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Hezbollah Diminishes Bush Tour: Jim Lobe
Dissatisfied With Democracy: Jim Lobe
US Rallies Behind Beirut Govt: Khody Akhavi
Taking a Stand Against War: Scott Ritter

 Eric Margolis

Neocons Push for More Horrible Wars

 Dean Ahmad

Libertarianism and Islam

 Mary Ruwart

Libertarianism and War

 Paul Verkuil

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Updated May 13, 2008 - 11:27 PM EDT
Ex Officials: Bush Admin Ignored Iraq Corruption
  Cease-Fire Allows Troops to Enter Sadr City
  Iran Involved in Sadr City Truce, Says Iraqi MP

US Troops to Help 'Deluded' British in Southern Iraq

  Monday: 1 US Soldier, 36 Iraqis Killed; 73 Iraqis Wounded

Civil War Fears Loom Large Over Lebanese City


Mountain Clashes Bring Lebanon Death Toll to 81


Bush Tour Diminished by Hezbollah Show of Force


Arab League Travels to Beirut to Broker Peace


Washington Rallies Behind Embattled Lebanese Government

India Tourist City Bombs Kill at Least 80

Pak. Coalition Partner Quits Cabinet Over Judges

Israel Is 60, Zionism Is Dead,
What Now?
 by Tony Karon
The Republican Dictatorship
by Glenn Greenwald
5 Myths on Who's Really 'Pro-Israel'
by Jeremy Ben-Ami
The Cult of the Presidency  by Gene Healy
Let the Sunshine In  by Nat Hentoff
Government in Secret  Sen. Russ Feingold

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Missile Is Fired at Copter Over Baghdad, US Says

Iraqi Officials: Turkey Hits Kurdish Bases in Iraq

Survey: Gulf Between Democracy in Theory and Practice

Mother-Son New Jersey Guard Sergeants Heading to Iraq Together

GOP Congressman Unveils Bill to Limit Presidential 'Signing Statements'

Survey: Gulf Between Democracy in Theory and Practice

Lebanon Army Gives Gunmen
Deadline to Disarm
Sadr Cease-Fire

Violence Toned Down in Sadr City After Deal

US Military: Clashes in Baghdad Despite Cease-Fire
Today in Iraq

Parliament Refers Maliki's Proposal to Financial, Economic Committees

Life Returns as Security Improves in Basra

Specter of Exams Looms Over Millions of Iraqi Students Amid Security Fears

More Than 142 Gunmen Arrested in Mosul Operations

Iraqi Army Force Arrests Four West of Arbil

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 25 Iraqis Killed; 36 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home

Pat Tillman's Mother Recalls Journey for Facts in New Book

Iraq's Ambassador in Washington Meets Obama

US Military Eyes More Northern Border Patrols

'War on Terror'

Canada Court Says US Likely Paid Bounty on Suspect

Despite Administration Guidelines, McCain Will Continue to Refer to 'Islamic' Terrorists

Senior Afghan Generals Suspended for Karzai Attack

US Claims Killing Several Taliban in Afghanistan

Taliban Deliver Silent Death Threats After Midnight

Afghan Baby, Teenage Girl Die in Aussie Firefight


Release of Tribal Leader Brings Hope for Balochistan Peace

Commonwealth Lifts Pakistan Suspension


Serbian President Begins Coalition Talks

Tough Talks Loom After Serb Polls

Kosovo's Serbs Vote in Serbia's General Elections

Milosevic's Socialists Emerge as Key Players in Serbian Coalition Talks

Russia and Her Neighbors

Putin Bolsters Power With Cabinet Choices

Putin in Control as Russia Names Cabinet

EU Backs Georgians in Russia Row

Georgia: Abkhaz Separatists Say They Shot Down More Drones

Russia: Chechen Fugitive Charged as Killer of Journalist in 2006


American Admiral Takes Plea to Burma

UN Leader Tells Myanmar to Hurry on Aid

Generals Amass Fortunes While Myanmar Flounders

In Myanmar, a Frustrated Quiet


Japan Court Rejects US Nuclear Carrier Suit

Chinese Official Floats Inviting Dalai Lama to Olympics


Sudan Briefly Arrests Islamist Leader

Rebel Raid Raises Sudan-Chad Tension

Ethiopian Troops Disarm Somali Warlord

Rwanda Doubts Congo Committed to Disarming Rebels

In Kenya, Violence Shakes Running Community


Heavy Fighting Breaks Out in North Lebanon

Clashes Resume in North Lebanon

Lebanon Army to 'Impose Order' on Hezbollah

Lebanese Army Bans Carrying Arms in Public

Hezbollah Beirut Takeover Deepens Sectarian Wounds

Lebanese Army Deploys in Mountains Outside Beirut

Fighting in Tripoli, but Lebanon's Capital Is Calm

Hezbollah 'Redrawing' Mideast Map

Lebanon Delays Presidential Vote to June 10

Hezbollah's Showdown With Lebanese Government

Rice Discusses Lebanese Crisis With EU Counterparts


Iran Hard-Liners Come Out Against Iraqi-US Ties Deal

UN and Iran Hold Talks on Disputed Nuclear Work

Iran Says to Sue US, Britain Over Mosque Blast

Lieberman 'Hopes' Iran Is Aware US Air-Strikes Are 'Distinct Possibility'

Thwarting Iran Sanctions, Smugglers Brave Dangerous Gulf Waters

Iran Summons UK Envoy Over Opposition Group Ruling


Israel Leaning Toward Gaza Cease-Fire

Palestinians Tour West Jerusalem Neighborhood

Hamas Says Rejection of Truce Will Lead to Blowout

Gaza Official: Fuel Supply Resumes to Gaza Plant

Israeli Woman Killed in Rocket Attack

'Peace Process'

Olmert to Egypt: No Gaza Truce if Shalit Is Not Released

Egypt Official Presses Israel on Cease-Fire, Calls for Flexibility on Prisoner Swap

Bush: Abbas Is a Viable Partner for Peace

Bush Sets Off for Middle East, Unable to Quell Its Troubles

Israel's War at Home

Poll: Israeli FM Would Win Election

Israeli Group Launches New Ad Campaign Encouraging Draft-Dodging

US Victims of Terror in Israel Sue Swiss Bank for Helping Iran Fund Terrorism

Holy See Asks Israel to Help Protect Christians in Mideast

Middle East

Arrests Weaken Turkish 'Deep State'

US Report to Reveal How Syria Concealed 'Nuclear Reactor'

Egypt Squeezes Access to Dissident Website

Moderate Islamists in Mauritanian Cabinet


US Presses Zimbabwe on Election Monitors

Zimbabwe Rejects Western Poll Observers

Hackers Shut Down Zimbabwe State Newspaper Website

As Prices Soar, Zimbabweans Hope for End of Turmoil


Justin Raimondo
The Prime Directive

David R. Henderson
Is Peggy Noonan Turning Antiwar?

Ivan Eland
Politicizing the Tragedy in Burma

Alan Bock
Moscow Musical Chairs

Doug Bandow
Another Needless Confrontation

Praful Bidwai
One Last Push for India-US Nuke Deal

Nebojsa Malic
Franklin's Choice

Charles Peņa
Mission Accursed

Philip Giraldi
Condi Stomps the Mullahs

Sascha Matuszak
The Sword Is Blunted

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

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