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Surge Under Budget Strain: Jim Lobe
Iraq Abuse Claims Mount: William Fisher
Franklin's Choice: Nebojsa Malic
The Latest Gitmo Released: Andy Worthington
Qaeda on Slippery Base in Lebanon: M. Alami

 Mary Ruwart

Libertarianism and War

 Paul Verkuil

Outsourcing Empire

 Gareth Porter

Mahdi Army, Then Iran

 Candace Gorman

Al Hajj Freed, Others at Gitmo Still Languish

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Updated May 8, 2008 - 11:02 PM EDT
Pressure to Cut Costs, Troops Strains 'Surge'

House Democrats Press Ahead With War Funding Bill

  Abuse Claims Mount Against Pentagon, Contractors

Thursday: 42 Iraqis Killed; 71 Wounded

ElBaradei: 'Good Progress' in Iran Talks

Iran's Influence in Latin America Worries US

  Bolton: US Should Bomb Iranian Camps

Hezbollah Says Beirut Govt Declares War


Strike Brings Lebanon to Brink of Conflict


Violence Flares in Beirut Amid Opposition Protests

Russian Parliament Confirms Putin as PM

FBI Seeking Records of 2004 Condoleezza Rice Ethics Probe

Myanmar Storm Death Toll Might Reach 100,000

  French FM Urges UN to Force Aid on Myanmar
Hezbollah Is in Iran, Michael Gordon Says US Officials Say
 by David Bromwich
The Latest Gitmo Detainees to Be Released  by Andy Worthington

McCain Embraces Bush's Radical Views of Executive Power
by Glenn Greenwald

Sixty and Beyond  by Alon Ben-Meir
Battle of the Hawks  by Robert Scheer
Damascus in the Crosshairs
by Conn Hallinan

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Attorney: Marine's Sentence for Killing Iraqi Cut 4 Years

German Court: Pre Iraq-War Spying Was Unconstitutional

Al-Qaeda on Slippery Base in Lebanon

Luis Posada Carriles, a Terror Suspect Abroad, Enjoys a 'Coming-Out' in Miami

US Official to Travel to North Korea


Iraq Prepares for Baghdad Exodus

Sadr City Under Siege

Maliki and Sadr Head for Showdown

Aid Groups: Humanitarian Woes Grow in Baghdad's Sadr City

In Iraq, US Walks Tightrope With Sadr

Iraq: The Language of War
Today in Iraq

As Baghdad Grapples With Sadr City, Iraqi Kurdistan Busily Builds 'Dream City'

Aid Groups Increasingly Struggle in Iraq

Jordan Pledges to UN Continued Help to Iraqi Refugees

Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 26 Iraqis Killed; 35 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Iraq, US Move to Avert Baghdad Water Shortage

US Hails New Foreign Help in Keeping Bombers Out of Iraq

US Raids Diyala House, Arrests Journalists

US Troops Media Spokesman Denies Arrest of Journalists in Diyala Raid Operation

Iraq's Industry Minister Opens Door to Reimbursing US

Iraqis Allege Sex Abuse at the British Embassy

Helicopter Travel in Iraq No Joyride

Bremer: The System Was Not Working

The War at Home

Highlights of Proposed Iraq War Funding Bill

Iraq and Vietnam Veterans Find Common Ground

Iraq War Strains US Army Mental Health System

'War on Terror'

US: Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner Carried Out Iraq Suicide Attack

Drama Fills Guantánamo War Court, but Sound Remains Off

British Police Being Used to Push 42-Day Terror Detention

FBI Backs Off From Secret Order for Data After Lawsuit


Blasts in Eastern Afghanistan Kill at Least 7

Taliban Return to Attacking Girls' Schools in Afghanistan

Blast Kills Two Soldiers of Afghan NATO-Led Force

Roadside Bomb Kills Afghan Police Commander

Ex-Prince Wants Taliban Brought Into Afghan Govt

Afghans Escape Poverty Via Cheap US Labor

Iran Presses for Afghan Drug Crackdown

NATO Appoints New Civilian Representative in Afghanistan

US, NATO Battle on Uneven Afghan Patchwork


Pakistan Government Is Strained by Election Delay Allegations

Pakistan Coalition Falters Amid Taunts of Descent Into 'Collision Government'


Nepal King to Meet Top Maoist

Nepal's New Ruling Party Wants Off US Terrorist List

Nepal's King to Keep Royal Rights at Indian Hindu Temple


India Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile

India Successfully Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile


Monks, Not Military, Help Clean Up Myanmar

Crisis in Myanmar Could Force Junta to Allow Outside Aid

In Other News

China, Dalai Lama Aides Agreed to Talk Again

UN: Congo Factions Still Recruiting Child Fighters

Young Video Makers Try to Alter Islam's Face

Cuba Embraces Golf to Boost Tourism

Iraq-Iran Relations

Iraq Sunnis Urge Arabs to Act Against 'Iranian Occupation'

Iraq Readies Arms Case Against Iran

Iraqi Ambassador to US: Iraqi Shi'ites Strongly Nationalistic, a Threat to Iran

Iraqi FM: No US-Iran Talks on Iraq Soon

Iraq Asks US, Iran to Stop Accusing and Start Talking

Iran Rips Iraqi Support for UAE Claim to Islands

Iran Nuclear Issues

Five Nations May Present New Iran Offer in Person

Diplomats Say IAEA Chief Urging More US Flexibility on Iran

Iran Ready to Resume Talks With EU

Iran Visa Issue Defused, Smoothing Nuclear Pact Talks at UN


Iran Arrests Suspects in Blast

Iran Jewish MP Criticizes 'Anti-Human' Israeli Acts

Iran Clerics Query President's Religious Remarks

UK Court Rejects Terrorist Label for Iranian Islamo-Marxist Cult

Iran Condemns British Court for Removing Group From Terror List

State Dept. Warns Iran Likely to Use Latin American Ties in Event of US Attack

Despite US Pressure, Oil Companies Not to Pull Out of Iran Development Deals

Blacklisted by My Bank for Living in Iran


Clashes in General Strike in Lebanon

Lebanon Political Conflict Turns Violent

Specter of War Returns to Haunt Lebanon

Pro-Hezbollah Protesters Paralyze Beirut

Hezbollah Piles Pressure on Lebanese Government

Lebanese Opposition Threatens to Extend Protests

Outline of Lebanon's Political Crisis

Hezbollah MP Denies Party Operates Outside of Lebanon

Lebanon in Limbo


Israel: From Independence to Intifada

Israel's Arab Minority Not Celebrating Independence Day

Israeli Military Imposes Curfew on West Bank for Holiday

Olmert: Solution to Mideast Conflict Is Not Far Out of Reach

Palestinian Unit Battles Gunmen in Test for US-Funded Program

Two Men's Lives Reflect Divergent Fortunes of Jewish, Palestinian Peoples


Medvedev Becomes Russia's Leader

Dmitry Medvedev Becomes President but Vladimir Putin Stays Center Stage

Litvinenko's Widow Urges Medvedev to Reveal Truth

Profile: Dmitry Medvedev

US Urges Russia to Back Down in Georgia Clash


Zimbabwe Observers Question Presidential Results

Zimbabwe Parties Challenge Parliamentary Results

Zimbabwe Tops Agenda as AU Ministers Meet

Violence in Zimbabwe Disrupts Schools and Aid


Amnesty Calls for Inquiry Into US Role in Somalia

Deadly Battles in Central Somalia Between Ethiopia Soldiers, Insurgents

Ethiopia Accuses Amnesty of Smear Campaign


Justin Raimondo
Why Isn't It the End of Hillary?

Nebojsa Malic
Franklin's Choice

Charles Peña
Mission Accursed

Philip Giraldi
Condi Stomps the Mullahs

Ivan Eland
Rev. Wright Is Not All Wrong

Alan Bock
The Candidates' Similarities

Doug Bandow
Christianity and War

Sascha Matuszak
The Sword Is Blunted

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

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