envoy: US Asks for Iraq Talks
Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

Few Clear Wins in US Anti-Terror Cases

More Than 80 Killed in Mogadishu Fighting

12 Answers to Questions No One Is Asking About Iraq  by Tom Engelhardt
Shameless Propaganda Over Gitmo 9/11 Trials  by Andy Worthington
Major Revelation: Media Deceitfully Disseminates Government Propaganda  by Glenn Greenwald
A New Struggle Is Beginning in Iraq
by Patrick Cockburn
The Torture Memo and the Flag in the Lapel  by David Bromwich
Bad, Bad Idea: The Anti-Hijacking Safety Bracelet  by Dave Demerjian

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US and Iran Find Common Ground in Iraq's Shi'ite Conflict

Iraq Violence Persists Through Rice Visit

Sunni Bloc Close to Rejoining Iraq Govt

Distressed US War Veterans Get Day in Court

Experts Weigh in on Top Officials Talking Torture With Bush's Approval

Torture Question Hovers Over Chertoff

Little Brother Is Watching

Ecuador’s Leader Purges Military and Moves to Expel American Base

Rights Group: Israel Must Investigate Cameraman's Death
Today in Iraq

Maliki: Basra Violence 'a Strong Slap to Outlaws'

Iraq, US to Urge Arabs to Boost Ties With Baghdad

Iraqi Forces Free Kidnapped University Students in Diyala

37 Palestinian Refugees Fleeing Iraq Fly to Chile

Chemical Ali on Hunger Strike

For Baghdad Traders, Safer Streets but No Upturn

Iraq's Neighbors

Iraq Neighbors Meeting in Kuwait

Kuwait's FM Says Country Looking to Open Baghdad Embassy

Iran's Interests and Influence in Iraq

Attacks Continue

Civilians Suffer in Sadr City's Daily Gun Battles

US Military Says 12 Militants Killed in 'Uptick' in Fighting

Fear and Dread in Iraq’s Holy City of Najaf

Iraqi Basketball Federation Chief Resigns After Attempted Assassination

Iraqi Military: Mass Grave Found North of Baghdad

Eleven Kidnapped North of Baghdad

Sunday: 108 Iraqis Killed, 60 Wounded
Rice in Iraq

Rice Sees Iraqi Unity Emerging in Battle Against Sadr

Rice Visits Iraq in Show of Support for Government Assaults

Rice Praises Maliki After Sadr Calls for an Open-Ended War

Rice Urges Debt Relief for Iraq

Rice Visit to Iraq Intended to Promote Gains

Rice: Seriousness of Sadr Threat Unclear

Rice Praises 'Coalescing Center' in Iraq Politics
Occupying Iraq

Court-Martial for Soldier Accused of Shooting Unarmed Iraqi

Pentagon Propaganda

Pentagon's 'Coherent, Active' Propaganda Effort

Pentagon's Media Manipulation on War Extended to Newspapers

A Guide To New York Times' Scoop on Pentagon's Media Propaganda

US Military

New Marines Ad Eyes Female Recruits

Colt's Grip on Military Rifle Criticized


Zimbabwe Sees Fresh Vote Delay as Violence Rises

Zimbabwe Opposition: 10 Members Killed Since Vote

Zimbabwe Opposition Pleads for International Intervention

Leaders Urged to Confront Mugabe

Thousands Flee Robert Mugabe's Terror Mobs

Human Wave Flees Violence in Zimbabwe


Iran Dismisses Bush, Brown Nuclear Charges

Iran FM Plays Down UN Visit

Iranian, Afghan Forces Clash at Southwestern Border

Outgoing Minister Slams Ahmadinejad for Money Supply Growth

Iran to Replace Interior Minister

Iran Shifts Slightly in Treatment of Drug Addicts


US General Predicts Afghans Gains in 3 Years

Afghan Ministry Denies Evidence of Depleted Uranium

Afghan Lawmakers Push Taliban-Style Cultural Bans

Newly Arrived British Troops Eager to 'Go Lethal,' but Wary of Taliban

France to Deploy New Afghanistan Force by August


Pakistani Envoy, Abducted, Cites Taliban on Video

Zardari Says No Power to Confront Musharraf

Britain Backs Pakistan's Militant Reconciliation Efforts

Pakistani Parliament Will Consider Reinstating Judges Dismissed by Musharraf


Israel Says Probes Death of Reuters Cameraman

Hamas Rejects Cease-Fire Deal With Israel

Israel Kills Six Palestinians in Air Raids Across Gaza Strip

Palestinian Refugees Protest to Demand End to Siege of Gaza Strip

Jordan's King Abdullah: Israel Must Lift Gaza Blockade

Abbas to Discuss Israel-Palestinian Peace With Bush

Israel to Resume Gaza Fuel 'After Passover'

Middle East

Two Pro-Government Officials Shot Dead in Lebanon

Hezbollah Describes New US Accusations as Baseless

Assad Confirms Trading Messages With Israel

One Turkish Soldier, Four PKK Separatists Killed in Turkey

UAE: Nuclear Program Would Be 'Transparent'


China Curbs Backlash Against West

Singer Dies as China Launches Pre-Olympic Purge of Falun Gong


Bush, South Korean President Suggest More Patience With Kim Jong Il

Opposition Leaders: Myanmar Intensifies Crackdown Ahead of Referendum


UN Warns of Massive Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia

Nigeria Govt Appeals to Delta Militants
In Other News

Abkhazia Rebels Say They Shot Down Georgia Drone

Party's 62-Year Rule Ends in Paraguay


Justin Raimondo
The Middle East: Turning the Page on US Foreign Policy

Ivan Eland
War on Terror
Dangerously Counterproductive

Alan Bock
Prosecuting No-Threat Stumblebums

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Doug Bandow
Iraq: Tell Us How This Ends

Nebojsa Malic
Glitz and Loathing in Sarajevo

Philip Giraldi
Obama Meets The Lobby

Charles Peña
McCain's Foreign Policy Vision: Style Over Substance

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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